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It's time to pitch the DH.

I could really care less if the DH is kept or not, just make BOTH leagues the same, with or without the DH. The Mariners???? I am a Cubbie fan to the end, I feel failure every year, I saw Ernie play, and the Seattle Pilots, just put the two leagues on the same set of rules.

posted by SAVANX at 09:48 PM on May 12, 2008

"Tech doping"? How Speedo's LZR suit breaks swim records

Bonds' arm guard provides protection from injury." Earlier on Spofi it was suggested that Bonds' arm guard also aided him in keeping the arm straight and removing the threat of being hit by a pitch. I recall it being an interesting point. Bonds' arm guard also provides him with the confidence to stay in the box on an inside pitch, without it, he would be backing off these pitches instead he can swing at some of them, another performance enhancing example.

posted by SAVANX at 05:53 AM on April 15, 2008

Replacing the BCS with a 16 team playoff.

BCS system or playoffs, either way we will discuss who was left out. You are all too young too remember before the BCS, two polls were voted on, no science, only opinion. We will always discuss the short-comings of ANY system, for God's sake, we pick 65 team for the NCAA Basketball Tourney and still spend the first few days discussing who was on the bubble and left out. The NCAA has us right where they want us, discussing the system, watching their games.

posted by SAVANX at 10:53 PM on November 27, 2007

Belichick's cheating could lead to dark days for NFL.

I believe that EVERYONE is missing the point here. Does anyone really believe that the Patriots were the only team cheating? I remember when Sosa was caught with a corked bat, I bet hundreds of corked bats went home that night with players all across MLB. The media and the public fried Sosa, he was thrown under the bus and presented as the only cheater. Belichick cheated, that is clear, but the NFL wants us to believe, like the NBA with the gambling ref, and MLB with Sosa's bat that he was the only one. That is something I hate about these situations, the leagues immediately go into damage control instead of a league wide investigation. Don't use tunnel vision here, Belichick was the only coach caught, that's how the NFL wants it to stay and will do its best to keep it that way for the league's integrity. He is not the only cheater, don't let the media's and the league's spin fool you!

posted by SAVANX at 06:42 AM on September 19, 2007

Rose admits to betting on Reds every night

Big deal! I hate the fact the Hall of Fame keeps him out, who cares about his gambling problem or even if he bet against the Reds, he deserves to be in the Hall and to be remembered for his problems off the field. A great ball player and a crappy human.

posted by SAVANX at 06:05 PM on March 14, 2007

"Say goodbye to international sports and most national sports"

This is an insane premise. The cost of flying professional and amature players around the country and the globe is supported by television revenues, merchandise sales and gate receipts. The idea that global warming will effect our thirst for sports on an international level is at best ignorant. This is nothing more than using sports to get your half baked opinion out to the masses. Try walking somewhere, or not feeding the beast by watching, reading and posting liberal opinions in sports columns. I support both the troops and the oil companies, it is -15 degrees wind chill outside, I let my mini van warm up for 20 minutes today, maybe worth a degree or two with my emissions punching a bigger hole in the ozone. Go Cubbies!

posted by SAVANX at 06:49 AM on February 15, 2007

Knight gets win No. 880, passing Smith

I have been a fan of Coach Knight's for 25 years, I couldn't be happier for him. Congrats Coach!

posted by SAVANX at 08:10 PM on January 01, 2007

Looking For Mr. Longball

I should point out that Big Mac deserves the hall of fame, but he has always been a complete ass. He refused to talk to reporters in Oakland, and only warmed up to the public for the homerun record. After that he became what he always was, a recluse, an ass, a typical spoiled jock. Don't be surprised by the way he is acting, it is not an act.

posted by SAVANX at 12:45 AM on December 14, 2006

Looking For Mr. Longball

Mark McGwire never broke any rules of baseball. IF he did roids, it was the players union and MLB that allowed him to go undetected. I would like the players association and MLB to stand up and take the blame for the steroid era. The union used drug testing like a poker chip during negotiations during the 70's, 80's and 90's, and MLB was too whimpy to demand the testing. It wasn't until the public outcry was loud enough that testing stopped being a union bargaining chip and suddenly MLB got tough. Leave these guys alone. We can't prove who did it and who did not, pitchers, hitters they all did the stuff, Canseco says 70 or 80% used them, there is no one to blame but the people who let it happen. If Jose is right, then the playing field was pretty level.

posted by SAVANX at 12:41 AM on December 14, 2006

Knight passes Rupp as Texas Tech wins

Knight does the best job of creating men This is what the man is about, name a coach today with a 90% grad rate? Knight's rule for his players include, go to class or don't play, something the media never plays when doing stories on Coach Knight.

posted by SAVANX at 10:50 PM on December 10, 2006

Knight: I didn't do anything wrong, would do it again

There's more to life than winning though. Hey ChiefsSuperFan, Your opinion is solely based on what the media has fed you. Knight puts education FIRST on his teams, if you don't go to class, you don't play. He is about changing these players into men, and holds them accountable. I am not defending the history of his actions, he is a short fuse ass, but his motivation has never been wins, do more homework.

posted by SAVANX at 09:10 AM on November 15, 2006

Knight: I didn't do anything wrong, would do it again

The players that hate Bobby Knight and his methods are few and hard to find, Larry Bird even transfered to Indiana State to escape. The bottom line is he runs his team with strict discipline, something that is missing from most organized sports where egos seem to rule supreme. Knight is going to have the most wins in NCAA history, he graduates OVER 90% of his players AND wins, he is a throw back to th 70's perhaps, but not a joke.

posted by SAVANX at 07:17 AM on November 15, 2006

A-Rod Agonistes

Are we talking about stats or attitude. A-Rod is one of the best players in the game, I wish he played on my Cubs, a team that could afford him, but fills Wrigley even when they suck, so why pay the big bucks? On his attitude? Talented, coddled athletes are almost always self-centered jerks who are used to and expect to be treated as special. A Rod is probably laughing at the attention this is getting, what do you all expect from these guys? They are jocks and they are rich, a bad combination almost always when it comes to social skills. Leave him alone, he is only being consistant with the basic "jock" stereotype.

posted by SAVANX at 10:25 AM on September 21, 2006

The Decline of Civilization - Bambino #3? ... Ease up

Race is not the issue. The media has made it the issue instead of steroids. If Bonds took steroids, then his passing Luis Aparicio on the all time homerun list will be as big a crime as passing Luis on the steals list. The fact he is black is the smoke screen the media has put over the real issue.......WAKE UP AMERICA. He is a black man, we know that, I want to know if he cheated!

posted by SAVANX at 08:24 AM on April 13, 2006

Report: Commissioner Selig Won't Bail Out Bonds

There can be no note next to Bonds' records, unless it also states that MLB and the Player's Union ignored the growing problem for years. Many players "cheated" because the game allowed them to get away with it, we will never know how many. the fans demanded change, and it took a few years for MLB to listen. Then the Players' Union wanted to use the testing as a contract bargaining chip! Even the players own union kept the testing out of baseball for as long as they could. Steroids were used at all levels of talent, from the Barry Bonds quality players to the third string catchers. The game will recover over time, but the ones who get caught now need to be banned. You can't erase the past or the records of cheaters, but for god's sake, we need to clean up this game and move on!

posted by SAVANX at 09:53 PM on March 16, 2006

AT&T: Yet another name for Giants ballpark: Delivered.

Everybody here seems to be missing the BIG picture. Player salaries have been driven since the seventies by this kind of thing. Corporate sponsorship of stadiums along with the TV deals is what the players make their money on in the end, by the time taxes, leases and other running expences are paid by the stadium owners, there is very little left to go into the players' pockets. Fans do not pay for players in the end anymore, TV and things like "naming rights" do. That is why the fan base is shown no respect by owners or players.

posted by SAVANX at 07:36 AM on February 04, 2006

Bonds' quest for the record could stir many emotions.

Even if he breaks the record, even if he never touched a roid, or even if he did them all through the 90's, Barry Bonds will be remembered as an asshole who never understood that the game is nothing without the fans. A great player for sure, a poor, inmuture and selfish excuse for a person without a doubt. I grew up watching Aarron play, that guy was a great player, and is a great person! I really don't want Bonds to even pass the Babe..........

posted by SAVANX at 11:48 PM on January 17, 2006

Outside looking in

Pete Rose belongs in the hall. His plaque should spell out all the details of how he gambled on baseball, right after he is recognized as the all time hit leader. I met the guy, I hate the guy, a self motivated ass who collected the most base hits all time. For God's sake, this is enshrinement into the ultimate record book, not heaven.

posted by SAVANX at 01:31 AM on December 18, 2005