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Currently I only follow NBA. There aren't any great players in college anymore.

Became sold on the 1977 Blazers, and there has hardly been a funner team to watch since. I like to compare the players of different eras, using the available stats and anecdotal evidence when necessary.

Stats do not lie; words lie. Stats are at least a part of the truth.

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Heat awarded do-over against Hawks

In the late '70s, there was a replay of the end of a game between Phl and NJ (I think). By the time of the replay, there had been a trade between the teams. A couple of players ended up scoring points for both teams in the 'same game'. But I wonder why the Heat coaching staff didn't make a stink at the time. Didn't anyone count Shaq's fouls? Couldn't they have checked the game log and found the error within a few minutes? Riley must be slipping.

posted by mike goodman at 08:50 AM on January 13, 2008

Eddie Johnson is not a child molester.

'Fast Eddie' has had a shady reputation for a long time. I immediately figured he was the one in this story; as would anyone who distinguishes between the 2 Eddies.

posted by mike goodman at 05:26 AM on August 12, 2006

I got your fan appreciation RIGHT HERE!

Regarding the Sixers playing without their two supposed fan attractions: How many fans are miffed when they go out to see Garnett, or Lebron, and find they won't be playing. Either the team is 'tanking', hoping for a better lottery draw; or they're 'coasting' into the playoffs and resting their stars. In Philly, the man at the top gets mad because the players were late -- not even late, just not 'early enough'. He's so mad he's inarticulate. The coach dutifully gets inarticulate and mad. The fans are supposed to continue the domino effect. Does any fan, in fact, care about the time of players' arrival? Is someone just venting publicly, frustrated that they've missed the playoffs?

posted by mike goodman at 04:21 AM on April 22, 2006

Your 2006 NBA MVP is?

DJE, I estimate 'expected TO' by applying these factors to other stats, and adding them up. Ast * .16 Blk * .10 Pts * .08 Reb * .07 Stl * .05 Min * -.005 Minutes is per-game, and the others can be per-40 or whatever. Note the minus sign. Without any justification for these numbers, other than they give a 'best fit' with players' actual TO rate (since 1978, when TO began to be recorded). As I said, most players in 2006 will have fewer TO than this formula predicts. In 1978, almost everyone got more TO. Somewhere I have a better 'modern' formula, but I can't seem to find it.

posted by mike goodman at 06:36 AM on April 15, 2006

Your 2006 NBA MVP is?

Regarding whether a player is 'turnover prone', there are factors other than Minutes and Assists to consider. Scoring attempts also put a player at risk of a TO. Even rebounds give you the chance of losing the ball. I happen to have this little formula for estimating 'expected TO' from other stats. It's based on historic trends, and the modern NBA has much fewer TO than in previous decades. Among the league's best 30-or-so players, only Dwight Howard and Kirilenko cough it up more than they 'should', by historic standards, considering all the other things they do. Close to the 'par' mark are Pierce, Arenas, Parker, Carmelo, and Nash. But Wade, Kobe, Lebron are not 'TO-prone'; they just do an awful lot with the ball, and they get (somewhat less than) their share of TO. Dirk, Brand, Garnett, Marion, and Billups get far fewer TO than 'expected'.

posted by mike goodman at 06:32 AM on April 14, 2006

Back to Basketball... who's the MVP?

Lebron has definitely come on strong in the last few weeks. Statistically, he's emerged as the clear frontrunner. Coincidentally, his team has surged as well. I've read they don't give MVP to a player who's only 21. True, these last couple of decades it's gone almost entirely to mid- and late-career veterans. But lots of guys won it at age 23; Wes Unseld at 22. Nowitzki is the dark horse, in that he's the only 'big' that people are putting in their top 5. Wade and James are interchangeable; Kobe and Billups have their attractors. They'll all be fighting for the non-'big' vote.

posted by mike goodman at 06:08 AM on April 12, 2006

No Crying for Big Baby: LSU Takes Out Duke

I'm only interested in the NBA. One thing I've noticed in the last several decades: some guys who go unfulfilled in the NCAA tournament go 10-15 NBA seasons On a Mission: McAdoo, Bird, Olajuwon, Shaq, ...

posted by mike goodman at 12:52 PM on March 25, 2006

The Slam Dunk Contest

Oh, yeah: "Iverson is 7th in the league in assts this year. Jordan never averaged that many,.." Jordan averaged 8.0 assists in 1988-89; Iverson's at 7.4 now, topped at 7.9 last year.

posted by mike goodman at 08:30 AM on February 02, 2006

The Slam Dunk Contest

"7 of the top 30 all time leading scorers are currently playing in the NBA. 2 are currently in the top 6 all time." Leaders in 'points per game' are not the same as 'alltime scoring' leaders. But that's a minor point. Everyone's career PPG is higher while they're playing near their peak, than after some declining years. Every year Shaq hangs on at well below his career average, his PPG will decline about a point. Iverson's # is still rising, but it too will drop. If you just look at averages thru age 30, the list looks like this: 37.6 Wilt 32.3 Jordan 30.2 Baylor 30.0 Oscar 28.8 Barry 27.6 Shaq 27.5 West 27.4 Iverson ... Vince is now #23, Pierce #33, no other current players in the top 40.

posted by mike goodman at 08:01 AM on February 02, 2006

Seven players

Of all players listed as 'center' and with at least 300 minutes played, Mark Blount is easily the weakest rebounder. He also has the worst turnover rate in the bunch. He's become a 'shooter' this year. He fouls 3X as often as he blocks a shot.

posted by mike goodman at 05:23 AM on January 27, 2006

Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

Someone wrote that Jordan never averaged as high as 35.9, but of course he did (37.1). I erred in the score of Wilt's game, but I was really comparing his points to his opponents'. And I should have said 'Kobe's scoring was greater', rather than 'Kobe's game...' My bad. Still: If Kobe doesn't get 3 points for a 24-footer, does he still shoot 13 of them? I kinda doubt it. Since he hit .636 from inside the arc (21 of 33), he could be expected to make 8 of 13 additional 2's, for 16 pts. If he gets fouled a few times more, he scores even more. I don't see how it makes any knowable difference in his Pts/Attempts. Of course they counted assists in 1962 (since 1949, at least). Says here Wilt averaged 2.4 in '62 (along with 39.5 FGA): http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/c/chambwi01.htm Now I'm curious whether Kobe can carry his newly 'like Mike' game to the playoffs.

posted by mike goodman at 07:47 AM on January 23, 2006

Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

Wilt got 100 in a 165-147 game, and Kobe got 81 in a score of 122-104. Wilt's points were 68% of the opponent total; Kobe got 78% of Toronto's. Wilt needed 48 min., 63 FGA, and 32 FTA. Kobe got his from 42 min., 46 FGA, and 20 FTA. Kobe's game was greater than Wilt's best.

posted by mike goodman at 06:20 AM on January 23, 2006

Steve Francis Suspended

Francis for Artest, straight up

posted by mike goodman at 10:06 AM on January 13, 2006

Oh wait, never mind.

I think the problem is that Ron Artest was somebody's role model.

posted by mike goodman at 03:44 PM on December 20, 2005

Comparing the NBA's 50 Greatsest.

Study #2 comarps Rodman and Iguodala.?

posted by mike goodman at 10:47 AM on December 16, 2005