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Bill Parcells signs a four year deal

Nakeman I wouldnt be to down on the Rams........The Rams as you well know had to many injuries this year...The Rams will be back....

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 12:53 AM on December 21, 2007

Bowden's Bowl Busted

More Cheating......

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 12:48 AM on December 21, 2007

Schilling Calls Out The Rocket

Man ALL or almost ALL these dudes are and were juicing Chick's dig the long ball? Geeeeeez.......

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 12:46 AM on December 21, 2007

Bill Parcells signs a four year deal

THX-1138 I'm Not a Patriots fan bro.....

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 12:44 AM on December 21, 2007

Bill Parcells signs a four year deal

Nakeman Your words tell me you "HATE" Belichick and thanks for admitting that much... At least we can agree on something I dont like either coaches also..My opinion is Belichick is a better coach...If you "RESPECT" Parcells? You should also respect Belichick....I respect them both but find Parcells to be a angry grumpy fat man whose coaching has seen better days ..Thats why he retired so.... Its not just Belichick everybody hates outside of Boston... it's Brady, Moss and the whole crew

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 09:50 PM on December 20, 2007

Bill Parcells signs a four year deal

Nakeman Your "HATRED" and "DISLIKE" for Belichick shows......YOU said it above already..... Belichick was the DC coach on the Jets and Giants......thats the reason Parcells won, The Jets and Giants Defenses were always TOPS........ Belichick had the Jets Job when Parcells "RETIRED" yet again but didnt take it for he wanted to be his own man and build his 'OWN' team Bill Parcells QUIT the Dallas Job for Bill Parcels couldnt handle the "PLAYERS" anymore on the field thats why he is the "GM" of Miami now...... Do I think Bill Parcells will turn Miami around?....Maybe in 3-4 years Look at the Job Marv Levy has done with the Buffalo Bills in his short time as the Bills GM.....

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 09:03 PM on December 20, 2007

Bill Parcells signs a four year deal

Nakeman Bill Belichcick beat Bill Parcells in the Playoffs when Belichick was the head coach of the Browns Bill Belichick beat Bill Parcells 16-0 when Parcells was the HC in Dallas also How rings does Parcells have as the Head Coach in Dallas or with the NY Jets?

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 06:22 PM on December 20, 2007

Tom Brady is 2007's Sportsman of the Year

Tom is a ALL-STAR QB playing on a ALL-STAR team You could put the Patriots up vs the "BEST" talent in the NFL in a ALL-Pro game and the Patriots would win Brett Favre...is playing very well and if the Packers and Patriots do play one another in this Year Super Bowl game it will not be a blow out but you still have to go with Tom and New England winning another ring...Maybe by 3 points again......

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 04:28 PM on December 20, 2007

Bill Parcells signs a four year deal

Bill Parcells will not do much for Miami Bill Parcells has how many rings without Bill Belichick?........ZERO Bill Belichick has how many rings without Parcells?..........THREE The Patriots have really already broke Miami's record when New England won 21 straight games..While it wasnt in "ONE" season 21 straight is hard to beat and considering Miami's 14-0 season the fins beat only "TWO' winning teams....... Back to Bill Parcells.... now with a third team in the AFC East..Maybe Bill will go to Buffalo when he is a 100 years old New England could go back to back seasons without a loss the Patriots will be just as tough next year and by the time the Patriots run is over the Patriots might have 5-6 rings

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 04:08 PM on December 20, 2007

Petrino quits Falcons to take Arkansas job

Who can blame the guy man.... It was clear it wasnt about the $ and with the Falcons being bad and the Patriots owning the NFL for years to come why not quit and move on.... Look a tthe Dolphins THINK Saban made the right move now?

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 07:39 PM on December 11, 2007

Is Jeff Gordon on his way to a 5th Title? Is He The Best of The Best ?

Jeff Gordon is the BEST in the Modern era I seen the KID race at Baylands raceway park when Jeff was 13 years old. Folks can write and say when Jeff get to 201 wins Jeff will the the King? Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt BOTH were great legend's and made Nascar what it is today. I feel this era is way different....and Jeff Gordon has helped continue Nascar to where and what Nascar has become today. Jeff Gordon is the best out there right now and maybe over the course of the past 13 years Look at the Talent in Nascar EVERY team can win now BUT.......... Its the DRIVERS who win races and championships Drivers Like Tony Stewart Jimmie Johnson Matt Kenseth and many others shouldnt be left out of this debate either. I am a Dale Jr fan and hoepfully Jeff can HELP Jr get to the top the way Jeff has helped JIMMIE JOHNSON. I am sure when Jeff Gordon retires one day there will be another guy to take his place and a new debate to be written As for Now I think Jeff Gordon is tops. Love Jeff or Hate Jeff really there is NO way around Jeff Gordons Greatness!

posted by HalloweenKingDiamond at 07:14 PM on October 16, 2007