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Why The Mets Still Owe Bobby Bonilla $30 Million: A pre-Bernie Madoff scandal article about the Mets' annual payments to Bobby Bo. Wilpon thought the Madoff train would keep paying into perpetuity.

posted by reenum to baseball at 02:08 PM on July 06, 2011 - 1 comment

How Jose Bautista Went From Baseball Vagabond To The Game's Best Slugger: Despite being one of the more cerebral players in the game, Jose Bautista's career stalled until 2010. Bad luck, as well as injuries, were to blame.

posted by reenum to baseball at 11:58 PM on July 05, 2011 - 2 comments

The Ballad of Wily Mo Pena: Wily Mo Pena has legendary power, the kind that teammates and coaches talk about in the most reverential tones.

posted by reenum to baseball at 11:55 PM on July 05, 2011 - 0 comments

BYU kicks Brandon Davies off team for violating honor code: Apparently, he admitted to sexual relations with his girlfriend.

posted by reenum to basketball at 12:30 AM on March 03, 2011 - 28 comments

What Is Rickey Henderson Doing In Newark?: An entertaining article about Rickey Henderson's quirks by Tom Verducci.

posted by reenum to baseball at 04:07 PM on February 25, 2011 - 2 comments

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Strahan, Brooks lead NFL Hall of Fame class

I only remember him making a catch to end the Chiefs' Super Bowl hopes in 1993. 20 years later, we still haven't gotten anywhere close to that peak.

posted by reenum at 11:28 AM on February 02, 2014

SpoFi's 2014 Fantasy Baseball League is Active!

I'm interested in joining. Sent you an email.

posted by reenum at 11:26 AM on February 02, 2014

Fantasy NFL Draft?

Sounds like an interesting idea. I'm in.

posted by reenum at 04:11 PM on February 25, 2011

Fantasy Baseball 2011

Anyone who can't get a spot in ursus's league is welcome to join my MeFi league. We still have 4 spots left.

posted by reenum at 04:11 PM on February 25, 2011

Rex Ryan Guarantees Super Bowl Victory

As a Kansas City Royals fan, Rex's schtick seems suspiciously close to Tony Pena's right before Pena was run out of town.

posted by reenum at 04:09 PM on February 25, 2011

Hank Steinbrenner Hammers Revenue Sharing

These documents posted by Deadspin last year show that losing and raking in the revenue sharing money is more profitable than winning.

MLB is broken, and no one wants to fix it.

posted by reenum at 10:53 PM on February 22, 2011

Knicks finally land Anthony

OKC needs a big man to crash the boards. Ideally, Dwight Howard would end up there. God, Durant could average 40 a game if he had someone like him to draw defenses away.

posted by reenum at 10:49 PM on February 22, 2011

Chiefs' Jamaal Charles Making NFL History

I'm happy the Chiefs paid Charles while he is still useful, rather than making the mistake they did with LJ. I'd like to see them get in someone else to take Jones' place as well. Perhaps a Brandon Jacobs type. That would be an awesome backfield for years to come.

posted by reenum at 01:57 PM on December 22, 2010

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

They probably give each other grooming tips, discuss the latest in men's couture, and make crank calls to Andy Roddick.

posted by reenum at 12:11 PM on December 21, 2010

Barkley: 'You Can't Send Small Junk'

The world would be a better place if everyone had a sense of humor like Sir Charles.

posted by reenum at 12:10 PM on December 21, 2010

Zack Greinke Traded to Brewers

I'd say that Greinke's hatred of the limelight also played into his willingness to go to Milwaukee. Even if he's now medicated for the social anxiety disorder, I can't see him succeeding in a big market, where every move of his will be under scrutiny.

I'll be interested to see where he goes after 2012, because the Brewers won't be winning forever. The only teams who can fulfill his wishes of winning year in and year out are either in big markets (Boston, Yankees) or can't afford to sign him (Tampa).

posted by reenum at 12:09 PM on December 21, 2010

Magic Add Arenas, Turkoglu, Two Others for Lewis, Carter, Gortat and Pietrus

This is a total panic move for Orlando. They're making the same misguided types of moves Cleveland did when they were trying to keep Lebron.

I do find it amazing that the Wizards found a trading partner dumb enough to take on Arenas' albatross of a contract. It's not going to be fun in Orlando the next couple of seasons, as Arenas and J-Rich decline, and Howard leaves anyway.

posted by reenum at 12:22 PM on December 20, 2010

Zack Greinke Traded to Brewers

They gave Greinke and an undisclosed amount of cash. Tell does this help the Royals?

The extra cash was to help the Brewers buy out Yuniesky Betancourt's 2012 option, should they choose to do so. Without kicking in the cash, the Royals might not have gotten Jeffress in the deal.

posted by reenum at 12:18 PM on December 20, 2010