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Clemens reportedly had affair with country star

Can I help? Oop's guess I just did (139)

posted by azdano at 11:31 AM on April 30, 2008

Clinton Portis thinks y'all should just fight with your own dogs and leave Michael Vick's business alone.

Dog fighting is legal in 8 of the 50 states. It is only a class 3 misdemenor in Vick's home state. Dont hate the player. Hate the Law.

posted by azdano at 11:56 AM on May 22, 2007

Will the AZ Cardinals play in Pink Taco Stadium?

What? Was Mississippi Black Snake taken?

posted by azdano at 10:06 PM on August 21, 2006

Leinart signs a large contract

wasnt Dick "Night Train" Lane traded to the Cards in the 1954 season?

posted by azdano at 10:50 AM on August 15, 2006

Lots of Attention. Little Success.

they get the press cause they are "HOT" chicks. Nothing more and nothing less.

posted by azdano at 07:46 PM on August 11, 2006

Little League controversy

to paraphrase coach Herm Edwards when he was with the Jets. " You play the game to win, Why do we play? We play the game to WIN.

posted by azdano at 07:38 PM on August 11, 2006

Monday's Great Flag Save

Thanks Weedy. I love this day. Cook outs. Friends and family. Cold beer and than you get to blow shit up. It dont get any better than that. Happy 4th to all and to all a good night.

posted by azdano at 10:23 PM on July 04, 2006

'Love child', mother lambaste Big Unit

Oh my fucking god. Enough already. This is sportsfilter. In this case there is no middle ground. There also isnt any sports. FUCKING let it die, people. Agree to disagree and lets move on. You cant win an argument by typing.

posted by azdano at 11:58 PM on March 30, 2006

Let's Go Crazy

chicobangs you rock.

posted by azdano at 11:56 PM on March 22, 2006

T.O. in Big D

Newton was a retired cowboy at that time. Dosnt count. He is a felon but he did this after his football career.

posted by azdano at 08:15 PM on March 18, 2006

Marchmadness Pickem:

I am in, me and my big non jumping"LEAD FEET".

posted by azdano at 09:02 PM on March 13, 2006

Hall of Famer Puckett suffers stroke

When the hero's of your youth pass away, A man realizes how tenuous his own hold is on this big blue rock. I'm not sure if I'm grieving for a man I never knew, or the realization of my own mortality. I do know I'm hurting inside over this news and that I miss his smile already. rip kirby

posted by azdano at 12:28 AM on March 07, 2006

Ricky Williams Tests Positive for Fourth Time

maybe ricky thought it was 3 positives for each drug. "ok I cant smoke anymore pot. Lets try LSD or meth." " What do you mean I'm suspended I only failed on coke once!"

posted by azdano at 05:34 PM on February 21, 2006

Ricky Williams Tests Positive for Fourth Time

DAMM. As a big time dolphin fan this bums me out so bad , i gotta go hit the bong. What a loser.

posted by azdano at 11:59 PM on February 19, 2006

The next Derrek Lee?

connor jackson

posted by azdano at 07:54 AM on February 12, 2006