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Former major league umpire has stroke

I'll never forget the game that Eric was working 3rd base. He had taken off quite a bit of weight in the off season and as Ozzie Smith went out to his ss position he detored over to 3rd base and put a hamburger on the bag. Eric almost fell over laughing and he gave Ozzie a high five. The burger ended up in the Mets dugout. He was one of the good ones and he'll be missed. RIP Eric.

posted by st.louie at 08:58 PM on June 05, 2006

So much for Pujol's run at the HR and RBI records

Roger Maris: 1957 hr 14 1958 hr 28 1959 hr 16 1960 hr 39 1961 hr 61 1962 hr 33 I guess the automatic steroid assumption has to apply to Maris also. Get over it. Bonds is a great player but there is no way in hell he does what he does with the bat without the juice. They ought to run McGwire, Sosa and the mega punk Bonds out of baseball. Pujols will be back and I hope that the Cards can hang on until then.

posted by st.louie at 01:39 PM on June 04, 2006

White Sox and Cubs brawl.

It's punishment enough to have to play for the Cubs and Dusty Baker.

posted by st.louie at 02:09 PM on May 21, 2006