May 08, 2008

How to buy a Baseball team!: In 4 simple steps. Plus the 5 worst managers, lamest announcers, Baseball fights to look for in 08, and much, much more....

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Thanks for posting this, jojo. I can't say I disagree with any of the nominees. I especially despise Joe Morgan. The summary for him is spot-on. I'd like to see a different set of broadcasters in the ESPN booth, not including Morgan, Miller, or McCarver. Is it possible that the "Mad Dog" and Ty Cobb are blood-related? (2nd cousins, twice removed?) And unfortunately, you won't see a Larussa/Pujols fight in a meaningless game against Matty Mo and the Pirates anymore.

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Lapsed prospects like Corey Patterson and Matt Murton have grounds for legal action against the man for torpedoing their development The Reds are having a tough year, but I don't think giving a guy a leadoff spot and starting center fielder position is torpedoing his development! By August, hot prospect Homer Bailey's arm will require a federal order of protection Dusty can't be held responsible for what happens in the Cincy minor-league system! 'Course, I have the benefit of 30+ games to make fun of his predictions

posted by tahoemoj at 07:04 PM on May 08, 2008

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