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Is ESPN Killing the National Hockey League by Influencing Public Attitudes?

I believe that this is in large part hockey having to play catch-up with the other major sports. When ESPN was formed, the network catered to what they saw as the major sports. This included basketball, baseball, football, golf and tennis. When they filled their newsroom it was with ex beat writers from those sports (particularly the "big three"). It should come as a suprise to noone that an ex-NFL player thinks less of the NHL, and can come to some common ground in berating it on air when paired with a MLB writer, for instance. I may think my favorite sports is better than yours, but we both can agree that someone else's favorite sport is, well, stupid. Noone early on at ESPN to defend hockey on or off the air led to a culture of hockey-bashing. Another thought I had was the lack of minority representation of the NHL players relative to the "big three." Blacks are very well represented in both the NFL and the NBA, and Hispanics are well represented in MLB (Blacks used to be in MLB to, but the numbers are dropping sharply for several reasons which were discussed on SpoFi fairly recently, as I recall). Neither of these large minority groups generally have access to an ice rink, mostly for economic reasons I needn't go into here. The ones who do are still more likely to play/follow sports with representation of their ethnicity. With these two groups combining for 25-35% (estimate) of the US population, I would postulate that the sport practically flatlines with these groups in particular. While the average white hockey viewer may not have tie to the European players that make up much of the league, these Euros are most likely looked at as adding vanilla beans to vanilla ice cream, leaving the large minority population segment looking in on a white league.

posted by ruff at 06:03 PM on July 07, 2007

Hargrove Robs Pitcher of Five-Inning Snow Hitter

Hargrove, out of the dugout, did what his players couldn't. You better believe this will be in his resume wherever his next contract comes from. Turn an L to a no-decision? Not bad. Now the M's get a mulligan. Seen Hargrove bat back in his Ranger days. Painful. I'm suprised he wasn't flat out HBP more. Although it was a welcome sight if you needed a beer/rest break mid-inning. Or a nap.

posted by ruff at 11:01 AM on April 07, 2007

Ex-Patriot receiver Darryl Stingley dies

Or like 'the Undertaker' continuing to use his moniker after a fatal accident in the ring/redneck dinner theatre. That is an excellent point. You questioned whether he called himself The Assassin. Quote for me where I did. What I said is that the quote from clones does not address that point. Try to avoid putting words in my mouth.,-Tatum-might-reunite I do not know the accuracy of claims by Tatum or Stingley about why they did not meet. I wish they would have met, hugged and become fast friends. Unfortunately that did not happen. The point I have been trying to make (apparently unsuccessfully) is that a thread about the death of Darryl Stingley should at least occasionally say something about, um, Darryl Stingley. I do not know very much about his life after August 1978. I admit that. I am not quite as internet-savvy as most on Spo-Fi and was hoping maybe someone who had read Stingley's book could give me more information about him, or point me to something more than a 1-shot column that updates a 25+ year standoff (a lot like the old Chevy Chase line on SNL news -'this just in - generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.' that is as close to the quote as I can remember - you get the idea). At the very least we could have more sympathy for his family and their loss along with whatever our feelings are about that hit and its aftermath. From the little I have been able to glean from articles it seemed that Stingley lived a life to be proud of...and I would like to know a little bit more about that life. I doubt my links will work properly. I am trying to drag myself kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Progress is evident, but slow. By next year running water, the wheel, fire, the sky is the limit!

posted by ruff at 05:33 AM on April 07, 2007

Ex-Patriot receiver Darryl Stingley dies

Thank you very much for the clarification. I really don't want to argue or come across like, to use my own words, 'a prick.' I just wanted some of the posts to actually deal with the man and his death. I am fairly new to posting here, and am glad to get a little more insight on Tatum since his field days. I was hoping that he adopted the cold heart to instill fear in his opponents, but it seems, unfortunately, to be who he is. Sad. Thanks again for the info.

posted by ruff at 07:31 PM on April 06, 2007

Ex-Patriot receiver Darryl Stingley dies

rcade -- Which part of that quote says that Tatum calls himself 'The Assassin' again? All I said was if you want to make your point, pick a quote that actually makes your point. His quote did not make that point. Call him whatever you want. I was once again hoping this string might spend more time on DARRYL STINGLEY. Perhaps you remember him? He's dead...and all you seem to care about is banging on Tatum. Maybe we could take a cue from how often Darryl bitched about it and try some love of your fellow man. Even if he is a prick. LOL

posted by ruff at 05:57 PM on April 06, 2007

Ex-Patriot receiver Darryl Stingley dies

Does anyone else remember the hit Nat Moore took that the NFL kept showing in the mid-80s? Undercut, Moore does nearly a 360 in air. Differences? Moore walks away from the hit. Moore is not hit by bad boy/dirty Jack Tatum. The game glorifies big hits/hitters. As far as I can tell from his style of play and his attitude, I would not want my son to use him as a role model. I probably would not like him if I met him, if what I have heard about him is accurate. In irunfromclones post he cites Madden's "selective memory." You might try reading the quote that supposedly substantiates your position. Which part of that quote says that Tatum calls himself 'The Assassin' again? Please show me, I guess I missed that bit. It shows Tatum as callous and cold, not admirable, but is off your stated point. The post from gradioc really floors me. Theisman was not paralyzed, and was likely nearing the end of his career. That "caution that had been unknown to him before" -- millions of dollars + long term cocaine addiction = laziness, not caution. "raw beast" = coke. LT was a great player, and not the kind of headhunter/dirty player that Tatum was. Setting him up as an example of remorse is, well, a s t r e t c h. Hate the Raiders if you want, but there are a lot better reasons than this. I was kind of hoping that this thread would spend more time honoring a man who died: not obsessing over the other player involved. To Darryl Stingley, If there is an afterlife, may your spirit know peace in it. We are richer for knowing of you in life, and saddened by your leaving us. Best wishes to your family.

posted by ruff at 09:55 PM on April 05, 2007

Son Of A Bum!

what puzzles me is, as dyams pointed out, why would you make a hire of an assistant before your head coach? 'Unannounced coaching spot'? 'Double secret probation' "Wade, you are my head coach now. Welcome aboard. As for your staff, here's a head start." Maybe Jason got the Suck up to Jerry spot that has been open since Parcells got to Dallas. I wonder what the real title is for that spot. Repeat after me: Jerry has rings...You do not...

posted by ruff at 11:32 AM on February 09, 2007