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I really should workout more

Really???? The outfit with all the Fringe, or the almost non-existent tube top, and your complaint of "Lack of realism" is the loose hair??? You seem to be the one with issues if you can't see this as the artistic view that it is.

posted by thenewguy821 at 10:06 AM on August 27, 2010

Cardinals Pitcher Upset About Clubhouse Gun Ban

If he only uses the gun for hunting, then i agree completely, there is no reason he should have it with him at work. If he carries for personal protection, I see no problem. Sure, there is very little chance that a teammate or other team associate would be the one he would have to defend himself against, but what kind of idiot stalkers/muggers/thugs will he possibly confront in: 1.) His drive to the stadium. 2.) The walk from his car to/from the clubhouse. 3.) His drive home. Sure, there is no need to take the gun onto the field, or into the dugout, but as a "concealed carry permit holder", you should know, it is better to be armed and never need it than be unarmed and attacked. Before the "Leave the gun in the car" comments start, that only adds more potential problems. If you leave your gun in your car and your car gets broken into, YOU have just effectively armed a criminal.....

posted by thenewguy821 at 03:25 PM on February 21, 2010

Finnish MMA Fighter Sports White Supremacist Tattoos

As to the question on Brown Pride, and where to sign up... Look up Cain Velasquez, another MMA fighter, who has Brown Pride tattooed on his chest.

posted by thenewguy821 at 11:13 AM on September 02, 2009

Finnish MMA Fighter Sports White Supremacist Tattoos

The Swastika is linked to the extermination of millions of people, NOT "White Pride".

I do not question Valtonen's "Racism". Having the Swastika AND White Pride shows that. But to consider someone a racist just because they are proud of their race, is wrong.

I will also state that I agree with MMA's decision to make him cover the tattoos. Not as a form of censorship, but as a form of their right to decide what to show.

posted by thenewguy821 at 11:08 AM on September 02, 2009

Finnish MMA Fighter Sports White Supremacist Tattoos

Simply put, why is Black Pride, Brown Pride, etc. acceptable, but White Pride offensive? If you seriously think that someone being proud of being white is any more offensive than someone being proud of being any other color, than you need to re-examine your own life. I say this, being part American Indian (Yes, I said Indian. I was Indian before people decided that the "Indians" would be offended to be called Indian. Can't be Native American either, we were here before Amerigo Vespucci named the country.) The Swastika, that is another story. That is a symbol of Hate to a lot of Races and Nationalities.

posted by thenewguy821 at 07:52 AM on September 02, 2009