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Bo Knows Best

Can you even imagine how far Bo can drive a golf ball?

posted by cordlesskent at 08:50 AM on November 29, 2007

Jimmy Kimmel Banned From Monday Night Football

I only caught maybe a minute or two of Kimmel on MNF as I was switching between channels for the MLB Playoffs. It didn't really seem too out of line or over the top. What I want to know is why? Are the MNF powers-that-be so under confident in the guys they have, that they have to bolster the commentary with "Celebrities"? As for Tim McCarver: Bob Gibson once told Tim as he walked toward the mound; "Get back behind the Plate. The only thing you know about pitching, is how not to hit it."

posted by cordlesskent at 02:03 PM on October 18, 2007

Assistant Coach Pisses Off Baylor University

I would imagine it's illegal to piss in public just about anywhere. You sure can't do it in New Orleans during Mardi Gras circa 1989. Take my word for that one!!!!!

posted by cordlesskent at 10:27 AM on October 17, 2007

For The Love of Sport: Midwest Showdown

Crafty, I'm a Die-Hard Cards fan from the early sixties, but still agree with you whloeheartedly. Sure, we've had our share of injuries, but you can't lay it all off on that. Pitching staff, in my opinion only of course, has been south of lackluster most of the year. How many more games are we going to pitch Anthony Reyes and Kip Wells this season? They are a miserable 9-29 (combined) for the season. Damn, there's got to be some AAA boys that could do that or better. I mean really, 29 losses between them! If we had but 5 of those games back, we'd be pulling away in the division. Sorry for the rant. What were we talking about?

posted by cordlesskent at 01:08 PM on September 10, 2007

Bills' Everett Injures Spine Making Tackle

I'm with you Howard T.

posted by cordlesskent at 12:52 PM on September 10, 2007

He's back.

I got to see Rick play one game at AA Springfield, MO in 2005 I believe on his way up to AAA Memphis. He made a couple of nice plays in the OF, but didn't get any hits although he hit the ball hard, just right at someone. I remember talking to my son about his story on the way home from the game and how it would be great to see him succeed in a game he so obviously loves to play. Go Rick, best of luck to you!

posted by cordlesskent at 02:10 PM on August 10, 2007