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Lakers Fire Mike Brown

Inevitable given the recent Stare of Death:

posted by aerotive at 03:25 PM on November 09, 2012

MLB Testing Advanced Replay Systems During Games

Re tennis, it's been greatly improved by replay. Arguments and controversies over line calls are nearly gone. There are many fewer point and game penalties. Now they just need a timer between points...

posted by aerotive at 08:08 PM on September 05, 2012

Pujols Going to Angels for 10 Years, $250 Million

"but will never have the admiration"

Sour grapes.

posted by aerotive at 03:27 PM on December 08, 2011

Mavs Comeback Stuns Heat in Game 2

At seven minutes left I turned the game off, piddled around, then decided I'd endure the 20+ point blowout.

Was a pleasant surprise...

posted by aerotive at 08:56 PM on June 04, 2011

Want to know what Peyton Manning is doing at the line of scrimmage?

80% of interceptions due to bad routes? Seems way high.

Cool read though.

posted by aerotive at 08:46 PM on November 18, 2010

The New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl

Congratulations to the Saints and what a game by Brees. 32/39, two touchdowns, no interceptions, rating of 114.5.

posted by aerotive at 10:11 PM on February 07, 2010

NFL Football: 11 Minutes of Action, 60 Minutes of Commercials

I consider five or ten seconds before the snap to be part of the game--with the quarterback frantically calling plays and changes, the defense showing and pulling back blitzes, players in motion, etc. There's a lot going on.

posted by aerotive at 03:21 PM on January 17, 2010

NASCAR Driver Jimmie Johnson AP's Male Athlete of the Year

The car deserves the award more than the driver. At least with the horse they voted for the thing that provides all the power.

posted by aerotive at 09:27 PM on December 22, 2009

Belichick Call Questioned in Pats' Loss to Colts

"The Colts, to that point, had scored touchdowns on 4/14 drives, or 28.6% of the times they held the ball. Only one drive was less than two minutes in length. I understand that letting Peyton have the ball back is a scary thing, but statistically, they were more likely to stop him than not from 70 yards out."

You're assuming that all drives are equal. The previous drive before the 4th and 2 was the sub two minute drive, and it was obvious watching it that the Patriots' defense was gassed.

posted by aerotive at 12:45 PM on November 16, 2009

Crazy Good Jump Rope

This is awesome even though it makes me feel very, very old.

posted by aerotive at 07:44 PM on September 30, 2009

Favre's Incredible Last-Second Touchdown Sends Vikes Over Niners

Helluva catch.

posted by aerotive at 10:00 PM on September 27, 2009

New York Times Critic Pans Cowboys Stadium

More like a monument to socialism/statism given that it's state owned.

posted by aerotive at 12:54 AM on September 22, 2009

NFL Suspends Donte Stallworth for One Year

He did a few weeks in jail.

posted by aerotive at 10:56 PM on August 13, 2009

Grunting Girl Makes Quite a Racket at French Open

Doesn't sound much worse than Sharapova the Shriek.

posted by aerotive at 12:20 AM on May 31, 2009

Top 10 Worst First Pitches

Thanks for the post, made my day.

posted by aerotive at 11:35 PM on April 12, 2009