February 02, 2008

Undersized Pat's story raises interesting question...: who is the most unlikely player to be starting in the Super Bowl given their background? On one level it could be Tom Brady - college backup / 6th rounder. But this article shows at least one other to consider - Stephen Neal, the Pat's offensive linemen didn't play college football (he was an NCAA championship wrestler and NFL "walk-on"). Who do you suggest? Doesn't need to be this year.

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Wow, guess everyone's off at the store, stocking up on chips, dip, and beer for tomorrow. Not a lot of commenting on SpoFi today, despite some good posts. I think the players in that story are the keys to their success: not just because a great offensive line is a must for any successful team, but that no one of these players is a first-round draft pick juggernaut or born superstar. They are instead players who've earned their place, worked hard, and don't take success or their station in life for granted. The result is probably a continuation of that same "team first" mentality that successfully permeates all that they do. Brady may now be regarded as an all-world QB, but obviously that wasn't always the case. Randy Moss was a first round draft pick and might be the only player on that team who was tagged for "star" from the beginning, and yet he's properly subjugated to the team success, to his own benefit as well.

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