February 09, 2002

Nice logo change! I was wondering if you guys have considered creating several SportsFilter logos, and having them rotate (ala the various MeFi logos). Perhaps we could have in place of the "o" a basketball, a hockey puck, and a soccer ball?

posted by insomnyuk to feature requests at 02:29 PM - 8 comments

That's the plan. Footballs, baseballs, golfballs, hockey pucks, basketballs, bowling balls, etc, all serving in the "o" position.

posted by mathowie at 03:38 PM on February 09, 2002

Ooh and a Formula 1 tyre and a pony (Equestrian is a sport) :)

posted by riffola at 08:20 PM on February 09, 2002

Am I the only one that looks at the Olympic SpoFi(sporter? spilter?) logo and sees "SpooortsFilter"?

posted by mkn at 09:07 PM on February 09, 2002

I propose that the "l" be represented as the gap between Michael Strahan's front teeth and the "s" be represented as Joe Theismann's mangled leg.

posted by ttrendel at 09:09 PM on February 09, 2002

Mkn: pronounce "Sports" like you were from Minnesota and it works (KIND OF)

posted by insomnyuk at 11:03 PM on February 09, 2002

Or Canadian, either way.

posted by kirkaracha at 01:56 AM on February 10, 2002

mkn: i'm particularly fond of 'spilter' myself.

posted by lescour at 12:58 PM on February 10, 2002

Please add a lifesaver into the fix for about.com style selling out.

posted by nedrichards at 06:04 PM on February 11, 2002

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