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Watched sammy hit 66

Present for the first and only New Orleans Saints playoff win.

Toured the United Center and saw MJ's Locker.

Had a breif conversation with Jack Niclaus and got his autograph.

Watch David Toms win a golf tourney over Phil Mickelson in new orleans with everone screaming LSU LSU.

LSU winning multiple CWS in the 90's

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Will Wie make history?

Try winning something...then write about her. I can shoot 3 over on a par 70 course and I play once a month. cover people who deserve the attention Wie all wish Wie could win something, but Wie all can't be Tiger. oh, and by the way, I want to see a birth certificate...remember that amazing little league pitcher who was supposedly 11 or 12 and was really 17 or so. not that it matters cause she still hasn't won a thing!!

posted by Halomaster at 02:55 PM on June 06, 2006