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November 07, 2003

Cancelling the season...Overreacting or justified?: Woodside High school administrators cancel the rest of the HS Football team's season after some of the team members do a nasty chant about their coach after losing again. Is the action justified? Is there be a better alternative? Are they teaching these kids a good lesson? Note that it's not just because of the chant but also because of ongoing discipline problems with the team.

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March 05, 2002

Poor little Darrell Russell: SF Chronicle says that Darrell Russell, friend of felons, accused rapist and X user is just "misled" and too "naive" for fame and riches. I say BALONEY. A 25 year old man, old enough to make 8.3 million, is old enough to know that raping a women who's passed out and taping it is WRONG. That taking illegal drugs while on probation probably isn't a good idea. I say that if he's found guilty of the rape, throw him in prison, cancel his contract, and let him rot.

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