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Finally a "2ND" Scorer to Go With Allen Iverson?

Ok, has everyone forgotten last year? If I'm correct, didn't the sixers make the playoffs. Oh yeah that's right and I watched in disgust, with Cwebb pulling 3's, fade away jump shots, and 17 footers with no one guarding him. I'm sorry, but it pisses me off because I have watched Cwebb, progressively turn into a pussy. He used to dominate the east when he played for the bullets, then he went to Sac-town to start the downfall of a strong dominate big-man. He got injured in Sac. But the thing that makes his injury interesting is he has the same exact problem with his knee that Allan Houston had. It is the kind of injury that will never allow for full recovery. Cwebb will never be strong like he was before. But what I don't understand is....Ok I know dalenbart is hurt, but when he comes back they have the big man presence inside, and the 3 point shooting should be left to korver and AI. Truly, the best way to get Cwebb his buckets is to have him not take a step outside of 12-15 ft. and eat every board Dalenbart can't get. I bet if that were to happen we wouldn't be having this discussion, and basically talking about how even though he is aging, he is still a necessary big man on the Block, not the freakin arch. And lastly, come on I know he is averaging 20 and 9 but this is the east....Name 5 big men outside of J. O'neil and and the front Line of Detroit that could go to the west and take over. Not for nothing Cwebb is supposed to be putting up these numbers!

posted by Squeakytorres at 09:43 AM on November 17, 2005

From National Hero to draft dodger.

Ok, I have heard a lot of points and for the most part they are right on. "The fact is this: draft-dodging, skipping or exemption IN THE US is completely off-topic for this post. (Bill and George have no parallels relevant to this situation; it is solely what we can immediately grab on to as 'examples' or a tangible equivalent.)"-Koyaan However, are we over looking the fact that his country is going after him because he missed a necessary 6 month term before the age of 35. Ok I get it. In his country they are trying to state that no one is above the law. However, Vlade is 37.... How the hell is his 7'0, (as we have seen in his last two years) slow, 37 year old ass going to fight in a war. Secondly, you think for a man who has put his country on the sports map (2 silver medals...I think), they would let up a little and let this one slide. But hey I guess only in America can you have a draft-dodging citizen be the leader of a country. Speaking of which.....Why does Sadam Hussan hate going down on his wife? Because he hates Bush!

posted by Squeakytorres at 09:20 AM on November 17, 2005

Jermaine O'Neal plays the race card.

I understand where jermaine is coming from. Hockey and baseball are predominatly white sports(baseball isn't going to be for too long) have no age limit. It is possible in both sports to be drafted right out of high school, so why baskeball? Especially since a majority of the superstars were college jumpers. Kobe, Garnett, Amare, Lebron, and Jermaine all were high school players. Football is understandable, your body needs to mature, and the constant pounding is hard on a young body. When this topic of players jumping college came up a couple of years ago, I was for keeping these kids out for at least two years or so, but after the boom of so much talent with Josh smith, Lebron, Dwight, and Amare I say there is no need for it. I believe if this was a sport with players being predominatly White, the issue of an age barrier wouldn't even come up. I hate to say it, but a lot of this black players don't have the mean (grades) to go to school. And if the only way you are going to get out of the hood is jumping to the NBA, so be it. However, these kids gamble with their future because there isn't a college degree to fall back on. If they want to leave let them, because they are the ones that have to deal with the consequence if they get hurt or are cut from a team.

posted by Squeakytorres at 04:27 PM on April 14, 2005