April 04, 2008

If you don't give my football back...: Just as Ebbsfleet United is about to play one of the biggest ties in its history, it looks like the teams' 29,000(+/-) owners are having a little trouble with the "pick the team" part of their tagline. And with only 2,000 of those owners committed past the first year of the experiment, there is some concern about the future of the model.

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To be honest, I never thought MyFC members would end up picking the team. Anyone could see that it was a bad idea. It needs to be run more like Barcelona, where members elect a President, who runs the club on their behalf.

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As a MyFC member, I never had any intention of submitting a team selection. What the hell do I know? I think the 98.5% to 99% who don't bother with picking the team trust the manager to do what's right for the club to get a result. It's a non-issue for me and I will defintely renew my membership to continue being an owner.

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I accidentally linked to the same article twice when I really meant to highlight this article. Specifically, the part where they republish the memo. And this part stuck out to me: "In addition, an example where Chris McPhee was used at right back against Aldershot was suggested by no one at all. This was a selection that proved very effective against a talented and speedy winger and yet there is no mechanism that allows Daish the sort of flexibility for this sort of selection." So even those who do take the time to pick the teams don't have the tools to do so with any flexibility. Apparently the team's ownership forums are filled with people saying if that can't pick the team they won't continue to give money. Personally, I think the owners should let the manager pick. And if I was the manager of a team where there were 29,000 people telling me what to do, I'd find somewhere else to manage.

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yes, thanks.

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This is interesting.

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