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Sportsfilter handle (username): Usernames and why the originate.

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Roger Clemens: Roger Clemens states that he did get injections, but they were not steroids. Now congress is asking him to testify.

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Jim Brown calls out Tiger Woods

Blaming black people for their own oppression. How enlightened! posted by bperk at 3:52 PM CST on January 25 The poster was pointing out a truism. Forgiveness is in the hands of the oppressed, not the oppressor. In order for us to move closer to our potential as humankind, forgiveness must happen.

posted by Cave_Man at 04:20 PM on January 25, 2008

Jim Brown calls out Tiger Woods

It should be pointed out, that woods and kelly tilghman are not strangers. I dont know that they are friends, but they certainly are colleagues. They have had a positive working relationship for years now. They apparently met during college competitions. Woods came into college having an already massive reputation due to his dominance as an amateur, so it makes sense that a much lesser known college golfer would want to meet to and get to know him as a person. In competition, being around a winner and studying how that person operate often helps make people better.

posted by Cave_Man at 03:53 PM on January 25, 2008

Jim Brown calls out Tiger Woods

I'd like to see the peer-reviewed publication for this...Regardless, per society's definition of race, all you'd have to do is a search for the DNA which produces our skin color's pigment (assuming me know what DNA produces certain pigments, this is trivial) to find out who is what race. I have supplied one link on how geneticists are defining race. The issue is a complex one, but in essence, two people that are physically different can share a higher percentage of common genes with each other than they do with people that look like them physically. It all boils down to which genes are examined. There are differences between "races" that are important for medical reasons, scientists are studying why those diffences exist, are they geographical mutations to genes, ect? As seen by recent comments by Watson (who along with Francis Crick defined the earliest model of the human genome), there is debate among experienced geneticists as to the meaning and importance of genetic variation among humankind. A scientific discussion of "race" is dry and basically flies over the head of most people. Either Time Magazine or Newsweek Magazine did an entire issue several years ago where the editors and scientific consultants broke down scientific research so that it was understandable to lay people. The conclusion was that race was a characterization that had little basis in genetics. On the issue of Jim Brown. He has a right to say what he thinks. The fact is that the reality of race that an older person like him experienced is different from what a younger person like Tiger Woods experiences, i.e, their perceptions of Tilghman's comment are grounded in the realities of their lives to date.

posted by Cave_Man at 09:39 AM on January 25, 2008

The American Revolution continues in London

ManU, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. posted by yerfatma at 6:08 AM CST on January 24 Thanks.

posted by Cave_Man at 10:41 PM on January 24, 2008

Jim Brown calls out Tiger Woods

But, until people learn to forgive, I will have to be content to kiss my kids (all of them) goodnight and wish for a better world for them in the future. One where the color of your skin has nothing to do with the worth of your actions. posted by Mickster at 5:54 PM CST on January 24 The world will be a much better place for your children. People that feel everything in life revolves around race are of a dying breed, soon their numbers will be insignificant, life will progressively improve as they die off (excuse me if "die off" sound draconian to you, but to me, the situation is what it is).

posted by Cave_Man at 10:20 PM on January 24, 2008

Jim Brown calls out Tiger Woods

My genetic code creates mRNA which produce proteins that pigment my skin cells. Race is only an issue because people have difficulty accepting that our bodies are just puppets being controlled by a ridiculously potent brain. As geneticists learn more about the human genome they are finding that race will ultimately have to be redefined. So far geneticists have found that if there are three unrelated people sitting in a room, say two caucasion and one African American, one of the caucasions could be gentically of the same "race" as the African American and not of the same race as the second caucasion. Anthropologists have strong scientific evidence that humans originated in Africa then spread to other regions of the world. Some studies indicate that initial migration out of Africa involved humans that came from parallel, but different branches of pre-humans, some of those branches evolved, others did not, some of the early survivors later became casulties of evolution. Research and samples of remains indicate that some of the remaining branches migrated northward and some intermixed, while others did not. In the case of an African that is genetically of the same "race" as a European or an Asian, one explanation is that the two people came from the same racial strain that evolved into modern humans in different parts of the world. On the subject of Jim Brown calling out Tiger Woods, I support Tiger's position. If race as we know it is injected into every silly remark that is made by someone, we will never advance as a society. The suspension was the correct action for the announcer and Tiger Woods is ok that whar she said was a slip that does not represent what she is as a person, the situation should end with those actions.

posted by Cave_Man at 10:05 PM on January 24, 2008

The American Revolution continues in London

I will admit that football players are highly skilled while wearing the pads, fast and strong but they don't have the endurance that it takes to play soccer. In soccer there are no breaks in play until halftime, unlike football which has a lot of commercial breaks including the three timeouts for each team. And for basketball, each team has 5 timeouts I think, but they do a lot of running back and forth, so they got the endurance for soccer. Endurance has to be built, but my guess is that wide receivers and Defensive backs in american football have the physical build and genes to be soccer players. Phason makes a good case, Europe is filled with development at all levels of football competition, similar to what baseball, football and basketball have in this country.

posted by Cave_Man at 08:49 PM on January 23, 2008

The American Revolution continues in London

playing for someone like a Villa, Everton, Newcastle, or maybe as a longshot he could attract interest from one of the big four. posted by Chargdres at 3:15 PM CST on January Who are the big four in English football? I guess at three of them, ManU, Arsenal and Leeds.

posted by Cave_Man at 07:49 PM on January 23, 2008

Why Stephen Brunt didn't cast his Hall of Fame vote.

I have all the respect in the world for steven brunt. I appreciate his moral stand. I hope all the other writers will take note. I think they should all admit their complicity, then continue to leave mark mcgwire, barry bonds and anyone else who comes along who is in the same position out of the hall. posted by elijahin24 at 9:00 AM CST on January 22 I read the article on Brunt's reasoning and thought about his position. In the end, I agree with your position. If players that cut corners or are strongly suspected of cutting corners are allowed into the HOF, where does it stop - shouldn't Pete Rose be elected? HOF entry has always involved imperfect people voting on players.

posted by Cave_Man at 07:10 PM on January 22, 2008

Tom Brady Wearing Walking Cast

Has to be one of the top 3-5 pains ever. I have had it. It is extrodinarily painful, the only pain that I have had that was worse was ripped tissue along my shins.

posted by Cave_Man at 06:33 PM on January 22, 2008

Tom Brady Wearing Walking Cast

Brady ain't hurt- he was just making fun of the Giants field goal kicker, the one thats being waived after the Super Bowl. posted by irunfromclones at 2:58 PM CST on January 22 I can't imagine kicking a ball of any type in sub-zero weather. I find it amazing that the kickers on both teams were able to make one field goal between them.

posted by Cave_Man at 06:29 PM on January 22, 2008

Tom Brady Wearing Walking Cast

Does Gout happen in healthy people that are Brady's age? I was being facetious, Cave_Man. I don't really think he drinks that much red wine. posted by lil_brown_bat at 2:34 PM CST on January 22 Subtleties escape me LBB :-))

posted by Cave_Man at 06:23 PM on January 22, 2008

Tom Brady Wearing Walking Cast

I bet he's got gout. posted by lil_brown_bat at 12:25 PM CST on January 22 Does Gout happen in healthy people that are Brady's age? Brady got twisted on the sack by SD, maybe what one posted posted about seeing the back part of his leg near the knee taking some trauma is accurate, although, if he was wearing a brace, it seemed to have been around the ankle. I don't see Brady not playing as long as he can do anything that resembles walking. Rivers showed amazing guts Sunday, Brady probaly has at least that in him.

posted by Cave_Man at 02:09 PM on January 22, 2008

Patriots advance to their 4th Superbowl in 7 years.

An unmeasurable metric Look at the information that was provided and do the math.

posted by Cave_Man at 11:17 AM on January 22, 2008

Patriots advance to their 4th Superbowl in 7 years.

An unmeasurable metric. Tom Brady threw 398 completions this year. 2% of them went to Mr. Clutch. posted by yerfatma at 11:10 AM CST on January 22 2% of Brady's passes that make a difference is better than 98% of some other team's QB's attempts that do not make a difference. What is your point?

posted by Cave_Man at 11:15 AM on January 22, 2008