September 10, 2007

For The Love of Sport: Midwest Showdown: A four game set next weekend could go a long way towards determining who wins the NL Central. The second in a weekly column by sportsfilter member kyrilmitch_76.

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Even in the Greek legend of Achilles his mother grasped him by the ankle and dipped him into the River Styx resulting in him being immune to any attack except where she had prevented the waters from touching him. If that isnít performance-enhancing than what is? And now he's dead. There's a lesson in there. I want to say, "Wow, look at those Cardinals -- in the hunt with that pitching staff, Rolen out for the year, and Pujols playing like David Eckstein Light over the past couple of weeks." But then, the Cardinals are two games under .500 -- with all due respect to holden and other of the Redbird faithful, this is so much less the Cardinals gutting it out than it is a really terrible division failing to run away from them. How is it possible for the largest division in the Majors to not have a single playoff-worthy team?

posted by The Crafty Sousepaw at 09:56 AM on September 10, 2007

Crafty, I'm a Die-Hard Cards fan from the early sixties, but still agree with you whloeheartedly. Sure, we've had our share of injuries, but you can't lay it all off on that. Pitching staff, in my opinion only of course, has been south of lackluster most of the year. How many more games are we going to pitch Anthony Reyes and Kip Wells this season? They are a miserable 9-29 (combined) for the season. Damn, there's got to be some AAA boys that could do that or better. I mean really, 29 losses between them! If we had but 5 of those games back, we'd be pulling away in the division. Sorry for the rant. What were we talking about?

posted by cordlesskent at 01:08 PM on September 10, 2007

The really neat thing is I had Kip Wells slated to draft in my keeper league -- and someone grabbed him before I could. Sucker.

posted by wfrazerjr at 01:53 PM on September 11, 2007

What were we talking about? How kyrilmitch_76 forgot Milwaukee.

posted by rocketman at 04:24 PM on September 11, 2007

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