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Frozen Four: Where Eagles Soar

You have to excuse my grammatically-flawed prior post. I am on painkillers a couple of days after achilles tendon reconstruction surgery. But the title surely has made things feel better in a hurry!

posted by BCHockey at 02:56 PM on April 14, 2008

Frozen Four: Where Eagles Soar

Tahoemoj - great showing by Miami in the regionals. BC was taken to its limit, for sure. But how ya like my prediction NOW? Jerry York is all class, Nathan Gerbe is unbelievable in the clutch, and John Muse has icewater running through its veins. What an incredible season to take it for us BC fans. CONGRATS.

posted by BCHockey at 11:53 AM on April 14, 2008

NCAA Hockey Brackets Revealed

"Beatable" to me implies "soft" or not that good. I.E., Wisconsin is certainly beatable, even on hime ice.

posted by BCHockey at 11:12 AM on March 26, 2008

NCAA Hockey Brackets Revealed

BC is never "beatable" in the NCAAs. Look at their record from 1998 on. When they do lose, it's in a very tight game to a great team (with the 2005 loss as the exception). BC has never lost in the first round under Jerry York, and I doubt this is going to be the year that breaks that streak (although I respect the Gopher program tremendously). BC is firing on all cylinders right now, dominating UNH in the second half of the 3OT classic on Friday night, even in spite of heavily slanted officiating, John Muse getting abused, and UNH coming out very tough. BC then cakewalks a decent Vermont team with tired legs. The Gophers are also playing excellent hockey (I've managed to catch most of their recent games), so this one should be a barnburner in Worcester. I think that North Dakota is the real monster in this tourney. They have it all, from top to bottom. If I had to bet money, I'd pick the Sioux to win it all (even though my pick is a homer pro-BC call on this board).

posted by BCHockey at 10:31 PM on March 24, 2008

NCAA Hockey Brackets Revealed

Tahoemoj, one thing we can agree upon is that Miami has been treated very unfairly these past 3 seasons by always being sent east into a lion's den of one of the hockey east power teams. They deserved to be treated better each time (and probably should have had a #1 seed two years ago). It's almost as if the Miami hockey program, being a new kid on the national contender block, is being "hazed" by the tournament committee. To put Miami in BC's bracket for 3 years running is downright cruel, to boot. You know that BC comes strong each and every postseason (led by one of the icons of NCAA coaching in any sport, never loses a first round game, usually gets to Frozen Four, and each time they lose, save for North Dakota in 2005, they are a very tough out). But hey, you get a chance to take some revenge for the last two seasons - I'm pretty sure you won't get it one way or the other, but good luck to you anyway, my friend. One thing I have to say - I was pleasantly surprised by Miami's fan support the past two seasons at the regionals, and I'm sure that this coming weekend will be no different.

posted by BCHockey at 01:47 PM on March 24, 2008

NCAA Hockey Brackets Revealed

IMO, the committee should just throw out the PWR when a losing team is being considered. No way a losing team belongs in this field of 16! Mankato got a raw deal. On with the predictions. Remember, BC never loses in the first round and almost always gets to the Frozen Four. They have another goalie who is going to be a horse all 4 seasons. Also remember that Michigan is half-freshmen. I'm biased, BIG TIME, but here it goes: Miami over Air Force - Air Force puts up a fight, but loses in end BC over MN - best first round game of the tourney BC over Miami (for the third year in a row - poor Miami) ND over Princeton - 2 goal win Denver over Wisconsin - blowout ND over Denver in a classic Michigan over Niagara - blowout SCSU over Clarkson - blowout SCSU in a shocker! New Hampshire over ND - OT win CC over MSU - great matchup CC knocks off the post-season Mildcats rather easily FROZEN FOUR: BC over North Dakota in an OT classic CC blows out SCSU BC by 2 goals over CC to win the national title. John Muse is MVP.

posted by BCHockey at 10:08 AM on March 24, 2008

NCAA tourney is the best, but it could be even better.

What other "Three Weeks of Hoops" is the NCAA Tournament competing against? The Pan-Am games? I'll take the next three weeks (exluding the off week in early April) of college hockey any day over the NCAA tournament. The conference tournament semis, finals, and the NCAAH tournament are my favorite few weeks in sports. At least you have to have a great season to even get into the hockey tournament. But yet, like some one said, different strokes for different folks.

posted by BCHockey at 08:18 AM on March 21, 2008

Giants Win Superbowl!

As a lifelong Giants fan, it still hasn't hit me. We won????? Good lord. Has to be one of the most memorable non-family events of my life. Whoah!

posted by BCHockey at 09:44 AM on February 04, 2008

Patriots advance to their 4th Superbowl in 7 years.

I'm a 31yo Giants fan, but Tom Brady is already the greatest QB of all time. Putting him in a conversation with Joe Montana is an insult to Tom Brady. No one belongs in that "conversation" other than Brady - no QB in the history of pro football is on his level. If you ran an experiment and switched the teams / eras that Brady and Montana played in, I'm am 100% confident that Brady's stats and win totals would far surpass Montana's, and yes that's saying something considering the success of the Montana-era 49ers. As for my G-men - they proved they could play with the Pats. If they can somehow get an outstanding pash rush and / or some secondary help, in addition to putting up a lot of points, then they MIGHT have a puncher's chance to win. Sheesh, a lot of variables there just to get to a puncher's chance, but you can't argue with how great the Pats are this season. Let's not forget that it was cold during the first Giants / Pats meeting - the ideal conditions at the Super Bowl weigh heavily in favor of the Pats.

posted by BCHockey at 11:52 AM on January 23, 2008

Giants top Buccaneers,

I believe that the Colts and Pats will win via blowouts this weekend, whereas both NFC games are truly up for grabs. If the Giants D can get pressure on Romo, I think that the Giants pull it off. The Seahawks secondary delivered at home - now can they come through on the frozen tundra? The 'Hawks secondary will be the determinative factor in that contest, I believe.

posted by BCHockey at 12:17 PM on January 07, 2008

Ice Bowl is one for the ages

I'm a huge college football fan, but once I quickly checked into this game to see how it was going during its second period, I was glued to it for the remainder of the game! This game seemed like it "mattered," ironically enough, more than the Jan. 1 bowl games. I watched to the end and only occassionally flipped to NCAAF to keep updated on what was going on. BTW, I also am sick of Sidney Crosby being shoved down every one's throats. I'm starting to REALLY dislike the guy solely because of his over-exposure, and that's too bad.

posted by BCHockey at 09:41 AM on January 03, 2008

Chris Bosh

He deserves a vote just for his creativity alone, nevermind his awesome play. I was not going to vote for the NBA All-Stars this year, but now I will go and vote just because I want to cast one for Mr. Bosh. The NBA needs more guys like Chris Bosh.

posted by BCHockey at 09:37 AM on January 03, 2008

1898 Obscene Language Baseball Document

What a hoot! Thanks for posting. I can only wish that this is authentic.

posted by BCHockey at 03:24 PM on December 06, 2007

Gaborik issues public apology to fantasy owners

But don't forget, he will try to help them out "when he can." Hillarious!!! This guy just became one of my favorite players.

posted by BCHockey at 11:09 AM on November 16, 2007

Rudy Giuliani, Red Sox Fan

The point is that Rudy appeared to be a straight shooter who actually was less political than most of the other candidates. With this latest line about the Red Sox, we can't be so sure about that. And besides, what REAL Yankees fan would EVER root for the Red Sox??? I'm not a Yanks fan, but as a Rangers fan, I would NEVER EVER root for the Islanders. As a BC fan, I'd NEVER EVER root for BU, Notre Dame, or UCONN. Etc. etc. etc. You don't root for your hated rivals. Seems like Rudy, in an attempt to get elected, is losing what was going to make him electable in the first place!

posted by BCHockey at 11:08 AM on October 26, 2007

Jimmy Kimmel Banned From Monday Night Football

Please ban Tony K instead! Can you say "biggest failure in the history of MNF broadcasting?" (and yeah, this covers A LOT of ground) Why are comedians held to some higher standard of political correctness lately? It's appalling. America needs to lighten up.

posted by BCHockey at 12:35 PM on October 18, 2007

More Trouble For Vick

So he not only has a pitch black and depraved soul, but also a half-empty noggin? He may just be challenging his brother Marcus in the stupidity olympics at this juncture, which I didn't think was possible. Not saying that smoking weed is a sin by any stretch of the imagination, but in these circumstances, it was pretty darn moronic.

posted by BCHockey at 03:27 PM on September 27, 2007

Yanks' Shelley Duncan Crushes Poor Child's Hopes, Dreams, Future, Then Laughs And Sacrifices A Black Goat To The Dark Lords

Even though I hate the Yanks, Shelley Duncan might be one of my new favorite players for this hillarious move. Any one getting all high and mighty with this situation needs to get a grip on reality and take a look at the brainwashed Red Sox Nation who chants "Yankees suck" at EVERY game over and over again, regardless of opponent. How pathetic. And moronic. Try solving THAT problem before you get on Shelley Duncan. For Pete's sake, I was at the Pats / Chargers game, and they were chanting "Yankees suck" in the bathroom at halftime! Time to evolve past knuckle-dragging, you vastly over-rated fans of New England. Living up here, I know first hand. NY or Chicago fans these people are most certainly NOT.

posted by BCHockey at 11:02 AM on September 18, 2007

Division I-AA Appalachian State Upsets Michigan, 34-32

I love how the MSU fan's post is riddled with grammatical errors. If you are going to bring the smack, at least make sure that your post is tight! Anyway, being a hockey guy, I will argue that the Holy Cross win over Minnesota in the NCAA tourney 2 seaons ago was a more impressive upset. That Holy Cross team, although being a DI program, was composed entirely of walk-on "gamers" and did not have the kind of history of sucess that App State has. Meanwhile, the Minnesota team that Holy Cross defeated had more pro prospects than the 07 Michigan football team (or quite possibly any Michigan team in the history of its football program). The Minnesota hockey team was also coached by a guy who had already won a national title, unlike the Michigan football team. With hardly any talent to skate with the Golden Gophers, the heart of the Holy Cross team carried them to an OT victory.

posted by BCHockey at 11:00 AM on September 04, 2007

Who's Now Pissed -- ESPN Viewers Hammer Network Over 'Buzz' Competition

I agree that the Who's Now bit was PATHETIC. It's pointless. Further, it's DEPRESSING, in that it shows you just how "off focus" many of the sports fans are in this country today. I think that the Who's Now car crash could lead into yet another blast against ESPN, but we've already read too many of those on this site, haven't we? Garfield, I'm jealous of you - my brain was nearly turned to mush whenever one of these segments came on. No single segment has forced me to seek out alternatives for "background noise" during my morning routine than Who's Now. One counterpoint, however: as a native NYer, I dig Bronx is Burning.

posted by BCHockey at 08:06 AM on August 14, 2007


This guy is a superb hitter and a fantastic all around player. Which makes it even more offensive that his hat size, shoe size, and overall muscularity grew so rapidly and unnaturally at an inappropriately mature age. The guy was already excellent, and didn't need to take a damned thing to improve his performance! But yet he did it anyway. Definitely put him in the hall of fame (unlike McGwire, Palmeiro, and Sosa) and give him his respect, but as far as the record is concerned, "This Don't Count." Let's not put a man who sacrifices his health just to excel (even more) on the baseball field on too high of a pedestal. It's sickening, really, and sets a bad example for others to follow. Aaaron is still the career home run king, and I'll look to Maris as still being the single-season king.

posted by BCHockey at 08:32 AM on August 09, 2007

NFL Sets Limits on Web Content:

This is the NFL way . . . and when you are the #1 sport in America (by far) you get to press your leverage as heavily as you want to. Admittedly, I am a football junkie, however the NFL "bully" tactics sometimes wear thin (i.e., exclusive video game license that did nothing but harm its fans and line its coffers). Tactics like these make me think twice about spending money on this product, despite how much I love to watch.

posted by BCHockey at 04:23 PM on August 06, 2007

Upper Deck pulls Vick cards, memorabilia

I actually like the golf game on Wii Sports. It's obviously pretty shallow, but it shows the tremendous potential for how great golf games on the Wii can be. With the balance board coming out next year (and the likely ability to turn it sideways), the added element of lower body weight distribution will come into play in the swing mechanic. The same technique could be used for baseball games. Can't wait for some one to implement these ideas. Rockstar Table Tennis is headed to the Wii. If it's anything like Wii Sports Tennis, it should be a smash hit (ouch). I'm still waiting for the Wii soccer game that requires you to strap the controllers to your feet . . .

posted by BCHockey at 10:15 AM on July 31, 2007

Upper Deck pulls Vick cards, memorabilia

True, BornIcon, we all have the right to our own opinions. Mine are pretty strong, and I'm sure yours are as well (why else would we bother posting here). Being that you "went there" with FIFA, it's probably just appropriate that we agree to disagree. I'll hold off for Woods 08, which drops in August. Didnt cop the last one because EA took out too many features for next gen. The Wii version should be the most realistic, since you are actually swinging. I will admit that the Wii version of Madden is also enjoyable. Edit: I meant "The Show" for the baseball title, not the MLB franchise. I favor The Show. MLB 2K is too glitchy. On Topic: Vick should remain in trading card sets and video games because it is supposed to be objective. Additionally, the card or game is supposed to speak only to Vick as he existed between the white lines, not to his personal life. Because he played last year, and is seeking to play this year (unlikely as that seems right now), he should remain. If he is convicted and thereafter suspended or banned? Sure, pull him then.

posted by BCHockey at 03:13 PM on July 30, 2007

Upper Deck pulls Vick cards, memorabilia

Don't want to take this off topic, but I can't read some of these pro-Madden comments without breaking out in laughter. Where are the expectations for this title? How can some of you be OK with its mediocrity? Madden's alleged "realism" is stuck back in 2001. Madden 07 couldn't touch NFL 2K5, and Madden 08 probably won't, either. IF you think Madden is realistic, then I take it you don't have much experience with real football. If you want to live out your fantasy of controlling "real NFL players" (i.e. a name and a uniform graphic) in an outdated archaic game developed by a company that does not respect its customers (I'm still waiting on online leagues and next-gen titles that have all the features of the last gen titles), instead of diving into an incredibly realistic chess match of a football game, then be my guest . . . I'll take the superior gameplay and leave the fantasizing to some one else. Saying Madden is better than 2K is like saying that 50 Cent is a better MC than Nas. Or any other mass-market middle-of-the-road product / movie / idea is superior to a more refined, intelligent, targested alternative. It's an argument that has major problems, albeit one that is ultimately determined in subjectivity. Large sales like Madden demonstrate one thing = a dumbed down, mediocre appeal riding a wave of incredible in-your-face marketing and a long history of what once was great football gaming. Oh, and I guess it also implies something that we already know about the American consumer. Now EA's marketing department on the other hand? Pure gold. And of course video game payola doesn't hurt, either. Those that think Madden is (can't stop laughing here) the "ultimate" sports franchise have INCREDIBLY low expectations, and apparently don't know what's really possible . . . has any one played Winning 11, NBA 2K, or the last 2 iterations of Sony's MLB franchise? Even excluding 2K football for a monent, Madden can't touch these franchises. BornIcon, you're off the mark here, IMO, brother.

posted by BCHockey at 01:01 PM on July 30, 2007

Upper Deck pulls Vick cards, memorabilia

Sidebar: Madden hasn't changed much since Madden '02. Serious football gamers and hardcore football fans play 2K football (admittedly, the company that paid to use OJ Simpson in its latest title - shocked that the lazy media hasn't picked up on this yet). Topic: Vick is in trouble, there's no two ways around it. He's going to get stuck on the dog fighting charges, he's going to get stuck with the IRS, and after that, he'll be hard pressed to find a consistent income even one tenth of what he used to command. Being that there likely won't be another XFL, Vick really screwed the pooch with his career and the rest of his life. He should of just dealt drugs or shot up strip clubs as his vices - he would have gotten a few extra chances if he went that route. I find it funny that UD pulled his cards, though, since trading cards are supposed to be an objective record of the players in a given league. Vick played last season, so he should be included in at least one more round of trading card issuances.

posted by BCHockey at 10:45 PM on July 29, 2007

Is ESPN Killing the National Hockey League by Influencing Public Attitudes?

Since when is Bill Simmons relevant? Colin Cowherd . . . are you kidding me???? Cowherd has no talent whatsoever, and Simmons is ridiculously overrated. The other "experts" mentioned in the article aren't exactly gurus, either. It's true that hockey ratings are struggling. It's true that ESPN not covering hockey is going to influence casual fans who don't have the time, energy, and / or ability to think independently about sports to not watch hockey. It's also true that failing to place hockey on TV channels that are easy to find and have large viewerships is injurious to the NHL. I mean, who but the hardcore hockey fan is going to search for Versus??? Gary Bettman is the cause of the NHL's problems, and not ESPN. Truly, the marketing of the NHL has been deplorable for years, and of course the rules changes were about 10 years too late. I remember clamoring for simliar changes back in 1996! The problem is that the NHL has a dirth of leadership. New leaders with fresh ideas and the guts to implement them are needed. There's actually not much wrong with the present-day on-ice product. With the rules changes and the influx of young talent, it's actually enjoyable to watch. All-time attendance records confirm this, and the game is one of the best sports to watch in HD. On the other hand, it couldn't be presented through the media and to potential new fans any worse . . . and this needs to change for the League to survive. Who knows, we might see more and more teams move to Canada, where the game is still hot - tax issues be damned. ESPN, McDonald's, Miller Lite, Madden Football, and American Idol - what do they have in common?

posted by BCHockey at 01:21 PM on July 09, 2007

Man beats world hot dog eating record

(1) My understanding is that most of these "competitors" vomit back out what they eat immediately after the competition. (2) To be grossed out just a little bit more, catch one of these contests in HD! I get a kick out of "Eater X," who comes to these contests wearing Ultimate Warrior esque facepaint.

posted by BCHockey at 10:50 AM on June 04, 2007

Dear Senator Brownback:

This guy is for a "stronger" FCC and wants to place more restrictions on speech in the media. I'm all for him bowing out early.

posted by BCHockey at 07:41 AM on May 14, 2007

Being a Mets fan is a pain in the back

On behalf of cats nationwide, none of whom can defend themselves on this forum, I object to yay-yo's offensive language. Nice work, "yerfatmama," although I must admit that I am neither Irish nor from Boston.

posted by BCHockey at 08:02 AM on May 11, 2007

NFL moving north?

The preseason is already too long. Further, no starters see action in the 4th preseason game, so why not get rid of it? I'm all for shortening the preseason, by any means possible. Although, a 17th regular season game seems a bit too grueling for the players - it already is a brutally long and punishing season. Still, I'd rather have one more regular season game than a pointless preseason game in which none of the first stringers play anyway.

posted by BCHockey at 07:52 AM on May 11, 2007

Being a Mets fan is a pain in the back

Glad to see the PC police is patroling this thread. I am a Mets fan, but I can vouch for the fact that the ushers are complete jerks, and the stadium security is practically nonexistant.

posted by BCHockey at 11:51 AM on May 09, 2007

Ryan Glasper Sacked by Tom O'Brien

True, BornIcon . . . but the story is several months too late. I would assume that if ESPN or some one else broke it during college football season, it would have received way more attention. I just hope that Glasper finds some success in the end . . . I was already happy that TOB left prior to hearing about this story.

posted by BCHockey at 08:36 AM on May 07, 2007

Ryan Glasper Sacked by Tom O'Brien

As a BC alum, former broadcaster, and huge all around fan, I was already ectatic to see this stiff of a coach leave. This story only makes me happier that he's gone. However, I feel awful for Mr. Glasper - the article is accurate, in that this kid brought his entire heart to every game he played. You could definitely see the effort from the stands. He had a ton of intensity. I certainly hope that he lands somewhere great, and makes a decent amount of money. He deserves it. Good riddance TOB. Oh, and apparently, ESPN buried this story when it occurred, due to TOB's daughter working for ESPN. Pathetic, if true (but not surprising re: ESPN).

posted by BCHockey at 08:29 AM on May 04, 2007