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Name: Jeff Marsh
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I am a die hard tigers and lions fan despite there lack of victories EVERY DAMN YEAR i am a true fan and attend games regulary. My wife doesnt know it yet but she is soon to be a sports fan herself, season tickets gentleman, season tickets!

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Bronco's manhandle the Chiefs again

Broncos rule !!! plain and simple.

posted by Tigersfan at 02:51 PM on September 27, 2005

Reds pitcher charged with domestic battery in Sarasota

Right on evil, Domestic abuse is not funny! we know that , But thats not what he was going for. Everyone should hit their own bongs and chill the f*** out.

posted by Tigersfan at 07:42 AM on August 03, 2005


Kirstie alley at a buffet.....can i use that? Damn that kills me! Horn up the ass, what the fuck is wrong with people? why would you spend your day with shitty smelling, mean ass bulls. Not Bloody Likely..too quote Kramer!

posted by Tigersfan at 09:01 AM on July 12, 2005

Great Leap Forward

I think there is room for the different sports. Im 32 and when i was a kid it was baseball, football, basketball and that was it. My kids are now into boarding and biking and I think its cool. As far as a secretary of any sports at cabinet level I think is as dumb as voting a half retarded texan as our leader!!

posted by Tigersfan at 08:00 AM on July 11, 2005

Great Leap Forward

$2.49 down my street! un-fu--ing real!

posted by Tigersfan at 07:56 AM on July 11, 2005

The Gambler goes all in.

Sit the prick on the bench and let him stew.

posted by Tigersfan at 07:40 AM on July 01, 2005

That dude should play the lottery...or ....just stay at home.

posted by Tigersfan at 09:02 AM on June 29, 2005

Earlier 49er training tape found

Let em play ball. who cares

posted by Tigersfan at 10:23 AM on June 09, 2005

She struck out everybody

Ive seen some amazing girl ball players and see no reason why some of them couldnt play for the Royals, Ha Ha

posted by Tigersfan at 10:31 AM on May 20, 2005

Fire 'em in there, parents!

My son has just started minor league and the coaches are amazed he hits faster balls 80% more frequently than slower ones, Ive always pitched fast at him and he just knows to react.

posted by Tigersfan at 10:12 AM on May 05, 2005

Texas Cheerleaders not to Shake It anymore

Exactly weedy, our tax dollars have no better place to be, I LOVE PRES BUSCH( sarcasm)

posted by Tigersfan at 08:53 AM on May 05, 2005