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July 07, 2007

Weird Technical Issue: Something is wrong with my ISP. When I try to connect via my ATT Yahoo DSL, I get an error message. This is unique to at least this computer, perhaps it's my ISP I don't know. But I can access Spofi fine through a proxy, or through a computer on a different ISP - as long as I don't use Firefox. Firefox on Windows plus proxy works. Firefox on Windows w/o proxy does not, same results were found w/ Firefox on a Mac at work, with a different ISP (Cincinnati Bell). WTF? Error message inside.

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December 12, 2005

login error/404: more inside

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June 24, 2005

If this continues, I move for drastic action: slimfire66 struck again today with another ridiculously stupid self-link. I hope he has gotten the message, this is not some SEO forum where you can whore-up your Google PageRank. [more inside]

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June 21, 2005

Not funny: This is an abortive, NSFW attempt at humor. You may disagree with my definition of what is or is not funny, but it would have been very nice had this user indicated his link was NSFW. Cheers.

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June 06, 2004

Want to chat up whatever sport is on the tv as it happens? What better place than IRC chat? So ufez and I just got together to create #spofi, which just runs on the server... details inside.

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July 18, 2002

The SportsFilter info page on Alexa sure is sparse. Our traffic ranking is pretty shabby too. What can you do to help? Install the free toolbar. Maybe then the traffic ranking will go up, and SpoFi will get off the nth page of their search engine (when you do a search for sports discussion)

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March 30, 2002

Sportsfilter now has 400 members. After a high membership spike early on, it seems like Spofi has taken a slower, steady path to reach this mark. I'm curious to know what the SportsFilter junta (is ruling elite a better term?) is doing to promote the site and increase membership, especially in today's environment of hundreds of highly specialized sports related websites and message boards.

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February 09, 2002

Nice logo change! I was wondering if you guys have considered creating several SportsFilter logos, and having them rotate (ala the various MeFi logos). Perhaps we could have in place of the "o" a basketball, a hockey puck, and a soccer ball?

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