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rcade, "a winner is you!"

Nice press!!

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Not a sport Not athletes

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sport athletes

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Boston College at Georgetown in the MCI Center about 3 weeks ago

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Fishing in any form: Not a Sport Fishermen: Definitely Not Athletes

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You are mixing from two posts. I was simply including the instances of activities where there is another apparati (car, bat, stick, racket, club) in use to differentiate from arguments that say mere use of a car precludes its status as a part. I say NASCAR, hockey, speed skating, skiing, marathon, Tour de France--all sports.

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A third approach Definining certain competitions as sports and define the competitors in those set of given sports as "athletes" and having another category of "athletic competitors" that would not include 1st baseman, NASCAR drivers, golfers, but would include gymnasts, professional wrestlers. The debate over NASCAR is a tough one as it has already been defined as a sport through media coverage for years and is not going to be redefined. I concede that it is a grueling endeavor but the majority of the work is done by a vehicle. Is there than another category of pure sports where it only individuals relating directly to a playing sphere? This would include basketball, football, soccer, swimming, boxing, track, etc. but eliminate baseball, tennis, lacrosse, golf, hockey for they all require the manipulation of another piece of equipment, ie bat, stick, a car. I also have problems with events that use judging as the primary determination of victory (as opposed to boxing), but figure skating and gymnastics are remarkably athletic endeavors that require a great deal of training for strength, agility, etc. My verdicts: Sport: NASCAR Formula 1 Cart Gymnastics figure skating Not a sport: Ballroom dancing synchronized swimming Ice Dancing Demolition Derby Monster Trucks Funny Car Drag Races Any video games I think anyone that participates in something that is defined as a sport can be called an athlete at least for ranking purposes (which is how this all started--ESPN top 25), but does not necessarily have to be considered an athletic competitor.

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I still can't post on Marino thread. Any thoughts??

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Sayreville? I'm sure you spent many a night at Hunka Bunka...

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I don't know if this would be helpful, but the way we deal with trades in my fantasy football league (albeit with 12 people who were all friends in college) is that the commissioner (myself in football) has a. have ready access to email/Internet all the time and b. some degree of judgment. When a trade comes in, the commissioner then decides if its a trade that reasonable parties could not possibly see as unfair and then automatically approve it or if there is some possibility of unfairness (trades involing top Tier 1 players, seemingly unbalanced deals, trades late in the season involving non-contenders, etc.) then the trade is sent for final decision to a randomly selected trade committee (of people who a. have ready access to email & good record for responses; b. are interested in being on such a committee; c. are not involved in the deal) of either 3 or 5 people (depending on potential controversey of the deal) and the whatever the majority says, the league adopts as its trade decision. Also, when the trade first goes to committee, the owners involved are allowed to send their reasons for the trade and discuss who initiated it and other important factors. I don't know if this would help, but last year it ran completely smooth with no major disputes or problems (last year was first year new policy was put in place after prior controversey).

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msacheson: What about the pizza in Mamaronck---Sal's??

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I would just like an opportunity to explain myself. I was unaware of the previous locker room thread and I only sent emails to the individuals that had posted on the FPP (I think there were 6 people) Those emails were not SPAM as I singled out the individuals who had said the post was SPAM. The post was an INNOCENT mistake by someone here, and I had just recently became aware of it. Again, I am not trying to shill anything and the email I sent out was an apology and explanation. Neither the post or the emails were intended as SPAM and you don't have to worry about any additional SPAM. Again, I was unaware of the previous Lockerroom discussion and I seriously apologize for any difficulty this may have caused anyone.

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