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There's no excuse for teams to pass on black coaches

NEVER, and if the black coach is qualified and is the coach the team wants. Who cares Whens the last time there was a black/non-white/female president? Let me guess....who cares right?

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Super Bowl watched in second-most homes behind final episode of M*A*S*H,

L.N. is definitely a little off. Calling people who dress a certain way delinquents, and then saying he didn't really mean it that way. What he is saying he meant was, he happens to know a bunch of actual delinquents and they all happen to dress a certain way. A liar will not tarry in His sight. Take a look at the perfect example of the stereo-typical "Over bearing Christian" who passes judgment, then denies it by lying. Who also gets into useless arguments with no obvious point. Who then blames everyone else instead of taking responsibility for what he says. On top of that he offers links to what he said in a post on the same page, when the words are merely 2 scroll clicks up. Bottom line: YOU DIDN'T GET IT. And that's NOT my fault Not even Jesus could bring everyone around. Read John 6. THEY DIDN'T GET IT. And that wasn't HIS fault. Then to top it all off, the only thing he can do is offer to us that he is misunderstood as Jesus was and it is not his fault. Last and certainly most offensive, he offers John chapter 6, comparing which part? He doesn't specify. L.N. are misunderstood as the multitude was who didn't know where all the bread and fish came from? Or are you misunderstood as the disciples were when Jesus walked on water? Or are you misunderstood as the people were that couldn't figure out how Jesus came unto them when he was not on the boat when it left carrying the disciples? Or are you misunderstood as the Jews were when they said, "how can this Man give us His Flesh to eat, saying He is the bread of life? Or was it verses 64-66 reading; 64 But there are some of you that believe not. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that believed not, and who should betray him. 65 And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father. 66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. Are you actually comparing some of us who don't agree with you to those that didn't agree with the Lord Himself? If so, you are 1 troubled individual, or are you a legion of many?

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Super Bowl watched in second-most homes behind final episode of M*A*S*H,

L.N. , In all your "preaching", who do you think you have reached or even better "won over"? I'll answer that for you. No one. Now can you see yourself? You see, with all your words and wisdom, you have convinced one person that you may know what you are talking about, and that's yourself. Tell me what you think you have gained. In my opinion, nothing. If you would alter your approach you may have a chance, but is your true goal to help someone, or to prove yourself a "know it all"? You have made some foolish statements, calling a group of young people delinquents? Who did you attempt to win over with that statement? You have made a gross error in your delivery and it has accomplished nothing. You wish to compare the way you deliver your message to the way Jesus delivered His? Another foolish error. Jesus got results. I would think of you more like those uptight Pharisees, that thought everything had to be their way. I'm also pretty sure you liken this persecution unto that which was spoke of by all the great witnesses of Christ. I am here to tell you not to fool yourself. You have gained nothing, not one person saying, I see where you're coming from. Not one person saying they understand you. So the only thing left to do is try to offer you some advice, and Pray you receive it. The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel; 2To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding; 3To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity; 4To give subtilty to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion. 5A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels: 6To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings. 7The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 3:7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. 13:3 He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction. 14:25 A true witness delivereth souls: but a deceitful witness speaketh lies. 15:1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. 16:25 There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. 18:6-7, 6 A fool's lips enter into contention, and his mouth calleth for strokes. 7A fool's mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul. 24: 16-18, 16 For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief. 17 Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: 18 Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him. I haven't thrown a single rock at the Stones or anyone else here I dunno, Tex. I've done my part. I haven't called anyone a name. I haven't stereotyped anyone Where I live now, delinquents by-and-large have a uniform: baggy jeans that make a six-foot-tall teenage boy look like he's a nine-year old wearing his father's clothes, and low-rise jeans that reveal a midriff that is most often best left concealed, and the top of thong underwear. It is they that I imagine are the ones that are doing the taunting, but I don't know how they put it. I'm pretty sure they aren't saying "Goody Two-Shoes." As far as calling an entire generation "delinquents" not throwing stones or the previous statements not being judgmental and stereo-typical I say to you, Your actions are probably the most hypocritical I have ever seen here in my short time. You're transparent. You have a lot of work to do. Don't respond with more lies please, you're making yourself look worse. And I need to pick up my Bible? Luke 6:37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.

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Clarett busted...again

Not sure if I can comment on a deleted thread but I must say, well done Admin.

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Clarett busted...again

This thread is madness. He most certainly was not busted again. He was indicted on the same charges he was arrested for back in January. This is old news. He "flashed" a gun and took a cell phone. Give this shit a rest man. Facing 26 years? I wonder what that crooked cop in the NHL gambling ring is facing? Let's see,...cellphone?.....9 plasma Tv's and $200,000 worth of Rolexs bought with illegal gambling profits. I often thought that prison sentence's should fit the crimes committed on a monetary basis. That would give the crooked cop 10 years and Clarret a $150.00 fine. I'm so tired of this crap...someone take this kid out back, drop his pants and spank him till his ass bleeds! You mean like they use to do to slaves? This shit is real offensive man. I hope this thread don't last through the night.

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NBA Reserves Named:

I couldn't have said it better vbgjr88. Phaded you have a point about Z being a good player, but he'll have to get a little better, then be that good for about 12 years to even be in the same sentence as Shaq. His time will come, but don't try to force it because then you make it seem as if you're saying Z is better than Shaq. And we all know that just isn't true. If Allen Iverson was atleast 6'6 he would slap them both in the face and take their lunch money. If in one hand and take a dump in the other, and then tell me which one fills up first.

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NHL player gives a little back to the community.

Not bad at all. It doesn't surprise me to see a positive thread about the NHL here so fast. Just imagine if only a few of us would follow such a good example and toss in some positive threads about the NFL and NBA every time there is a negative story. It would create some much needed balance here. I haven't been here long, but being a member over at metafilter I know how that kind of thing works. Nice thread njsk, but I have to stop the "love" here being a Flyers fan. By the way, leave it to the Devils to right the ship and start playing well. Can they have a totally bad year just once? Now if the Flyers can stop getting hurt and do the same.

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NBA Reserves Named:

G- Gilbert Arenas: #4 in scoring, and a great playmaker, he falls b/c of AI's popularity I like Gilbert, however,when it comes to AI, he falls because AI is higher than him in points, assts, and stls. Which usually does make 1 player more popular than the other. Sometimes people look at the all-star game as if it's the MVP game. An all-star can play for a bad team. I like the Cavs center, he has a strong game, but he's not an all-star. Prince is another strong player, but if T-Mac is healthy, you want to see him in an all-star game, not Tayshaun. I mean we're talking about the ultimate show-time game. Can you imagine this call...."It's Tayshaun Prince behind the back, cross-over, between the legs oop to Zydrunas Illgauskas for the 360 windmill dunk"? I wouldn't want to see it. Every player you listed is a great player that I would want on my team in a minute, but the all-star game is a little different.

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Super Bowl watched in second-most homes behind final episode of M*A*S*H,

or whatever the baggy and low-rise jeans-wearing delinquents say it here in the 00's. I don't care, and considering the source, I wear the insult with pride If you know a lot about american music, then you must of heard of the 2 biggest pop/hiphop/r&b music moguls from america, Sean Combs and Russel Simmons. These 2 multimillionaire's wear baggy clothes and also own 2 of the biggest clothing lines out today. Do you consider them delinquents? I know I am swimming against a current filled with people who see no shame in greasing the skids toward a society in which nothing is deemed inappropriate Have you come here to condemn the people at sportsfilter or to save us? Let me give you a hint mr holier than thou. No one is receptive to that type of rhetoric. It tends to cause a "who does he think he is" response more than a "I can see where he is coming from" response. I just can't imagine what kind of mind would interject unnatural, perverted, disgusting sex practices into a pop song. You're contradicting yourself. When is the last time you heard sex reflected in a natural or Biblical sense in a pop song? Never. Anytime sex is interjected into american music, it's usually always in an, what i think you would consider, unnatural sense (natural being sex between a husband and a wife is what I assume you are referring to). Therefore, there is no distinction between making a "dead man cum" or having sex out of wedlock. right? The Bible clearly states that fornication (sex out of wedlock) is unclean. I think there is a good chance you may have had sex without being married once, making you as unclean as you claim the person discussing unnatural or unclean acts in a song is. See where I'm going with this? Jesus ran to the aid of a whore that was about to be stoned, whats your opinion about that? Put your rocks down man, you're no better than the rest of us.... Or, is that you Jesus?

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Coyotes' Rick Tocchet implicated in sports gambling ring.

Gretzky, coach and part-owner of the Phoenix Coyotes, can be heard on wiretaps made within the past month talking about his wife with assistant coach Rick Tocchet, the person said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing This may indicate he only found out recently. I think Janet cracked when she found out the hammer was coming down. Investigators say about a half-dozen current NHL players placed bets with the ring and are looking into whether anyone involved in the 5-year-old operation, which authorities say had a connection to organized crime in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, wagered on NHL games. Gretzky is not the main focus of the probe, the person said. 5 year office pool? That's 1 damn successful pool. Somebody was making some money on something. I don't think the dirty cop was the only one with 9 flat screens and a handful of rolex watches. Earlier in the week, Gretzky denied any involvement in the ring. "My love for her (Jones) is deeper than anything. The reality is, I'm not involved, I wasn't involved and I'm not going to be involved. Am I concerned for both of them? Sure there's concern from me. I'm more worried about them than me. I'm like you guys, I'm trying to figure it all out," Gretzky said Tuesday. Like I said, there were only 2 realistic scenario's. And it appears it was number 2. She was creeping. They only have him on wire taps recently, and he indicates "He is trying to figure this all out". If my wife was creeping around with the people I work with and betting my money, I'd divorce her ass for that shit alone, let alone all this negative press. I really do hope that this is just one big misunderstanding that is being blown out of proportion. Tocchet's attorney already is complaining that the NJ state police have already given the media too much information, and that in turn, it is leading to way too many rumors and speculation. This has definately turned in to a "guilty until proven innocent" deal. Man please, welcome to the life of a pro athlete or former athlete. You actually think this is bad? If this was Ron Artest, or T.O. or the like, the congressional hearings would already be scheduled, there would be 3 different threads here about the topic, and a petition on the internet asking for the judicial process to be skipped and move directly to a lynching. That's why it's never good to presume anything about anyone no matter how you personally feel about them.

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Coyotes' Rick Tocchet implicated in sports gambling ring.

This is obviously bigger than the graph indicates. Plasma TVs, Rolex's??? Crooked cops?? Scarfo?? I want my money back for those cards I played damn it. Maybe it's pure idol worship, but I just don't think Gretzky is the kind of guy who would let his wife face legal problems for something he's doing. When asked in an interview about his wife being involved, Gretzky actually smirked and said, "you'll have to ask her". Of course there are 2 scenario's here. 1. She was betting for them both 2. He didn't know anything about it and she was creeping. This would mean she was creeping around entirely(placing her bets, picking up winnings, chatting it up on the phone all the time with Tocchet). Do they have separate accounts? Were the winnings being placed in joint accounts? Could you imagine finding out your wife is involved this way? Which one seems more realistic?

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Super Bowl watched in second-most homes behind final episode of M*A*S*H,

Mash was and still is just that good. The chemistry of the early episodes cannot be rivaled by any show except maybe Seinfeld. In defense of Allan Alda, you must remember, he began directing regularly after the show lost McLean Stevenson ( Henry Blake) and then Wayne Rogers (Trapper John). Only to be followed by the loss of Larry Linville (Frank Burns) who in my opinion is still the funniest "poor sport", "sour puss" ever to grace the small screen. Finally with the loss of Gary B. (last name escapes me, Walter Radar O'reily) they were stuck with Charles E. Winchester, Corp. Klinger, Zale Rizzo, and Mr. activist himself Mike F. whats his name (BJ Hunnicutt), who had his fair share of invoking politics as much if not more so then even Alan Alda did. Mash was one of those rare shows that crossed over into another 2 demographics that it was not intended for.

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Coyotes' Rick Tocchet implicated in sports gambling ring.

Don't worry about Wayne. There is something about being considered the greatest. If he is guilty of anything, he's more likely to end up like Jordan than Rose.

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Coyotes' Rick Tocchet implicated in sports gambling ring.

These are big names we're discussing. I want to know if they had some college guys in the loop who were throwing games and shaving. If so, I want some of my damn money back. You see they also had some crooked damn cop involved (wow big surprise). If there was some scamming here, I'm going to pull Tocchets prison jersey over his head and pound him. Or try to anyway. I played a hell of a lot of cards in 1 of the areas in question. And as far as I know, cards were a big part of this (via a couple of Philly based detectives that go to the gym I go to), and how often do you see NHL games on your football/basketball cards. But then again, what do cops know anyway.

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There's no excuse for teams to pass on black coaches

The numbers suggest black players don't get a fair shake at becoming coaches and you're complaining about quotas To damn funny. Yankeetogo may not be a yank at all. Some peoples kid's, why i outta.........

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Coyotes' Rick Tocchet implicated in sports gambling ring.

Wow, this is pretty big. Nikki Scarfo ( a relative of Bruno)was known to promote Gambling houses in the NJ and Philly area. It's no coincidence that 2 former Philly players in different areas are included in this thing. What's surprising to me is that Janet Jones is mentioned and not the great one himself. Who knew that Rick Tocchet was making money on the cards I was playing.

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There's no excuse for teams to pass on black coaches

Does anyone care that the black players going to college are walking away virtually haveing learned nothing but go to college and pass on their athletic ability Wow. Let me get this straight. All black athletes in college are learning virtually nothing? And all black athletes who have graduated, learned nothing? So you're saying that the deans of these college's are giving away degrees to black athletes? Funny thing is, if you look at a few big schools, the majority of the deans are white. So even if this absurd statement were true, who's fault would it be? Chicobangs, you have made to many accurate statements for me to list them all. So I'll just say that I agree with you entirely. Quit the G** damn whinin, 65-70% of the Negro Football League is black!! If i own the team, i hire who i want, case closed. Then we have the Negro Basketball Asc. Gimme gimme gimme Why use the term "negro". Nobody really uses that term anymore. If you wanted to say "n*gg*r", why not say it? You certainly were not attempting to be politically correct. Were you afraid that someone might mistake you for a racist? And yes, the blacks are complaining about not enough black head coaches, sorta sounds like they want it all to me. So you're saying that "the blacks" want to be not only players, but coaches and owners as well. Just like "the whites". This implies that "the white's have it all", thus making the arguement for "the blacks". Are you reading what you're writing?

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Warriors fire PR manager over "Ghetto Prom" email

Sanctimonious holier-than-thou: making an exaggerated show of holiness or moral superiority. Pointing out why this may be offensive to some makes me sanctimonious? Or providing a case which totally contradicts the stereotype makes me holier-than-thou? Sorry for offering a different view point than the majority here. Did I once say the comments were funny No. You said , No, just that when mom goes to the f-n prom knocked up and by herself, the chances of that drastically increase. This is worse than saying its funny. This is saying that its true. That if a young black girl goes to the prom apparently by herself while pregnant, the chances increase that her unborn child is a, illegitimate, unwanted, future criminal.

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Warriors fire PR manager over "Ghetto Prom" email

tselson, the thing I find most offensive about the one comment is your assumption that this young girl is going to raise her child alone because she is at a prom allegedly by herself. Also forget about the stats and the percentages of a single parent household for a second. The other things mentioned in that comment were "unwanted and illegitimate". That's ridiculous. Now since we can agree that the person who wrote the comments didn't make his statements based on statistics, what do you think he based them on? There are no fools here ( I hope). They were obviously based on the racist stereotype that all black young men are thuggedout criminals. Why attempt to justify these comments? What's next? God forbid she give birth to a Colin Powell or a doctor, lawyer, a Russel Simmons, Michael Jordan etc? Or a soldier that might fight in a war for his country and save the life of a grandchild of yours, or give his own life for his country. There is no justification for the comments at all, and none of them are funny. You are entitled to your own opinion. By the way, there was a young black child that was raised by his mother, she married a man that then assisted her with the raising of her child. The son went on to get a degree, become a police officer, and was selected to 13 consecutive NBA all-star games. He donates a portion of his income to help children and the homeless. He is also a very successful business man. You might know him as Diesel. His name is Shaquille O'Neal. Maybe we should drop him an email and let him know about the statistics regarding young black men that grow up without their father. Better yet, send him the email. He has a sense of humor, lets see if he thinks the comments are funny.

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The Slam Dunk Contest

With much respect to larry legend, its my opinion that Iverson is better. If you can't measure a players worth by their stats, then why can you measure their worth by titles? Chitownjordan, your claim is bird is better because of the amount of titles he won. That's a bogus guideline to measure how good a player is. Case in point, Charles Barkley has 0 titles, Robert Horry has like 6 rings. Who is a better player? Exactly, Barkley hands down. You can not measure how well a player performed based on rings. Think about all the bench players that are no where near players like Barkley, Malone, Stockton, Alonzo Mourning. John Paxon won a few titles, does that make him better than Steve Nash? No way. Rings and titles are won by the team and coaches, not 1 player. So you saying 1 player is better than the other because of titles is so far off its ridiculous, and I just proved it with the comparisons above. Sure they would all rather have a championship, everybody wants to win. But it doesn't make 1 person better than the other. In drag racing, a car can win 20 races going its top speed 300 mph. Another car comes along, wins no races but goes 310 mph. Which car was faster? Top 3 all time leading scoring averages, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlin, Allen Iverson. Some Iverson Stats Captured his fourth scoring title (30.9 ppg) in 2004- 05, joining Wilt Chamberlain (7 times), Michael Jordan (10 times) and George Gervin (4 times) as the only players in NBA history to capture four or more scoring titles (31.4 ppg in 2001-02, 31.3 ppg in 2000-01 and 26.8 ppg in 1998-99). Became the first player in NBA history since steals have been recorded (1973-74) to finish in the top-5 in scoring (30.7 ppg), steals (2.40), and assists (7.9). 10th fastest player to reach 14,000 points on Jan. 23, 2004 In 62 career playoff games, has averaged 30.6 points per game, the second highest scoring average in NBA Playoff history behind only Michael Jordan (33.4 ppg).

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Mike Tyson not suitable for NHL hockey

njsk8r20, that is classic comedy. qbert72, that is a sarcastic remark made merely to show how the conversation would go if we all thought like that. Justgary, I totally agree with "they didn't fight anyone" comment being BS. These fighters cannot help being that much better than the competition. And if Mike or Roy had some flaws, how much worse were the fighters they faced that got beat by fighters who had flaws? Whats your opinion of the Hopkins/Jones fight coming up?

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Mike Tyson not suitable for NHL hockey

I'd agree with most of what you posted except the part that Spinks would have tested him. He got knocked out in the 1st due to a knee injury? Or weak knees? That's nuts. I'd agree his knees weren't the same after the knockout, that's for sure. The article i read about Tyson throwing the fight was a newer magazine called King mag. I doubt you've heard of it. I wouldn't call it a credible boxing source. It was mentioned in an article also mentioning the Notorious BIG Murder conspiracy. And the many faces of Don King. I really wish we could get rid of nonsense like this at sportsfilter. Claiming someone doesn't like a guy simply because he/she doesn't agree with you is pretty lame. I'll agree, and while you're at it, I'd like to get rid of useless personal comments about the people we're discussing. Tyson shouldn't be on a goalies mask because he's a lowlife, purse snatcher? Maybe the guy like to watch him fight just like justgary and myself. But I guess there is only room in the NHL for actual low lifes, not pictures of them.

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Warriors fire PR manager over "Ghetto Prom" email

No, just that when mom goes to the f-n prom knocked up and by herself, the chances of that drastically increase. A pregnant black high school student gets a picture taken by herself and you assume she is alone? And because she is alone at the prom it increases the chance that her child will be a criminal? That's ridiculous and offensive. Welcome back RZA/Blogzilla Is this some inside joke or a code? I don't get it.

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The Lakers might not make the playoffs. How can you say Kobe? We're talking about the MVP. What if Kobe increased his assts, and the team started winning more. You would have to consider that valuable. On the other hand, what if his assts being down is costing the team wins? That doesn't make him valuable, it makes him a liabilty. He needs to catch the same rap Iverson use to catch when his shots were up, and his shooting % and assts were down. If the sixers make the playoffs, it has to be Iverson on sheer stats alone. The comment about them having a better record with their roster is a coaching issue, not an Iverson issue. They are 3rd in the league in offense, its defense they have a problem with. Although its ironic that they have the leading shot blocker in the league (Dalembert) and 2 of the leading rip men in the league (AI and AI) both almost 1.75 steals pg.

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The Slam Dunk Contest

Sure the averages will decline as the years go by. For instance, Barkley in philly averaged about 28 ppg, in Phoenix he averaged about 24, in Houston about 20. I used those stats to show that Iversons average is indeed going up. Shaq will most likely retire before his drops to far, and Kobe's will be something ridiculous. All 3 will remain higher than any Celtic or Laker from the 80's teams. I think Bird is one of the best players ever, but i don't think he was better than Iverson. I thought Jordan's assts pg high was 6. My mistake. I would only agree that the players in the late 80's early 90's would have to include other players, not just the celtics or the lakers. The best team from that era would be C Hakeem O. PF Charles Barkley SF Larry Bird SG M.Jordan PG Magic J.

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Mike Tyson not suitable for NHL hockey

Look, I have no trouble at all admitting Mike got slow and sloppy. I have no trouble admitting there was no real comp in the heavyweight division at the time. I still don't think it takes away from what he accomplished. Look how people talk about Lennox Lewis. He beat fighters that were done. He got beat by Mike Grant and H. Rahman. He wasn't that good. Look at the heavyweight division now. There hasn't been a dominant heavyweight since Tyson. Lewis would never defend his title 8 times in 2 years. Bowe? Holyfield?, the samething happened to them that happened to Tyson. It happens to just about all fighters, but it doesn't take away from what they accomplished. Its my opinion that Tyson was 1 of the best punchers in the game. I never implied he was a model citizen. Every great fighter in history got beat. Ali got "his ass handed to him" by Frazier, that doesn't mean he wasn't great. How many people did Tyson hand their ass before he got beat? Justgary, were you a Douglas fan? Or did you just pull for every fighter that Tyson faced? And if you can imagine getting 48-1 odds on 50 million dollars as a "whacked out theory", you must not know to much about Don King and the underworld of boxing. That just so happened to be the first fight Mike virtually didn't train for, and the first fight he came into well over his normal fighting weight. Why would a undefeated fighter do that on purpose? Maybe someone told him to do it. It was the perfect chance to make a fortune. Also remember there was no line offered on Douglas until like 2 or 3 days before the fight.

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Warriors fire PR manager over "Ghetto Prom" email

Sharonda is looking rather hookerish This implies she seems to be a prostitute. I'm pretty sure both of the kids in this picture are retarded and the pattern on his two weed carriers' This implies all blacks carry weed. Mexican people, like people from most foreign countries, just aren't used to the gulliness of an American diet. That's why their women are blowing up to such epic proportions. This implies Mexicans and all foreigners are obese, and they are beneath averaged sized people. Nice and slutty looking, not unlike the outfit Lil Kim wore This implies this young high school girl sleeps around. Ah, the classic throwback suit and dress. Nothing really says class quite like it. This implies they have no class because they look different. Another white pimp at the hood prom. I don't even want to know whatever it was he had to do to get his gang of black friends to respect him. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was bad This implies all Blacks do is things that are illegal and white people that associate with blacks must commit crimes to be accepted as friends. Finally, this is the most bizarre and, in some ways, the most sad of all of these pictures. Aaliyah showed up to the prom in an outfit specially designed to show off her soon to be born unwanted, illegitimate future convict of a baby. Finally, the most degrading, disrespectful, disgusting comment from the email, implying that all black children are illegitimate, unwanted by their parents and will be nothing more than a criminal. This is one of the most filthy things i have every come across on sportsfilter. And even more unacceptable are the comments stating that these remarks are funny. These are not even subliminal innuendos. They are blatant racially motivated hateful slurs. Its more than offensive. This guy should not have only gotten fired, he should have been forced to read the remarks in front of a group blacks, mexicans, obese people, and homosexuals to see just how funny this shit isn't.

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True Fan or Greedy Fan?

The team is asking for the ball right? Try to imagine this guy going to one of the security guards at the game and saying, "hey, can i have a gameball from the sidelines? I brought my 7 year old son to his first game and i was wanting him to have something to remember being here". They would say, "Sir, stop by the stadium store on your way out. You can purchase a team ball in there for $69.99 or a jersey of your favorite player for $150.00. I say charge them greedy assholes the exact price of a ball in the stadium store. (plus tax)

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The Slam Dunk Contest

Where do i start. OK, Iverson is not in the dunk contest Drallig. Its the other "AI" from philly. Chitownjordan, Iverson is 7th in the league in assts this year. Jordan never averaged that many, Kobe is no where near it. Its a bunch of crap, just like the NBA is. Take the 12 best players today and they couldnt carry the jocks of the Lakers or Celtics teams of the 1980's Live with it, 1. Michael Jordan 30.1 1. Wilt Chamberlain 30.1 3. Allen Iverson 27.8 4. Elgin Baylor 27.4 5. Jerry West 2 27.0 6. Shaquille O'Neal 26.5 7. Bob Pettit 26.4 8. George Gervin 26.2 9. Oscar Robertson 25.7 10. Karl Malone 25.0 11. Dominique Wilkins 24.8 12. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 24.6 13. Larry Bird 24.3 13. Adrian Dantley 24.3 15. Pete Maravich 24.2 16. Vince Carter 23.9 17. Kobe Bryant 23.2 17. Rick Barry 23.2 17. Paul Pierce 23.2 20. Paul Arizin 22.8 21. George Mikan 22.6 22. Bernard King 22.5 23. Tim Duncan 22.4 24. Tracy McGrady 22.2 25. Charles Barkley 22.1 25. David Thompson 22.1 25. Bob McAdoo 22.1 28. Julius Erving 22.0 29. Geoff Petrie 21.8 29. Hakeem Olajuwon 21.8 7 of the top 30 all time leading scorers are currently playing in the NBA. 2 are currently in the top 6 all time. No Celtic or Laker from the mid 80's is in the top 10.

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Mike Tyson not suitable for NHL hockey

mjkredliner, you do make 1 interesting point. Look at the records of these fighters before Tyson (undefeated/ 1 or 2 loses), then completely down hill. He took everything they had from them. They were never the same after their fights with Mike. Even you can't dispute that. Let me guess, it was a coincidence right? Pinky Thomas, James Bonecrusher Smith, and Frank Bruno would whip any heavyweight out right now.

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Mike Tyson not suitable for NHL hockey

Tyson age 24= 1 of the best fighters of all time. My opinion. period. Where was lennox lewis in the late 80's early 90's? Answer, hiding from Mike. Damn theres alot of Tyson haters here. mjkredliner, name 3 fighters Tyson should have fought from 87-92? You can't, there were none. He fought everyone. 4 defenses per year? We're lucky to get 2 per year now with all the ducking and dodging. Fighters blaming contracts when really all they do is hide. Like Lennox did until he was in his mid 30's. Tyson was the undisputed champ. No one could beat him. He was a pure fighter, and it showed. Rooney never said Tyson was flawed, he became flawed when he stopped training as any fighter would. Justgary you say "Oh please" when its brough up that Mike may have thrown the fight, as if he's the type of guy that would never do anything wrong. Entirely possible, knowing what kind of lowlife Tyson is Get over it. Did he whip your ass in middle school or something?

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Mike Tyson not suitable for NHL hockey

I could understand this if the mask said something like, Free Mike Tyson ( like the old t-shirts). I guess I'd be more concerned with the goalies play vs. what he was wearing. Who did he beat, in their prime, worth mentioning From May 87' to July 89' Tysons opponents combined records were 236-8. That alone is sick. Note below he met Biggs, an Olympic Gold medalist, when he was undefeated. Thomas had 1 loss, Tucker was undefeated, Spinks was undefeated, Tubbs had 1 loss, Bruno, Holmes and Williams had 2 losses each. Also note 8 title defenses in a 2 year period. That is unprecedented in boxing today. He was fighting everyone they threw at him. That is why some of the names are unknown. He was also the youngest heavyweight champion with the highest knockout ratio (50 wins 44Ko's) 22 Ko's coming in the 1st round. Its also worth mentioning that the odds for Buster Douglas were 48-1. It was thought Tyson threw the fight, standing to make almost half a billion dollars by betting on Douglas. Notable Tyson victories 1989-07-21 219 Carl Williams 218 22-2-0 Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ, USA W TKO 1 12 ~ Time: 1:33 | Referee: Randy Neumann | Judge: Richard F. Murry | Judge: Chuck Giampa | Judge: Rocky Castellani ~ ~ WBC Heavyweight Title ~ ~ WBA Heavyweight Title ~ ~ IBF Heavyweight Title ~ 1989-02-25 218 Frank Bruno 228 32-2-0 Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA W TKO 5 12 ~ Time: 2:55 | Referee: Richard Steele | Judge: Jerry Roth 40-35 | Judge: Omar Minton 40-34 | Judge: Rodolfo Maldonado 40-34 ~ ~ WBC Heavyweight Title ~ ~ WBA Heavyweight Title ~ ~ IBF Heavyweight Title ~ Bruno penalized one point in the 1st for holding and he was also dropped in the 1st. 1988-06-27 218 Michael Spinks 212 31-0-0 Convention Hall, Atlantic City, NJ, USA W KO 1 12 ~ Time: 1:31 | Referee: Frank Cappuccino | Judge: Eva Shain | Judge: John Stewart | Judge: Rocky Castellani ~ ~ WBC Heavyweight Title ~ ~ WBA Heavyweight Title ~ ~ IBF Heavyweight Title ~ 1988-03-21 216 Tony Tubbs 238 24-1-0 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan W TKO 2 12 ~ Time: 2:54 | Referee: Arthur Mercante | Judge: Larry Rozadilla 9-10 | Judge: Ken Morita 10-10 | Judge: Masakazu Uchida 10-9 ~ ~ WBC Heavyweight Title ~ ~ WBA Heavyweight Title ~ ~ IBF Heavyweight Title ~ 1988-01-22 215 Larry Holmes 225 48-2-0 Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ, USA W TKO 4 12 ~ Time: 2:55 | Referee: Joe Cortez | Judge: Charley Spina 29-28 | Judge: Nicasio L. Drake 30-27 | Judge: Rudy Ortega 29-28 ~ ~ WBC Heavyweight Title ~ ~ WBA Heavyweight Title ~ ~ IBF Heavyweight Title ~ 1987-10-16 216 Tyrell Biggs 228 15-0-0 Convention Hall, Atlantic City, NJ, USA W TKO 7 12 ~ Time: 2:59 | Referee: Tony Orlando | Judge: Al Wilensky 60-54 | Judge: John Stewart 60-54 | Judge: Frank Brunette 60-52 ~ ~ WBC Heavyweight Title ~ ~ WBA Heavyweight Title ~ ~ IBF Heavyweight Title ~ 1987-08-01 221 Tony Tucker 221 35-0-0 Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA W UD 12 12 ~ Referee: Mills Lane | Judge: Julio Roldan 118-113 | Judge: Phil Newman 119-111 | Judge: Bill Graham 117-112 ~ ~ WBC Heavyweight Title ~ ~ WBA Heavyweight Title ~ ~ IBF Heavyweight Title ~ 1987-05-30 218 Pinklon Thomas 217 29-1-1 Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA W TKO 6 12 ~ Time: 2:00 | Referee: Carlos Padilla | Judge: Dalby Shirley 49-46 | Judge: Gordon Volkman 50-44 | Judge: Harry Gibbs 49-46 ~ ~ WBC Heavyweight Title ~ ~ WBA Heavyweight Title Stats at

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Mike Tyson not suitable for NHL hockey

This guy gets his ass handed to him and all the GM wants to talk about is what he was wearing? Tuesday it is announced that he will no longer don this mask after a discussion about right and wrong with GM John Muckler. This guy needs to keep his personal opinion to himself. Right and wrong? Man I can't stand hypocritical bullshit. I wish there was a way to get this guy's criminal background checked and then posted on the internet. This goalie isn't 16 years old and considering going on a date with Mike Tyson. Its a picture. You can't even tell who it is unless you're right on top of the guy. The only discussion that asshole John Muckler should be having with his goaltender is, puck out of net right, puck in net wrong.

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The Slam Dunk Contest

I heard an interesting comment made by an ESPN analyst. He said that Lebron was asked to be in the event and he declined. With all the previous greats winning the contest (Jordan, Dr.J, Wilkens) you would figure that the new breed would want to keep the tradition alive. However they stated that it has lost its luster. So they recommended that it become a part of the skills competion (Lebron is competing in the skills comp). I think its fading in popularity because there is not much else you can do while dunking a basketball. And with Vince Carter jumping over a man in a real game, that pretty much tops it all. By the way, if you haven't seen the new AI from philly dunk, you will be surprised. The kid can jump out of the gym. They say Nate is really 5'7 1/2, but listed as 5'9. The man can fly.

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True Fan or Greedy Fan?

Maybe this fan is tired of paying a month's salary to take the family to a sporting event What about all of these "greedy" athletes who demand everything but the kitchen sink! Enormous salaries nearing the 1/4 billion $ mark in some cases Put the blame where it really belongs Last time I checked, athletes have nothing to do with the ticket prices. If anyone is greedy its the damn owners. Ticket prices are rising because owners realize that players do deserve a bigger cut of the revenue, but instead of taking it out of their own pockets, they increase the cost of a family going to a game. Then the players get the rep of being greedy. If you only knew what kind of money these leagues and owners are sitting on. Lets put it like this, the owners make enough money to pay the salaries of the athletes and still have enough for mansions and luxury boats etc. Godzilla82 makes a very good point. Its time for the fans to start realizing who is really being greedy. With all these satillite/cable blackout rules for home games and such. Who really goes to a sporting event just because its not on TV? They won't show the game on TV unless it sells out. Their saying, if we don't get our money, we won't even show our fans the game. That's the epitome of greed. $150 for a jersey of my favorite player. Who do you think that money is going to? I'll give you a hint: not the athlete. The athlete takes advantage of the team? Thats like saying the employee takes advantage of the employer by forming a union. List of worlds worst price gougers* 1. Taxes 2. Oil companies 3. Pro sports leagues *According to a recent poll of my younger brother, neighbor, and mailman.

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The Birdman has been flying high.

Hugh, tron7 looked right through you and he was right on. Your animosity towards people with more athletic ability then you is obvious. These guys spend their lives on a pedestal, from when they're first scouted in middle school I guess you have never heard of anyone from low income housing working on their game day and night while working a part time job, just to get into the league. You almost sound jealous of athletes. Ever heard of Juan Dixon? Both of his parents were addicted to drugs, contracted HIV and passed away by the time he was 17. What a great pedestal to be put on. Educate yourself before you lump an entire group of people together. You obviously don't know anything about what it takes for a regular player to make it to the league. Sure there are going to be Jordans, Iversons, Lebrons, and Kobes. But for everyone of them there are 10 other guys on a 1 year contract or even a 10day contract that have certainly worked, struggled, and suffered just like you and I. What's there to hate about that?

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I really got to think that Lebron has been the toughest all around player at this point... he's beating Kobe in just about all stats besides ppg I know I'm a homer but, if you name these players and say they should be MVP based on numbers, then you still have to mention Iverson. 2ND in scoring at a career best 33.6 ppg at another career best 45% from the floor. 7th in assts. at a career best 7.5 apg 6th in steals at 1.93 pg He's tied for 17th in the league in rebounding among 56 listed point gaurds at 3.4 pg He's in the top 7 of these 3 major categorys. No other player mentioned is in the top 14 of all 3 categorys. The closest is Lebron, 3rd in ppg, 15th is assts pg and 14th in stls pg. The sixers are 2nd in the league in ppg. If they get their defense together, they'll get into the 2nd round of the playoffs easy. All this talk about lebron and philly is only 3 games behind Cleveland in the East.

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Shock and Awe The NHL doesn't miss a beat!

I apologize for my generalized comments about Canada. You just have to understand, that no matter the background, there are true fans that love hockey as much as Canadians. I just want to get across to you that not ALL Americans want the shootout and not all Americans want to get rid of fighting in hockey. On the contrary, I want to initiate fighting in basketball. I hate the hypocrisy of NHL players being praised for their toughness in hockey, and basketball players getting the rep of being "thugs" just because of the way they look. I guess i took the comments a little too personal and again i am man enough to apologize for my reaction. I'm sorry for offending you.

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The Birdman has been flying high.

Im sorry but I cant feel sorry for anyone, much less some spoiled athlete. Wish him well but think about those kids wearing his jersey. What are they up to GoBirds, I like yourself am a die hard Philly Fan. I just disagree with your thought pattern here in reference to Pro Athletes. You say this guy was spoiled without even knowing him personally. Maybe 1 of his parents passed away, and he like a lot of human beings turned to drugs to easy his personal pain. My point is, we just don't know what he his going through. We tend to assume that all athletes are over paid brats that don't go through anything. They are first human regardless of their career. They are not all sitting back laughing at the world because they get paid an insane amount of money to play a game. Every time we hear about an athlete doing drugs, we think its some guy smoking weed laughing at us hard working regular guys. Again, maybe he caught his fiance with his best friend and he got high so he wouldn't think about it, like some people do. Some people drink to drown their sorrows. I'm not saying its right, I'm just saying some of these guys go through the same things everyday people go through. They certainly have feelings just like you and I. Just don't be so quick to judge until you hear the whole story. As you can tell from Humans1's post, he was just a regular guy going to local high school or college parties like a lot of us. He had some athletic talent and made it to the league. Does that make him not have feelings like the rest of us? I never understood why we look at athletes differently then say actors or musicians. We buy Cd's of our favorite group knowing that half of them get high. We go see our favorite actors movies knowing they just got out of the Betty Ford clinic, and we say, "I hope they do ok". We let our kids listen to the music of these groups out now that promote nothing but drug use and partying. They hang their posters on their walls. But that's ok because its just music or a movie, so its not real. I got news for you, your kid doesn't want to be like some second string center. More of them want to be like what they hear on MTV not ESPNEWS. Besides, what if U2, Greenday, or The Whitestripes couldn't go on tour, or release any CD's for 2 years because the lead singer smoked weed. Or what if Tom Cruise, Jamie Fox, or Keifer Sutherland couldn't make any Movies/TV shows for 2 years because they got high. The President can admit he got high or that he had a DUI and he can continue to run the most powerful nation in the world, but a second string basketball player has to go home for 2 YEARS!Its the hypocrisy of our American culture.

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All the skills and no future

I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong. Maybe I used the collective word thread instead of saying, some of these posts. That was my mistake. It certainly wasn't my intention to highjack a thread. But when people start posting things like "Ray Lewis got away with hiring someone to kill someone", and OJ was guilty, just because the thread is about a black athlete that might have done something wrong(that hasn't even been proved yet), it makes me a little uneasy. By the way, thank you The_Black_Hand and YYM. It came to me as I was writing. It was such an odd thing to say, Bigdog accused it of being a movie quote. Also if all you can do is quote movies don't open your mouth I didn't catch the movie, anybody know what movie he is referring to?

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Shock and Awe The NHL doesn't miss a beat!

We could call it American Rules Hockey and let the rest of us go back to watching the game we grew up with and love. It's the same as the cry for cutting back on the fighting when fighting has always been as big a part of the game as the puck. Are you insinuating that Americans cried for the cut back in fighting? If so, I will introduce you to some old school Philly fans who were at the game when the Flyers whipped the Russians off the ice. The whole team turned into Roberto Duran and cried "no mas". Or maybe you'll catch a rebroadcast of the old school Philly/Ranger brawls that would occur during the pregame warm up. You can accuse Americans of crying for whatever. But don't dare insinuate that less fighting was our idea. If anything, it's some of you passive Canadians that don't have to fight for anything, you'll just continue to expect your American neighbor to fight for you. I won't blame Canada entirely, I know there is a strong connection to France up there that's keeping you from spreading your fighting wings. Don't ever make such a broad statement about Americans again, becuase as we say in America, "Thems fightin words".

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All the skills and no future

I didn't open my mouth, I typed words. And I didn't make the comment about you confronting Taylor, I reposted it. What's with the anger man? Are you going to cry or something? What people are you referring to? keep your cocksucker closed and open it when you have something intelligent to say.... You mean like Listen LOSER or Get your facts strait. or keep your cocksucker closed Breathe man, someone is disagreeing with you on the internet. You're not going to do a 187 on someone in Compton are you?

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The Birdman has been flying high.

This guy reminds me of a player named Richard Dumas that played for the 93' Suns. A great athlete, with incredible hops. Dumas was suspended a few times and eventually left the league. If the NHL and the NFL had such strict policies, there would be about 25 players left in each league. The sad thing is, if this guy didn't get caught doing drugs, odds are you never read an article about him, and you certainly wouldn't see a thread about him on sportsfilter. Why are we so hungry for negative media? If only league officials, owners and refs were subject to the same policy. I bet they'd be quick to change it. The policy is more strict than the one currently in place for US school teachers. If a teacher tests positive and claims to have a drug problem, the local Board of Education will put the teacher in a program. After completed successfully, the teacher will be reinstated. Question? More important person to keep sober? Person teaching our kids? Or NBA second string center?

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All the skills and no future

Is this guy serious? Don't come into YOUR thread? Hey uninformed? That's what this place is. You post a thread, and people say what they want. Your not going to "call your posse" or anything are you? You sound like 5 minutes of stupidity shoved into a 2 minute time slot. Do yourself a favor and unthugout as soon as possible. If you don't, I have a feeling you will most likely walk right into a verbal asswhooping. On second thought, I might not want to mess with "bigdorkinthecity". What city? Boise Idaho? When did sportsfilter hand out thread "ownership"? Don't play hard man, you make your "hood" look bad. Yes, I'm sure you would have thrown down with an armed Sean Taylor Exactly, 8 mile thinks he's the man. What a clown. I'll have no further communication with you. You can't get out of your own way fool.

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All the skills and no future

For every Warrick Dunn there are 500 Sean Taylor's. We need more class acts in the league. There are 500 Warrick Dunn's that donate to their old neighborhoods, churches, hospitals etc. But what kind of media is that. Because you don't see it on the internet, or hear about in the newspapers, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Don't be so damn ignorant and narrow-minded. Why do some NFL owners put up with thugs. Same as they would never take T.O. They want good players and good citizens. T.O. a thug? Why? Because he's a cry baby? T.O. has never been accused of a crime or convicted of anything. What makes him a thug? His skin color? The way he dresses? T.O donates to the Alzheimers fund, and was in New Orleans helping with that effort just like the Mannings. There were no cameras on him while he was down there. It wasn't interesting enough. There is no disputing his poor team attitude, and that he's a crybaby. But because someone has a bad attitude, that doesn't mean they need to be lumped in with criminals. Just because you don't like someone, that doesn't mean they should be in jail. I can't help but wonder why the NBA would be investigated and not the NHL. You would be surprised what goes on in BOTH leagues. An interesting note, the NBA has had 1 incident on the court that required law enforcement involvement in the past 5 years(detroit brawl). The NHL has had 2. Todd Bertuzzi's attack and Marty Mcsorelys attack. No mention of either of them yet. if ray lewis can get away with hiring someone to kill someone and OJ can getaway with killing someone i dont see why taylor wont get away with his antics as well What the hell? What does Ray Lewis and OJ have to do with Shawn Taylor? They're black and they play football? Ray Lewis did no such thing, and OJ was found not guilty. This is probably the most ignorant thread I've came across since I've been here. It is obviously motivated by race and culture. If it was truly motivated by criminal behavior, why would someone think a person spitting on someone is more criminal than a person assaulting someone with a hockey stick or attacking someone from behind? The guy that got spit on in the NFL had to wipe his face, the guy that got attacked from behind in the NHL is still not able to play yet. Michael Grieco, an assistant state attorney, said the charges reflect Taylor's alleged threatening of three people with a gun in an armed confrontation over an all-terrain vehicle on June 1. The state has had this case since June and now they're filing these added charges? It's bizarre," Carhart said. Post in this thread: As far as the initial charge, Taylor pulled a gun on another man in a night club parking lot. The confrontation was over a woman Soon this will turn into "Sean Taylor pulled a machine gun on the Pope". Why can't the public wait for an athlete to be found guilty before we form an opinion and start judging them? Half of us can't even get the charges right. Do we hate the men who play the sports we love that much? And if so, why do we continue to enjoy sports?

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The Ten Most Hated Athletes

Hoop and Will, I hate to interject my little ol' opinion into your monumental battle of intellectual wargames. But in the interest of peace and good will towards men, and to save either of you from embarrassing yourselves, why don't you both accept the fact that each of you can have your own opinion about OJ. And also embrace the fact that neither of your opinions mean anything at all in reference to his guilt or innocence. You're both entitled to your opinion and that's it. Do either of you really want to showcase your wit by going back and forth about the OJ verdict of all things?

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Royce Gracie Returns to UFC in May

Moony, pretty tough talk there partner. But lets be realistic. Sure mike as gotten older an slower, but if you take Mike and Chuck, stick them both in a back alley at age 20. Mike comes out with Chucks ear in his mouth, Chucks teeth in his knuckles and Chucks wallet in his pocket. No Martial Art would ever survive in a brooklyn back alley with iron Mike in his prime with no rules to govern him. Chuck would probably admit that one himself. A young Mike would make Chuck look like exactly what he is, a good wrestler trying to box. The hand speed of ALI and the power of G. Foreman all rolled up into 1. Besides, if what you say is true, where was Chuck when Mike had the titles? 1 Fight against Tyson in his prime would have brought him 10 times the money he is making now. Are you saying Chuck could beat Mike back then, but was to dumb to fight him or something? Thats like saying Michael Jordan could hit a baseball better than Babe Ruth because of his superior basketball skills. Lidell would shoot for a leg and run smack into an uppercut and damn near kill himself. As for your prediction about Hughes- Gracie. You may be right, then again Shamrock has far more "farmboy" strength than Matt and out weighs him by about 40 LBs. And all he could do is sit in Gracies guard for 30 minutes. I guess we'll see.

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Technical Fouls Gone Wild

The T for the playful slap was by far one of the most pathetic calls in recent history. Basically because it led to the player being ejected for pleading his case (in which he was correct). Whether he was out of line with the things he said to prove his point or not. Either way he was right. Vince Carter even told the ref what happened. But instead of the ref admitting he was wrong, the T and the ejection stood. This is a case where an off court official should have been able to over rule the call on the court. Whats next, T'ing up players for the pregame handshakes? The line of refs having absolute power has to be drawn somewhere. Its time every league started using off court/field/ice officials for more than determining things that have to do with the score, like football does (ball placement, in/out of bounds, clock management, and to question whether a call made by an official was correct). After all, isn't fairness they are searching for? The only reason an NBA official didn't speak up was due to it appearing as if it would under mind the ref. If the ref can review a shot to see if it went in before the clock ran out, or if they can use replay to see where the clock should be set. why can't they use the replay to see what happened during a play that involves an ejection. I bet if more players were involved in a real situation, there would be no hesitation in looking at the film to make sure they get all who are guilty. But when it comes to refs making a mistake, they certainly don't want to see proof of it. Whats next? Red challenge flags for NBA/NHL coaches? Is it a hard job to make decisions in a split second? Sure it is. Thats even more of a reason to review SOME calls to make sure they are correct. Then to fine the guy because he got pissed off was just a slap in the face. Who's to judge whether someone over reacts and makes a mistake when angry? Did the ref get docked pay for making such a ridiculous mistake? He didn't see what V. Carter did, but he heard what Vince said in regards to the situation. Did he get fined for misusing his authority? Refs are held in a higher regard then the players, and its time it stopped. How do we know if some of those bastards got money on the game? In the words of a great man, Mean Gene Oakerland: "Come on ref, Gimme a break"!

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The Ten Most Hated Athletes

You know whats funny. People formed an opinion that OJ was guilty from what they saw on TV. The burden of proof was on the prosecution. If a person commits murder, it cant't be that hard to prove. I'm not saying he's guilty or innocent. I think he paid somebody to do it (in my humble opinion). But they tried to prove he was there, and it didn't work. I'm just curious, Willthrill72 do you think Robert Blake is guilty? Rockamora, I think Chicobangs should take you to court for copyright infringment.

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The Ten Most Hated Athletes

while we're at it, top ten things i hate. 10.cable going out when im watching a game/fcc blackout restrictions 9.coaches not doing what i tell them to do via yelling at the TV 8.a player i hate consistently doing well when i wish he would sprain his ankle 7.the camera man showing a hot cheerleader for a split second,then never showing her again 6.a crowd of fans for the other team singing "na na na na hey hey hey goodbye" after they won the playoff series 5.a missed penalty call 4. a homer play by play anounncer 3. an athlete looking for a flag/call every damn time they don't make a play 2. an athlete dancing like he just saved earth from destruction after he makes a routine play that has no bearing on the outcome of the game 1. why has philidelphia teams had to face repeat dynasty teams in the finals/playoffs for the past 25 years; flyers(gretzky's edmonton oilers/yzermans detroit red wings) eagles( brady's new england patriots) sixers(shaq's LA Lakers/MJ's chicago bulls) Hatred honorable mention: All bench players on good teams getting rings when Stockton, Malone, Barkley, Ewing,....etc don't have 1

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The Ten Most Hated Athletes

9. Rick Flair Too damn funny. Oddly enough, there is no mention of Pete Rose or Randy Moss. Everyone seems to have such a strong opinion about what Pete and Randy have done. Just goes to show that people hate the crybaby type athletes more than the unethical types. Its like saying being unethical doesn't bother you that much, but being a big mouth crybaby does. For example, T.O hasn't committed any crimes or been arrested at all and he is very high on the lists. To the contrary Pete Rose and Randy Moss have been unethical, dishonest, and arrested respectively. I think this proves that we as society will put up with unethical, dishonest, and illegal behavior (Moss, Rose), but we HATE a big mouth crybaby that hasn't gambled on his sport, smoked weed, driven down the street with a metermaid strapped to his bumper, or committed any type of act that is deemed illegal. Does this mean we hate arrogance more than illegal activity?

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Bonds says he doesn't want to risk injury

But let us not forget that if you are juicing you are going to be much stronger. When you are stronger, you are more likely to push sloppy hits through the gaps and hit more line drives that drop for hits. Any athlete that uses steroids will tell you, that you only get the benefits of juice while you're actually on it. They will also tell you that joe shmoe can't take juice and become a world class athlete. Juice merely enhances your own natural ability. You also have to workout religiously. Taking juice and sitting around doesn't help anything. If any of you are implying that Bonds records are merely possible because of juice, you are mistaken. While the juice does aid in his performance, it's not responsible for his pure ability. If you want to put an asterisk next to his achievements, then I think its only fair that we examine all record holders, in all sports. Was Michael Jordan ever tested? And being an old school philly fan, the first person I want to question is Wayne Gretzky. The way he skated circles around opposing teams with superhuman speed and agility, he certainly would be a candidate for investigation. Its now well known how NHL players prepare for games using stimulants and so forth. Is that cheating? If it was ever found out that Gretzky used enhancing substances, does he then become a cheater? Or would he still have been the greatest ever? No one can make that determination. Likewise, no one can make that determination about Bonds. The fact is, none of us know how good he would have been if he never juiced at all. And no one knows if the people whos' records he has broken or will break, were on the "juice" of their day either. Its unamerican if we call 1 record setter a cheat, without even investigating the others with which he competes. If investigating the others is not possible, do we assume they didn't cheat? Do we assume that they set some superhuman record that has stood for so many years because they were just that good? Do we assume that, because someone had to cheat to break the record, that it proves that the person who set it must have cheated as well? Or can one athlete be that much better than the rest? Bonds was already good. If he was average, then took juice and became great, you have an argument. But because he was already great, no one will ever know for sure if it was the juice or not. So, since it can't be proved without a doubt, you can't put an asterisk next to any of his records. If you do, then you have to put a question mark next to all great record holders, because nobody knows if they cheated or not.

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Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

My point with the stats was only to address the "does said player make the players around him better". Rebounds is not a category that could determine that. So I Offered assists as an example. AI has 296 assts thus far. Lebron has 234, Kobe has 167. AI has played only 1 more game than Kobe and 2 more games than lebron. Yet he has 62 more assts than Lebron and 129 more assts that Kobe. The offense runs through these players regardless of position. In the last 5 minutes of the game, its no secret who will have the ball. I just don't think the 8th best asst. man in the league should be called a ball hog. If he can manage to get his shots and still distribute the ball equally, there is no problem with that. Trust me, if AI had 5 more inches in height, and he decided to play a game where he would get ZERO assts. The NBA would have already seen another 100 point game. All that scoring and play making, and he is also in the top 6 in steals. Sure its a subjective opinion concerning who is an all around better player, but the numbers don't lie. AI takes almost 2 full shots less than Kobe per game and has nearly double the amount of total assts. If you cut his assts in half, he'd be getting 38ppg. In my opinion, I think a player that is 2nd in scoring, in the top 8 in assts, and top 6 in steals, is more valuable to a team then a person that leads 1 of the categories, and is no where to be found in the others. That signifies what an all around player is.

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Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

kobe's assists would go up if he had consistent shooters to dish it to. the pass does not equal the assist Kobe reminds me of 1 person and that is Allen "I don't pass" Iverson!!! Some of you people really need to get your stats right. You don't know shit; SCORING: ...........GP MPG PTS FGM-FGA FG% 3PM-3PA 3P% FTM-FTA FT% 1KBryant 39 40.4 35.9 12.5-27.7 .452 1.9-5.4 .346 9.0-10.7 .838 2AIverson 40 43.2 33.4 11.8-26.0 .453 1.1-3.1 .366 8.7-11.2 .781 3LJames 38 41.7 31.0 11.0-22.2 .493 1.7-4.8 .353 7.3-9.8 .743 ASSISTS: .............GP MPG AST APG TO TOPG AP48M 8 AIverson 40 43.2 296 7.4 128 3.2 8.2 16 LJames 38 41.7 234 6.2 123 3.2 7.1 35 KBryant 39 40.4 167 4.3 117 3.0 5.1 STEALS: ............. GP MPG STL STPG STP48M TO TOPG PF ST/TO 6 AIverson 40 43.2 79 1.98 2.2 128 3.2 69 .62 18 LJames 38 41.7 59 1.55 1.79 123 3.24 92 .48 23 KBryant 39 40.4 52 1.33 1.59 117 3.0 112 .44 From NBA.COM as of 1/23/06 Allen "ball hog" Iverson is 8th in the entire league in assts. But he doesnt pass the ball right? He also gives the ball up TWICE as much as LJames and 4 times as much as Kobe making it far more harder to get his points. kobe's assists would go up if he had consistent shooters to dish it to. the pass does not equal the assist Dalembert, webber, korver are consistant shooters? Get it together. AI, even with his height disadvantage is better than both of them. Give AI Shaq in his prime and you have atleast 6 or 7 titles. Period!!!!!!!!

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Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

It was huge, just don't call him a passer. He is getting under 4 assts per game. 81 points is a great accomplishment. His shooting percentage was great as well. There is a lot of hating going on here though. He is averaging 35.9 pts a game this season. MJ didn't even do that. I'm not a fan, but it was a nice performance. If Larry Bird scored 81, celtic fans would use that as an excuse to say he was the 2nd greatest player ever. Kobe gets 81 and he is self-centered. ouch.

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Pittsburgh's Road to the Super Bowl

It seems to me that this is the first time in a very long time that there is no dominant team in the big game. The big bullies have been sent home. Its currently 27-7 seahawks. I wouldn't be surprised if the seahawks beat the black and gold, but you never know.

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Fans Storm Court After Hoyas Stop Duke

In that case humans why don't you enroll and learn how to make an educated addition to the discussion. Just like you did , right yingyang? Way to advance the discussion. Stop picking at people and add something to the topic. He was obviously being sarcastic. Are you the sportsfilter police? I have been here about a week and have yet to read anything from you that was about the topic onboard. Who got fired from sportsfilter and made you critic of all message boards?

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Royce Gracie Returns to UFC in May

Yingyang, without reading brownbats post again. You tell me what I made up? Are you just coming to the defence of someone you know? In fact, if you paid attention to the rest of lbb's profile you would see that she also likes sports most consider to be the "main" sports. Plus, I would have to say from reading her posts that lbb is probably one of the most informed people on this sight. Then don't make crap up That's like telling someone they're making up their religion, just because you don't believe in it. Or calling someones religion hooey, because you don't believe in it. What kind of a place is this? I hope you 2 don't represent the entire population here. Just because someone doesn't believe the same thing you do, it doesn't mean it's "hooey" or "crap" or wrong. Its just a different belief. Whats with the argumentative atmosphere here? I have a feeling you have no idea what you're referring to. I think you should form your own opinion on the topic and stop assuming 1 particular person is right just because you look up to that person. Do you have any thoughts on the Hughes Gracie fight? Do you even know who Matt Hughes is? Or are you just here for arguments sake? NHBFan, good point about Royce. He will definitely have more patience than Matt. I also believe Hughes will make the first mistake. Unlike Shamrock, I don't think Hughes will be content to just sit around in Gracies gaurd. He'll try to pass it every chance he gets and he will leave one of his arms open. It will be a good match.

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Pacquiao rallies, stuns Morales with 10th-round TKO

I didn't get a chance to see the fight. I will watch the replay if its on HBO. Pacqman reminds me of a young Roberto Duran, with his power and head movement. He's an awsome fighter.

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Hingis taking care of business Down Under

I enjoy watching her play. Best of luck to her. Brownbat, while I don't think old school men should be keeping their eye on girls that are still teenagers, I don't think I would go as far as trying to tell them what to type. What is your problem? You came to a UFC thread and called my thoughts hooey without even addressing the topic! Why didn't you just discuss UFC? Talk about pot, kettle. Practice what you preach girl. You can comment how you wish, but nobody else can? Get it together and stop being a control freak. Its unattractive.

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