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Donte Stallworth Gets 30 Days Jail for DUI Manslaughter

This is a clear case of justice being sold.

But of course. He's got millions, why not use them? Him getting literally a slap on the hand is pretty much just like O.J. getting acquitted years back because he couldn't properly put on a leather glove.

I would hope that the team would drop him like a hot potato after this stuff, but that's not at all going to be the case.

posted by CountSpatula at 02:12 PM on June 17, 2009

Sammy Sosa Tested Positive for Performance-Enhancing Drugs in 2003

I believe that the grass also announced today that it's green, except during winter or when it's distressed, in which case it's brown and/or withered.

posted by CountSpatula at 02:06 PM on June 17, 2009

The most unsporting moments in sport's history

And we need to look at the officiating too, not just the competitors. We could start with Olympic judges.

You couldn't be more right, beaverboard. Sometimes the officiating in the various sports is nothing short of treasonous. I have seen baseball, NFL and NHL officiating to be absolutely horrible. And the Olympic judging can sometimes be downright offensive.

posted by CountSpatula at 12:57 PM on May 13, 2009

Ah, umm ... I'm sorry!

The rules are there for a reason. Regardless if he took this stuff because he couldn't arise for the occasion, or if he thought he needed the boost, he's broken the rules. Bloody hell, is it really that hard to envision his suspension?

posted by CountSpatula at 09:25 PM on May 11, 2009

"It was horrifying"

I really don't think it matters too much. To simply be considered to sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame, I believe one has to be tone deaf. If you have a voice, sorry, you are left aside. Nevertheless, she was atrocious, even by Wrigley Field standards. Abominable. I'm pretty sure I would feel better now if you had used a Q-Tip tipped with sandpaper on my eardrums, rather than having to hear that horrible rendition of such a sacred song. Mr. Caray was never even remotely close to that bad in singing the song, nor has anyone else (since Mr. Caray's death) been that bad. And, please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she, afterwards, ask what key the song was in?

posted by CountSpatula at 10:54 PM on May 05, 2009

High School Star Drops Out to Play Internationally

I agree with the kid, at least regarding not wanting to go to college. Quite honestly, there is no absolute need to get a college degree, when one is concerning oneself with professional athletics. It'd be wise to at least get a high school diploma, though, so when he's washed up and 35, he won't be turned down for jobs because he doesn't even have that.

posted by CountSpatula at 07:00 PM on May 04, 2009

Congress Takes On the BCS

Brain: It's appropriate for Congress to act when it's a Constitutionally required time. Not in the case of people losing millions on collegiate football placements. If there's a problem, what *should* be happening is those who invest putting their money where their gripes are. This is so incredibly not a place that Congress should be putting their noses. College football and the bowl system are a business, not an academic requirement. As such, the government should keep their fingers out of the pot.

posted by CountSpatula at 06:45 PM on May 02, 2009

Congress Takes On the BCS

Sure. Because Congress has absolutely nothing else that is pressing at this time. To hell with unemployment, extensive spending and firing CEOs. This is the BCS, dammit! *Far* more important than anything else!

posted by CountSpatula at 11:43 AM on May 02, 2009

Vick offered af2 contract

Honestly, he should feel lucky that he's getting an offer from anyone. Maybe he should feel happy that, at least, he isn't getting an offer from some horribly crappy team.

posted by CountSpatula at 11:17 PM on April 29, 2009

Super Bowl around President's Day?

A longer season would be good, yes, but would it really mathematically make a difference in the post-season standings? Despite the arguments of some, I doubt it would be such a heavy decision-making addition.

posted by CountSpatula at 11:00 PM on April 29, 2009