December 29, 2007

Last of the ironmen: : James DeAngelis, the last surviving member of Yale's 1934 "Ironman" football team, died Wednesday at age 97. The Yale team earned their nickname in an upset victory over Princeton on November 17, 1934 that ended a two-year, 15-game winning streak. The 11 Yale players (yes, that's 11) all played the game's full 60 minutes, the last time any college football team was to do so.

posted by lil_brown_bat to football at 06:22 PM - 3 comments

Thank LLB-never heard about Ironmen story before. Playing the full 60 minutes-WOW!

posted by Nakeman at 06:35 PM on December 29, 2007

Terrific story l_b_b, thank you.

posted by tommybiden at 12:36 PM on January 02, 2008

That's pretty amazing that 11 played the entire game on offense and defense. I wonder how big the rosters were overall.

posted by holden at 01:24 PM on January 02, 2008

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