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Is ESPN Killing the National Hockey League by Influencing Public Attitudes?

ESPN has had a master plan all along. Kill Hockey so more people will attend the new ESPN must watch sport .... Competetive Eating!! Watch for your new ESPN Sportsman of the Year, Joey Chestnut, at all Arenas, Ballparks, Stadiums and Race Tracks across this great nation. Just a friendly hint though, get the cheap seats in back in case there is, as ESPN terms it, a "Reversal Of Fortune". Of course, that is what I personally experienced in the first 3 minutes of the 4th of July coverage.

posted by wljranch at 04:46 PM on July 08, 2007

NHL#s > NBA #s. So says Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban

And a hockey player who's just been hit in the eye with a stick exaggerates the effects some times to draw the power play. And if the player has that bottle of NHL Approved "Fake Blood" when he gets high sticked, he can even make it a 4 minute power play. How about the way hockey players fake those bruises and broken bones when they get hit by the puck laying blocking shots? You'd think they just hit by a piece of hard rubber going 90 mph.

posted by wljranch at 09:22 PM on January 17, 2007

NHL#s > NBA #s. So says Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban

To heck with Mark Cuban buying the Penguins. Maybe Tom Hicks is ready to sell the Stars again. Mark could buy the Stars and save a bundle on commuting costs.

posted by wljranch at 12:42 PM on January 17, 2007

I'll just ice this one and... oooaugh!

I was watching this game. I had just started celebrating in front of the TV when Stefan screwed up the easiest goal of his life. When Hemsky scored I was thinking about going to the local Naval Air Station to borrow an F-18 so I could send Stefan down, with prejudice. Luckily what followed was the 5 minute OT that went the full 5 at full speed without any stoppage. That gave me time to rethink the act while waiting for Zubov to redeem himself from Wednesday Night in Vancouver.

posted by wljranch at 03:44 PM on January 06, 2007

You dare sully the good name of Jefferson Davis?!?

A charge of damaging personal STATE property was dropped after the TEAM decided not to pursue charges? Who is running that State?

posted by wljranch at 11:21 PM on August 01, 2006

Cuban on ice with a side of Marino

It would be funny watching Cuban try to keep his balance while running onto the ice to argue a penalty call though. Do you think the NHL would devise a Technical (penalty shot into an open net) just for Mark?

posted by wljranch at 07:04 PM on June 28, 2006

Backyard Zamboni ice resurfacing machine

"Then again, I live in Texas, so take my opinion with a grain of cayenne." I agree Ufez, although we could make use of it that 1 hour of winter that shows up around Fort Worth Stock Show time in late January.

posted by wljranch at 11:31 PM on June 27, 2006

Cuban on ice with a side of Marino

Tom Hicks had the Stars up for sale in 2003. Cuban showed some interest, but decided to take a wait and see approach with the lockout loomimg. The Penguins' FANS would be the big winners if Cuban bought the team. Of the three owners of major sports teams in DFW, Cuban treats the fans a lot better than Jerry Jones or Tom Hicks could ever imagine.

posted by wljranch at 11:23 PM on June 27, 2006

Two words: job security.

This deal demonstrates the year without Hockey was due primarily to Owner stupidity. They got what they wanted but not what they needed the most. Protection from themselves.

posted by wljranch at 06:54 PM on June 01, 2006