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McCarthy: marketing deal good for Favre

So this is what it's come to..........A team willing to pay $20 Million freakin' balloons for someone NOT TO PLAY?? And they wonder why a lot of fans have such disdain for rich athletes.

posted by mckayx9x at 03:50 PM on August 01, 2008

New England By the Numbers

To insinuate that the Patriots are where they are at this point in the season because they cheated is utterly absurd. They played their worst game of the season and still beat the Colts IN THEIR OWN HOUSE. I get a kick out of all the Pats bashers out there. Nothing but intense jealousy and sour grapes because your team stinks............ Some have said they haven't played any 'good teams' yet. What was Dallas, chopped liver? They're 7-1, the same as Indy now is. The Pats supposedly cheated in the Jets game. As someone else stated, the tape in question was confiscated in the 1st quarter. The Pats outscored the Jets 31-14 AFTER the 1st quarter.......The Jets are now 1-8, and have scored 159 points compared to the Pats' 9-0 record and 355 points. Any more ridiculous statements, familyman?

posted by mckayx9x at 11:54 AM on November 05, 2007

'Don't You Need at Least One Good Quarterback to Make a Controversy?'

Parcells shouldn't be surprised.......Bledsoe stood in the pocket like a statue while with Bill in New England, now he does the same in Dallas.

posted by mckayx9x at 04:51 PM on October 24, 2006

Who was your favorite player growing up?

Mine was YAZ, hands down.The summer of '67,the Triple Crown,making it to the World Series, he carried the team on his back!!

posted by mckayx9x at 07:44 AM on February 26, 2005

Pudge No More

Hey Bernreuther:Open up your good eye !

posted by mckayx9x at 01:12 PM on February 22, 2005

Pudge No More

Hey,Weedy,I used to watch the NHL when there 6 teams. Not this watered-down crap we have today.Used to go to Boston Garden in the late 60's and early 70's to watch REAL hockey.Don't tell me I'm not a fan,just sick and tired of over-paid primadonnas stiffing the fans once again.

posted by mckayx9x at 11:40 AM on February 20, 2005

Steroid Club for Men

Why are people now questioning Mark Mcguires (sp?) stats?People forget he hit 49 homers as a rookie!! It wasn't something he started doing when he was 37, like SOME players we know.

posted by mckayx9x at 07:16 AM on February 20, 2005

Pudge No More

If the NHL never played another game, would anyone notice(or care?).It,s time the fans spoke up by avoiding the NHL like it was bubonic plague.Anyone who goes to a game next season(if there is one)should have their big head examined!!

posted by mckayx9x at 07:08 AM on February 20, 2005

Pudge No More

All you have to do is look at the size of their heads.Bonds,Giambi,Pudge;Look at their pictures 2 yrs. ago,and now.Much smaller heads!!

posted by mckayx9x at 06:59 AM on February 20, 2005