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favorite teams:

1. Chicago Cubs (i bleed cub blue)

2. Chicago Bears (a very close 2nd)

3. Chicago Bulls (coming on strong in 06')

Other sports I follow:

Nascar, F1, Golf, Hockey, Cycling, Olympics, College Football (big Nabraska fan), College basketball (UNC & U of Illinois)

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After 113 attempts, Jenson Button wins his first race.

I'm a big Schumacher fan , but what he did yesterday was stupid. He should have let De La Rosa and Heidfeld past and just taken 4th place. He would have collected 5 points and been within 6 points of Alonso in the championship. He was lucky Kubica"s car was declared undeweight and eeked out a point.

posted by Cubfan276 at 01:38 PM on August 07, 2006

The end for Jacques?

Hey Drood, Schumacher didnt do anythoing wrong in Germany. He exited the pit ahead of Alonso , so what whats the big deal. Also if Ferrari win the title it will be because Michelin screwed up and didnt give Renault the proper tire to win with.

posted by Cubfan276 at 06:25 PM on August 05, 2006

The Dodgers trade Izturis, Guzman, Pedroza for Maddux and Lugo.

From a cub fans perspective, it's a good trade. As sad as I am to see Maddox leave ,he deserves a chance to make the plaoffs and be closer to his Las Vagas home. As far as geting Izturis in return ,he's a good defensive SS and can bat near the top of the order. Ronny Cedeno should move to 2nd base and give the infield significantly more range.

posted by Cubfan276 at 06:40 PM on July 31, 2006

The Fortuanate 50

I checked an international list on Forbes. com of highest payed athletes in the world and found Ferrari's Michael Schumacher was 2nd on the global list at $80 million.

posted by Cubfan276 at 02:03 PM on July 29, 2006

Tour de Fake?

According to the expert on ESPN Landis' testosterone levels were actully below normal. Its the ratio thats in question. that very well could have been caused buy the cortison shots he was taking for his hip. I, for one am willing to give him the benifit of the dout until someone proves he was injecting.

posted by Cubfan276 at 06:56 PM on July 27, 2006

Tour de Fake?

I hope this isn't a case of the french trying to get back at the U. S. for winning thier biggest sporting event for 8 stright years. However if Landis turns out to be a doper then he should be disqualified. Proformance enhancment has becpme so rampent in sports these days its hard to look at any "outstanding" performance without wondering in the back of your mind if the athelete is cheating.

posted by Cubfan276 at 10:22 AM on July 27, 2006

Column: Stewart not following own advice

dbt302; First of all Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth don't seem to get into near the trouble that Tony Stewart does. One or two incidents over the past couple of years is not the same as getting into it with somebody every couple of weeks. Kevin Harvick has defintely cleaned up his act recently, whereas Stewart always blames somebody else for his problems. I'm not saying they should suspend him but i agree with stonehanz that he should be put on probation the rest of the year.

posted by Cubfan276 at 06:17 PM on July 25, 2006

Column: Stewart not following own advice

A lot of people seem to forget that when Dale sr. was winning races and championships he was booed all the time. It wasn't until later in his career, when he wasn't winning much anymore that people started to cheer for him. As for Tony Stewart , the guy is an exceptional talent but dosen't want to take responsibilityfor his actions. Just listen to his post race interview, he blamed Bowyer. It wasen't until monday that he took the blame when the video evidence was clear. Regarding Jeff Gordon, he and Stewart are probably 1-2 in terms of talent in NASCAR right now (note; road coures and restricter plate racing ability). I dont hear him crying any more than anybody else.

posted by Cubfan276 at 12:54 PM on July 25, 2006

A Rod's sloppy defense hurting Yankees

tieguy , I didnt say A-Rod was an average player, I was talking about Jeter. I think A-Rod is a hell of a player. If he came to the Cubs he could go back to his natural position of SS.

posted by Cubfan276 at 01:58 PM on July 24, 2006

A Rod's sloppy defense hurting Yankees

I am so sick of Yankee fans proping Jeter up. If he played on any other team he would be considered an average shortstop. as for A-Rod he needs to get out of NY. Come to Chicago , Cub fans will love you.

posted by Cubfan276 at 01:42 PM on July 24, 2006

"Never stop believing."

Havig watched every stage of the tour i can tell you that it ranks as one of the best ever. Watching Landis take the yellow jersey, give it away, get it back , lose it on a day he completely drained his energy bank and then get back in the race with an epic ride was awe inspiring. Floyd YOU ARE THE MAN!

posted by Cubfan276 at 11:41 AM on July 24, 2006

Drive for Show; Putt for Dough

How about those idiots who threw the purple paint bombs on the 18th green?

posted by Cubfan276 at 11:30 AM on July 24, 2006

It's All About The Benjamins Baby

Having witnessed a contract holdout in Chicago with Cedric Benson last yesr I can tell you that it has a big effect on the player and the team. Bush should endear himself to the Saint fans and teamates by signing as soon as possible

posted by Cubfan276 at 11:11 AM on July 24, 2006

The sound of a barrier crumbling

In this day and age women should be included in all sports they want to participate in. Ski jumping seems like a great sport for the ladies.

posted by Cubfan276 at 11:00 AM on July 24, 2006