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Wisconsin Wants District to Ground "W".

the 2 logos look nothing alike...look at the middle of them...totally different...on a second note...they have now sued the president for having a w in his name

posted by skippy76 at 04:21 PM on October 18, 2006

Covering the Bases After a Player's Death

i think it is a moot point anyways..since he crossed the line he isnt allowed to be a member of the union... i saw a piece on scabs on ESPN some time ago...they cant be in team photos and miss out on alot of bonus money for post season and stuff like that...but anything that MLBPA is involved with..they cany for the phillies player being a jerk...Lidle said some pretty bad things about the phillies organization shortly after he was traded and those comments were in response to what Lidle said

posted by skippy76 at 10:17 PM on October 13, 2006

Dad Names Son 'ESPN'

1. dont name a boy jack 2 there are like 10 kids in the U.S. that are named ESPN including 2 girls 3 is that ESPN or Espn...the young boy might get into it with his english teacher over that

posted by skippy76 at 04:57 PM on October 08, 2006

Players allegedly bet on own teams in top soccer league ... in England.

Rooney prolly had half a million on portugal to win it all

posted by skippy76 at 07:35 AM on July 08, 2006

Babe Ruth's lost home run

nice artical but a moot point. it really wouldnt be fair to give ruth another hr simply for the fact that you have to play the game by the rules of the game. i think the record books should be devided into 154 game records and 162 game records but no one should ever be awarded something because the rules changed. if so bonds should have home runs taken away because it wasnt the rule when he hit them but it is now. anyways i dont like barry, but untill he gets caught using with the new rules...all homers stand..its only fair

posted by skippy76 at 06:32 PM on May 16, 2006