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Breaking down the sports cliches.

Speaking of... the moronic phrase ''ya no wha ime sayin?'' Weird Al Yankovic (one of the greatest parodist of songs ever) had this fake interview with Eminem. Eminem kept repeating over and over again "ya know what I'm saying?" to ever question posed to him. HILARIOUS. Here's the link to it:

posted by sangu at 09:44 PM on April 21, 2006

Yahoo Year-end Photos

Doesn't it look like that? I'd better find a picture of him out of the water He does look like a dog. I spent a good minute trying to figure out what part of his head would resemble a dog's face. So I googled it, this is what he looks like: newsid_2165000/2165779.stm He looks like a dog.

posted by sangu at 10:16 PM on January 03, 2006

'The Easiest, Fastest Way to Become a High School Graduate'

I'm not sure which side i'm on. Sure an education is vital and is more reliable than a sports career, but for a few athletes, sports is their only way can't really help them because they're just too...for lack of a better word, dumb. Like that Temple guy: he studied 3 hrs a day, professors and tutor help and everything, and still fails his tests. Then again, most probably have the brain capacity, but don't try. And they are athletes; you don't require scientists to pass an athletic test (bad analogy, but my point is...they're here to play a sport). Maybe there should be some compromise..if you can't meet the bar standard, you still can play whatever sport you're playing, but you receive less benefits maybe like..not starting, certain amount of minutes, fines, etc.

posted by sangu at 04:52 PM on November 26, 2005

Urbina throwing heaters in the off season?

I think Urbina has some past issues that he needs to deal with. I think someone is out to get him. last time it was a kidnapping by some venezuelan drug lord. IF he was mad at the workers, firing them would've got the job done.

posted by sangu at 08:38 PM on November 09, 2005

"We had fish, but she killed them."

Lol, definitely funny.

posted by sangu at 09:05 PM on November 05, 2005

The Women of Curling.

The photographer says that the whole thing was done in a "very, very tasteful" fashion. Uhuh.

posted by sangu at 09:03 PM on November 05, 2005

2 Eagles players condemed because they love the Lord

I didn't see anything about preaching..only promoting a christian concert. Is talking about Jesus really that bad? I mean, kids are constantly being bombarded with images of football drug addicts, and the whole Viking cruise ship incident, etc. And we complain and nitpick about this.

posted by sangu at 06:14 PM on October 27, 2005

For the second time in 87 years, the two Sox franchises won back-to-back championships in the same number of games

Yep, and if im not wrong, sox swept everybody but the angels (4-1 series). He was..out by the way grumwork. Replays, buddy. I am surprised though, at how well the sox played. Don't know about you guys, but A.J. is one of the most annoying baseball players ever. He even looks the part. (Sigh, yes, I stole that from the sportsguy, but I agree with simmons anyway).

posted by sangu at 12:12 AM on October 27, 2005

Buerhle throws a gem of a game,

Another thing-- what if scoscia didn't replace jose molina with a pinch runner, leaving josh paul to catch (paul ends up making the costly play)? Then again...what if bengie wasn't hit in the first place? I'll retract my comments about buerhle, he pitched the better game because it was a complete game as opposed to washburns' 4 innings.

posted by sangu at 11:58 PM on October 12, 2005

Buerhle throws a gem of a game,

I sounded conspiratorial? That wasnt my intention.Nope, that was just me.

posted by sangu at 11:54 PM on October 12, 2005

Buerhle throws a gem of a game,

*not to sound conspiratorial , like dad, but almost every article on the game like espn, mlb, centers on the big guys, which in this case, is buerhle. what body fake? i didn't catch the 1st game on tv.

posted by sangu at 11:05 PM on October 12, 2005

Buerhle throws a gem of a game,

same here, extra innings rock. Not to sound conspiratorial , like dad, but almost every article on the game centers on the big guys, which in this case, is buerhle, espn, mlb, etc. buerhle=1 earned run, 5 hits. washburn=1 unearned run, 4 hits. I guess, the big stars get the big spotlights. even though it appeared he clearly caught the ball, Josh Paul should have not taken the play for granted and either tagged Peirzynski or tossed the ball to first. I wouldn't blame Paul. Home plate umpire signaled a strike out, Pierzynski started to walk to the dugout, and Paul was already in the motion of rolling the ball back. By the time AJ took off, the ball was pretty much already throw (or about to be). There was no stopping it. Good at bat by Crede. Im telling you, Scoscia has got to be one of the calmest managers I've seen so far. He got mad sure, but he handled everything quite professionaly. Looks like a baby too.

posted by sangu at 11:02 PM on October 12, 2005

Buerhle throws a gem of a game,

close call, but dangit, it just really sucks. Buerhle throws a gem of a game? How about some credit to Washburn who just came off a high fever and a cold...opposed to Buerhle who had a lot of rest? just pissed.

posted by sangu at 10:51 PM on October 12, 2005


go chi sox only if angels happen to do the improbable and beat Yankees. At which point I'm all about go Bronx BombersI really don't see what is so improbable here fade? The Angels are the only team that has a winning record against the Yanks in their own stadium. btw...angels just beat up johnson. 2-1 series, go angels.

posted by sangu at 12:11 AM on October 08, 2005

Reese to Robinson to History

It may seem totally trivial and silly, but I was expecting the statue to be...different, better, more "friendship like". I wasn't expecting arm-draping-camaraderie-friendship moment, but still, it looks stiff, weird, unnatural.

posted by sangu at 01:14 AM on October 02, 2005