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First it was sad, then suspiscious, then murder.

Murder? No problem mon

posted by warstda at 08:11 AM on June 13, 2007

Muscle-rub blamed for athlete's death

Again, where are the parents, coaches, etc. With the Bonds issue and "creams, lotions, etc" you would think it would raise questions. Like, you are 17 and you shouldn't have to bath yourself with creams and lotions and icy hot, etc. I wouldn't be suprised if the family sues Shaq cause he makes so things look so cool to wear.

posted by warstda at 07:52 AM on June 12, 2007

"Once a player hits a home run, that's a fact. It's on TV. Everybody sees it. (The NCAA) can't copyright that fact. The blog wasn't a simulcast or a recreation of the game. It was an analysis."

So, me average joe sporting event attendee take out my cell phone, video King James dunking over Timmaay then put that on Youtube.. what then?

posted by warstda at 07:37 AM on June 12, 2007

Billy Donovan's Magical Payday

Why should you break your back and bring in a kid who in 2 years is going to be making double your salary.. it is only fair that he takes the success of his past 2 years and go make a buck.

posted by warstda at 01:10 PM on June 01, 2007

A-Rod calls for the pop-up... as he's running to third.

Last time I checked, MLB does not have a verbal interference rule. So all of this argueing is for nothing. Plus, when a guy is up to bat we are all taught from the age of 5 to scream stuff at them to take away their concentration, its part of the game. The guy made a rookie play and is trying to whine about it.. nuff said

posted by warstda at 01:06 PM on June 01, 2007

Pistons 4

Wow, if the Jazz win and we elect a Mormon President... Utah is back baby!!

posted by warstda at 03:29 PM on May 18, 2007

We like you. We just don't "Coach like you".

The Charlotte Bobcats are excited about this move, cause now they can hire both Van Gundys!

posted by warstda at 03:26 PM on May 18, 2007

Warriors Beat Mavericks in Series Opener

What about this game was stunning? Nelly played the same way he did all year which has worked and Avery... well he decided to change up, I guess what got them to 67 wins wasn't working out for them so why not change it up in the playoffs? Also, if a team beats you 4 out 6 times by double digits why would it be stunning when they continue that success? But like Dirk and Cuban have been saying all year, you have to beat them 4 times and they think that will never happen. I just hope it takes 7 games to prove someone wrong!

posted by warstda at 12:03 PM on April 23, 2007

Dale Jr. Finishes Race For Competition's Car

This is what the greats do and it also proves it's not always about money. If Michael Jordan didn't get to the playoffs and if he was allowed and a team like the Piston's had asked him to play for them back in the day I have a feeling he would in a heart beat. I think this is/was great for the sport of Nascar, cause it was truly for the fans, they paid to see Jr race, I don't care what car he is in. Though this also doesn't speak very highly of Bush who apparently doesn't have good communication with his team and up and left the track. There is absolutely no excuse for that. I do personally think the points should be tied to the driver and not the car. I mean with the car of the future... its all about the driver so why not reward the driver. It wasn't like Jr wrecked a last place car and hopped into a first place car and took the race.

posted by warstda at 07:21 AM on April 17, 2007

Florida 84, Ohio State 75

Let the big man score and keep him in the game. If Oden was in the Georgetown game they would have lost cause he slows down their offense and takes them out of it. I thought that plan was brilliant. If you watched, you would see that they didn't even try to stop him from scoring. The only time a foul was committed was when a guard tried to go to the basket. They kept reminding us in the game that Oden had only played 1 game the entire year over 30 minutes. That he wouldn't be there in the 4th Quarter and the way he was demanding to stay in the game ultimately slow the offense, didn't allow the guard to get hot early and they had to play catch up for 2.5 Quarters. What got OSU to the title game? Oden getting in early foul trouble and going to the Bench so Butler, Conley and Lewis could get hot. Keep the Big man in and out of foul trouble and you greatly increase your average of winning. Seems like Phil Jackson did this with Shaq when he coached the Bulls.

posted by warstda at 06:53 AM on April 03, 2007

LeBron steps up sneaker war

My argument is this, are these places truly sweat shops? In China and Korea where most of these shoes are made the wages that are paid to these workers are sometimes 2-3 times more than the average worker in their area. Just because that amount of money isn't in US dollars we shouldn't call the place a sweat shop. In China, the majority of the companies provide 3 meals a day along with housing for all employees so with wages lower they are still in a way making out. The people will be with their companies for the majority of their lives. People like Nadar make blanket statements and why should a company like Nike have to answer to lies or misleading information? I think they as well as Michael and Lebron are doing is taking the high road. Every country in the world wish they had American wages but that isn't a reality and if we are raising the wages in China for the average Chinese worker it should be looked at under that scope and not the US wage, etc.

posted by warstda at 10:27 AM on March 29, 2007

Incident With Daughter Could Get Ukranian Swim Coach Lifetime Ban:

Isn't she 18? Isn't he her father? I understand that doing it in public wasn't the smartest but what exactly is the big deal here? I mean I see high school kids father's and sometimes mothers act this way, trying to get their child to be a star athlete, etc. I think people should mind their own business. If this wasn't caught on tape would it have been an issue? I mean, Bobby Knight does this on a daily basis, its called motivation! If you win no beat down.. its really simple.

posted by warstda at 10:17 AM on March 28, 2007

Teams We Hate In This Year's NCAA Tournament

If you remove all of the agriculture studies students from the Basketball team how many players would you have? Not enough to play... so what does that tell you about the school? I wish my university had classes to learn about Chickens.... and did you have the same question on every exam? Which came first the chicken or the egg? How many got that right? Sorry, my comments refer to the comments on CostaaNow from last night where Antoine Wright made some nice comments.

posted by warstda at 10:17 AM on March 15, 2007

You mean we were supposed to elect people?

Pete Rose probably bet this kind of thing would happen.

posted by warstda at 10:17 AM on March 13, 2007

Tim Hardaway, the yin to Jon Amaechi's yang:

The problem here isn't athletes, its Christianity and all their bigotry. I thougth Jesus's message was love all and forgive all.. didn't recall seeing an astric that said.. * except gays. When it boils down to it these athletes and people are only against it because they are taught that if you are gay you go to hell, until the church stops preaching hate this will be a forever argument.

posted by warstda at 09:54 AM on February 15, 2007

Peyton's won his. Phil Mickelson has won his. Who's next?

When you say Payton got his we are referring to Gary right? I think in about 5 years we will be having this argument or discussion about King James.

posted by warstda at 08:58 AM on February 13, 2007

Cuban says openly gay player would clean up

If all of them came out then what? Would all the female cheerleaders be replaced with male dancers? How would that work? Since the females are a marketing tool for the straight male audience....

posted by warstda at 02:14 PM on February 12, 2007

Former NBA center John Amaechi announces that he is gay.

I liked Sterns comments, basically he doesn't care as long as you dress nice off the court and can play when on it. I think that is what the NBA should enforce, that these kids can say things like Lebron that showed his age finally which is what? 30 now. That they need to conduct themselves a bit more professional, I mean if I worked for a company and a co-worker admitted they were gay and I said oh now I can't just trust this guy he isn't welcomed.. I would probably be fired. Stern needs to fine these bigots and get them out of the league and hopefully some of these other leagues, NFL, NHL and MLB will take notice and do the same. If the guy conducts himself professional and can play who cares. PERIOD

posted by warstda at 08:57 AM on February 08, 2007

Maybe they could name it after Vlade: the Divac Decree.

I knew the NBA would find a way to increase Shaq's scoring since he couldn't do it on his own. So now both him and Wade have a clear path to the basket.. Miami will repeat!

posted by warstda at 07:45 AM on January 26, 2007

Donovan McNabb unhappy?

This is kind like Dwayne Wade worrying that J Will is going to take his start position cause he isn't currently playing and they blew out the Knicks. Mcnabb needs to get well and I think it is good for the organization to keep Garcia, he went there knowing he was Mcnabbs back up and that is what he is.. the guy got hurt wasn't like he was healthy and they played Garcia.. so this is no big deal, plus rules are rules.. don't care who you are but I am pretty sure they would have let Michael Jordan on that plane to New Orleans..

posted by warstda at 01:10 PM on January 23, 2007

Barry Bonds Throws Teammate Under "Speeding" Bus.

Maybe we can hook Barry up with J-Kidds soon be to X wife, that would be an awsome power couple.

posted by warstda at 05:25 PM on January 11, 2007

USC's John David Rips Booty in 93rd Rose Bowl

USC beat Michigan. USC lost to Oregon State who lost 42-14 to Boise St. So if Ohio State loses why shouldn't Boise St be the national champs? I don't believe anyone can truly make an argument that FL had a stronger schedule then Boise. Up till FL plays Ohio State their schedule is mostly conference games. With the SEC losing the majority of their bowl games can anyone truly say that conference is truly that much better than any others? I think it makes for a good argument. When LSU won their BCS National Champs USC still claims they are that years National Champs so just an argument.. if OSU wins then this will all be said for nothing.

posted by warstda at 02:36 PM on January 02, 2007

"World's Oldest Hockey Stick" goes for $2.2 million!

Note to self, go to Canada, find old tree, carve a stick from it to look like a hockey stick, claim it was from 1852 make millions on EBAY.

posted by warstda at 10:03 AM on December 27, 2006

'Scuse me while I whip this out...

Lets put this in perspective, what were you all doing when you were 22-23 years old? Now throw in Prof athlete status and a few million dollars do you really think him stopping to take a leak isn't what any of us at that age would have done? Now it would have been more news worthy if the quote for the police was like.. " All we can say is that there was a sudden and unexpected cold front in Florida." Now that I would have found funny and news worthy.

posted by warstda at 02:31 PM on December 22, 2006

Suspensions Handed Out

Just because the knicks can only hypothetically ever be up on a team 20 points doesn't mean that Isiah wouldn't do what the Nuggets did. If a team is prone to blow 20 point leads late in the 4th Qrt like Nuggets have done this year why wouldn't he keep a security blanket of 2 starters in? Wasn't like Mello was drilling 3s, plus the guy got a steal, what is he suppose to do stop? No, you are up by 20 you do a 360 Jam.. it is what the fans paid to see. I think the suspensions were just except for Isiah, in the NCAA they suspend coaches that give orders to foul hard (Temple) so the NBA should do the same. This isn't the "Bad Boys" they are the Knicks who couldn't beat a fly if the fly had both wings tied behind its back

posted by warstda at 08:12 AM on December 19, 2006

"He should be a team player 100 per cent."

Why is this a topic?

posted by warstda at 08:04 AM on December 19, 2006

Florida Will Face Ohio State in BCS Championship Game

Why are we all debating? Lets just give Florida their championship now and start the OSU heart break cause with all the guarantees everyone is giving to OSU they are bound to lose now so why drag this out for another month? Everyone can save their money from the trip to AZ and go out and buy their Blue and Orange and enjoy their holiday season.

posted by warstda at 10:16 AM on December 04, 2006

John L. Smith fired at Michigan State.

SLAP.. I was hit.. hit with a pink slip!

posted by warstda at 07:44 AM on November 03, 2006

'Don't You Need at Least One Good Quarterback to Make a Controversy?'

Jones brought in TO to catch every pass. If Bledsoe isn't going to feed TO, then they will get someone who will. I don't think it was coincidental that every pass once ROMO went in was to TO or atleast attempted to him. As for who is the better QB? They say ROMO is more mobile, well if they had a line in front of them Bledsoe is the better choice cause he can atleast read the 'D' and survey more than 1 passing option. Maybe this off season Jerry Jones can go sign a left tackle for 49 million...seems to have worked for the Vikings

posted by warstda at 08:06 AM on October 25, 2006

Shaq raids home

No matter what the raid was for, I bet anyone on the other side of the door had to clean their pants when a 7'0 350+ man kicks in the door!

posted by warstda at 08:54 AM on October 24, 2006

Favre angry that NFL turns its back on Robinson

Keep your mouth shut, follow the rules and you can be a millionaire. It doesn't get much easier then that but these guys enjoy pushing the boundries. I would think when given the 2nd chance and the only rules you have to follow is 1. no drugs and 2. no alcohol that you can keep making millions I would hire someone to slap me everytime a beer commercial comes on TV or when I drive pass a bar/club. $4 beer or 3 million dollar a year contract to catch a ball... hmm decisions decisions.

posted by warstda at 07:40 AM on October 20, 2006

Fox fires Steve Lyons for racially insensitive comment

FOX had to fire a real person, it isn't like they can fire their other Fox personalities that make a mockery of another ethnic group, ie Abu or Willy. True I think you have to keep in mind that you are talking to millions of people and not your friend/co-worker who happens to be hispanic. I do have one last comment speaking to the above comments about black quarterbacks. Why is it that the media and sportcasters alike refer to them as "Athletic" when they don't use that same reference for whites? I find that more racist since they are clearing using it in place of "black." This years draft I kept hearing Leinart was a "smart" quarterback and Young is an "Athletic" quarterback. Why isn't there more backlash for this?

posted by warstda at 09:23 AM on October 16, 2006

NBA - Playing with old balls

I think David Stern just likes to have controversy before the start of every season to get people talking about NBA, etc. Last year it was the dress code now this. He finds ways to remind these 20 yr old Millionaires who the real boss man is and that they can't do anything about it.

posted by warstda at 06:55 AM on October 10, 2006

Coach Sets High School Bad Sportsmanship Record

What was the final score? I guess my view on this is that if the game was close, just because 1 player has 300+ yards doesn't mean to pull him. I mean, you don't pull Jordan just because he has 30 or 40 points at the half. Plus, it is moves like that which should motivate the other team to step it up. I think the following story is the lowest of all sportsmanship: In 1996, the Magic were in the process of blowing out Detroit, 113-91, when guard Anthony Bowie was one assist shy of a triple-double. But Orlando called a timeout with 1.4 seconds left so that it could set up one more play. Detroit's coach at the time, Doug Collins, ordered his team not to guard the play at all so that Bowie could get his gift assist and phony triple. When Bowie tapped the ball to a teammate, who then scored, there were three-tenths of a second left. But a disgusted Collins and his team were already walking off the floor, opting not to extend the charade any further. But it was Collins that got fined $5,000 for "unsportsmanlike conduct."

posted by warstda at 06:51 AM on October 06, 2006

Big Ben

I think with Big Ben that he needs to find a rhythm and Cower knows this so they will get him in as soon as possible because they want him ready for when they play the Bengals which would be his first game back if he doesn't play on Monday. I think from experience they know, Big Ben takes a game or 2 coming back from an injury to do what he do.

posted by warstda at 06:45 AM on September 13, 2006

Most influential players in NBA History

They should use your argument to define "Truthiness" I mean I bet you think Nolan Ryan is a better pitcher than Roger Clemens cause writers favor Nolan more. The stats don't lie, Russel was on great teams but he as a individual was no influental player. Now as a coach yes, being the first African American coach was far greater influence on the game than anything he did on the court as a player.

posted by warstda at 01:20 PM on August 03, 2006

Most influential players in NBA History

Just look at the opponents center and how many points and rebounds they got. If one is to be considered a great defensive player I think you should have to shut your guy out atleast once. Also, note the time period, the league barely averaged 6ft in the 1960s and was predominately a white league. I don't think blocking a shot took that much talent.

posted by warstda at 01:07 PM on August 03, 2006

Most influential players in NBA History

I think Jordan should have been #1 for one simple reason, he won without a center. No other team in NBA history can make that claim. You name the champion someone can name the HOF center also on that team. As for Russel, I think if people start looking back at his stats they will realize he wasn't ever dominant. He never led his team in a single stat and was never a defensive threat to anyone. He let his guys score, if they missed he got the rebound and passed to Cousey who started their fast break. Now they were a great team, but any 6'9 guy on that squad would have had the same impact as him.

posted by warstda at 12:32 PM on August 03, 2006

YES! It happened!

I find it funny that the Knicks have filed paperwork trying to get out of paying the 42 million because Brown talked to reporters. Well, if you annouce to reporters that you are thinking of firing your coach, then put a gag order on said coach then wait 40+ days to actually inform the coach he is fired.. the 40 days is a long time.. so Brown stopped and said hi to some reporters that normally he would be fined $10,000 for not speaking with. Just pay the man, I would use Isiahs salary to do it. Isiah thinks he is Pat Riley now. Next move for Isiah is he is going to put up the entire Knicks team to get Lebron. They would then have a better record. The NY Lebrons

posted by warstda at 12:00 PM on June 22, 2006

Miami Wins the NBA Championship.

My only question is, SVG was scouting all of the opponets for the Heat during these playoffs and also designing plays and watching tapes and speaking with Wade daily. I just hope that they give him a ring also. I do think it sort of stinks that Shaq was all about saying he came here to play for Riles when Riles wasn't the coach when he came. Makes me wonder if it was Shaq who got rid of SVG.

posted by warstda at 01:24 PM on June 21, 2006

Tiger's Weekend May Be Cut Short

I look at it as this, losing a father can crimple anyones mind. Jordan retired after losing his, and no one should have expected Tiger to just come out and dominate his first time back. Give him about 18 months and we will probably see a more focused Tiger. Just hope he doesn't take up Baseball in between now and then!

posted by warstda at 01:12 PM on June 16, 2006


Showtime v. Blue collar .. that is the West v. East no matter what teams make it to the Finals. So its going to be a 80s flashback to Lakers and Celts. Though no one in the West has an answer for a healthy Shaq.. Wade can take care of any stars from the other being Dirk or Nash.. its going to be exciting.. and almost guaranSHEED a 6-7 game series.

posted by warstda at 09:50 AM on June 02, 2006

Mad About Ricky

"A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It's a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it's because it's proven." Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.. on the difference between Barry Bonds Steroids and Ricky Williams pot use.

posted by warstda at 08:58 AM on May 31, 2006

The Wages of Wins.

All I know is, Danny Ferry better be on the phone and doing everything he can to get KG to the land of Cleve... Lebron is a worthy co-worker and would almost automatically = Cavs best regular season record and a trip to the conference finals!

posted by warstda at 07:00 AM on May 31, 2006

Wade delivers Heat 3-1 lead

Mark Cuban said it best "that a GMs job in the NBA is to keep his own job" and I think that is why Detroit is in the shape they are. Since they won their championship JD has not wanted to change a thing. He hasn't brought in anyone new in 3 years and then is a poor drafter. So give Flip a chance, get him a few younger guys, shooters, etc and Detroit will be in good shape for next year. Put a fork in their 06 season.. they are done!

posted by warstda at 01:54 PM on May 30, 2006

Wade delivers Heat 3-1 lead

The Pistons apparently go the way of the Prince, and this Cinderalla is approaching midnight at light speed.

posted by warstda at 08:34 AM on May 30, 2006

Barry Bonds to get an Asterisk in Record Book *

I am confused with all of these views. They say Barry is too old to be doing this and way past his prime, etc. Though Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth were both 40+ when they hit their 714. It takes years to get to this number and just because the guy hit more in a 3-5 yr span during his "prime" years that it should cause his entire career to have a * I mean this would be like saying anything Jordan did with the Wizards doesn't count in the books. It can never be proved for Barry and until it is there should never be a *. I mean if baseball came out and said that everything from X date would not count for Barry, I see him retiring the same day. He wants these records and is deserving to have these for how the media has treated him for so many years.. just cause the man is an Ass doesn't mean he can't be the greatest hitter of all times.. look at the other greatest hitter.. Big Ted.. he was also loved by the media.. now may he RIP with Walt Disney

posted by warstda at 09:48 AM on May 26, 2006

Coaches face suspension for wins of 50-plus points

I think that everyone is over thinking this. What if Reggie Bush was told not to run as hard, or Matt Leinart was told not to pass or take a knee. Would they have had the scouts checking them in HS? I think we should let the kids be kids and play 100%. If that leads to a 50 pt blow out so be it. When a team is blown out like that it causes the other team to make decisions to work harder so it never happens again. Sports in HS are to build self esteem and to teach kids about life. If we shelter them for 4 years, who is going to shelter them for the rest of their lives? I agree, steriods in baseball is one thing to force the GOV to look into. HS sports unless kids are taking reason for any form of legislation. Also, if by keeping the score below 50 and the other team makes a comeback what does that teach kids?

posted by warstda at 09:32 AM on May 26, 2006