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Technology Touchdowns

MrFrisby - Thanks for the OP; although the thermometer pill does remind me of the controversy after Johnny Cash's death when a hemmorhoid ointment company wanted to use "Ring of Fire" in their ad campaign. Another musician who was a contemporary of Cash's would give us the theme song if it were urinated out....

posted by tglenn29 at 04:49 AM on January 31, 2007

Former star center for two University of Michigan national championship teams, Gerald R. Ford, dead at 93.

Actually, his loss to Carter was quite narrow and probably was not ENTIRELY due to the pardoning of Nixon. Rather, it was probably due to the debate blunder about Poland not being under Soviet control - and taking several days after to admit his mistake....

posted by tglenn29 at 06:45 PM on December 27, 2006

Former star center for two University of Michigan national championship teams, Gerald R. Ford, dead at 93.

Regarding President Ford's golfing abilities, he did score a hole-in-one at the 1977 (I believe) St. Jude Open (Pro-Am) in Memphis.... May he Rest In Peace.

posted by tglenn29 at 10:00 AM on December 27, 2006

Suspensions Handed Out

Regarding Melo's apology: I just realized one of my biggest dreams when we opened the Youth Center in Baltimore that bares my name. I think the statement, as written, sez it all....

posted by tglenn29 at 08:25 PM on December 18, 2006

Vacaville HS vs Merced HS (37-36)

It's obvious you are either taking, or need to take, some sort of remedial grammar course. Does Vacaville have any such offerings?

posted by tglenn29 at 06:23 AM on December 10, 2006

TO survival guide.

tommytrump beat me to it; Ricky's not in the NHL - but I wouldn't be surprised to see him there given his bizarre pro sports life so far....

posted by tglenn29 at 07:13 PM on November 10, 2006

How about those Fremont Athletics?

In response to Lionsfan20, I recall there's some college football team in the LA area that has played decently over the past few years....

posted by tglenn29 at 07:45 AM on November 10, 2006

The "clutchiest" hits in MLB playoff history.

Uh, Laker, Carter's homer didn't "win" the World Series in the same vein as Mazeroski's did. If it were in a Game Seven, then I'd agree with you.

posted by tglenn29 at 04:29 PM on September 29, 2006

The Mick's 10 biggest taters

Thanks for the link, mjkredliner. Great history, but as a volunteer umpire I have one quibble with the website's story about the Griffith Stadium shot (#7). The author states "Had Mickey touched Billy he would have automatically been declared out and would have been credited only with a double." That is not true; only if Mantle were judged to have PASSED Martin would he be called out....

posted by tglenn29 at 06:00 PM on August 18, 2006

Is Mac deserving?

Commenting on sic's post regarding Pete Rose's eligibility - I agree he should be in the HOF based on his accomplishments and that the Hall is not necessarily a place for saints. Keep in mind the reason Rose is not on the ballot - he is on the "ineligible" list as part of his agreement with Giamatti. I say that regrettably, because I grew up in love with Rose and the Big Red Machine....

posted by tglenn29 at 11:43 AM on July 23, 2006