October 07, 2007

For The Love of Sport: Like Sports Only Colder.: A brief look at the Boston Bruins and the new NHL season. The newest installment in a weekly column by Kyrilmitch_76.

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/waits for Bruins to begin a prolonged losing streak

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 02:49 PM on October 07, 2007

You won't have to wait long. Now that the Bruins have managed to shore up the goalie position they really only have two problems to worry about, offense and defense. Not sure about their goaltending, but I agree with the rest. Bergeron and Savard deserve better.

posted by yerfatma at 03:23 PM on October 07, 2007

Probably right. Of course good goaltending can sometimes take a team pretty far. Manny Fernandez definitely has the skills to be a force for the Bruins.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 03:57 PM on October 07, 2007

Kyrilmitch, I might point out that the +/- ratio includes only even-strength goals (for the uninitiated, that is no power play goals). On the Bruins, I must say that Fernandez did not look like Gerry Cheevers in the opener. On the other hand, Tim Thomas was quite good (Frankie Brimsek?) in the 3 - 1 win last night. From the 2 goaltender references, you can tell I'm a long-time Bruins fan. It's awfully hard to remain one, but I'll at least give it the first month of the season. Of course, for the next 3 weeks I will be in the middle of the Nevada desert, with only a slow dial-up connection for the internet (and lucky to have that). I'll try to keep up nonetheless.

posted by Howard_T at 04:08 PM on October 07, 2007

Howard_T thanks I didn't know that was only a reflection of even strength goals. I watched the opener but last night I think I was back and forth between NCAA football and NLDS. I can't really say for sure I have lucked myself into a three day weekend (one day is more common for me) and a jam packed sports calander. Today I have gone through Pats/Browns, Talladega, Red Sox and I think an Indian sweep is on deck. I'm like the husky kid at Thanksgiving dinner.

posted by kyrilmitch_76 at 05:04 PM on October 07, 2007

Just a word about hockey in general. Here in NC hockey was always a cult sport for transplants and a few natives. Minor league teams came and went as either they or their leagues went belly up. When the Hurricanes came south I really tried to give it a chance but I could not make heads or tails of what was going on. It just looked like chaos. There were damn few completed passes because of all the grabbing, holding, and hooking going uncalled. But two seasons ago when the 'Canes won it all I watched and saw an entirely different product. You could see plays developing and defenses moving to intercept, not the player, but the puck. I began to see the beauty of the game. I also began to get that internal clock that told me when somebody had been able to hold the puck too long. I think the first time I yelled, "Somebody HIT that Son of a Bitch!" I became a fan. I know some fans still do not like the rule changes that came in after the strike, but I think they may have laid a foundation to make the NHL a viable national sport in the US. This is probably hockey's darkest hour. The TV contract (which was all about revenue now, not expanding the fan base) was a horrible mistake. But I really think there will be others like me, who, once exposed, will come back.

posted by gradioc at 07:35 PM on October 07, 2007

Looks like the Bruins are at least going to be more willing to stand up for each other and drop the gloves on occasion this season. Gradioc: seems like the Canes are back after an off season last year.

posted by SportsNarrative at 07:41 PM on October 11, 2007

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