July 23, 2007

World Eskimo Indian Olympics: Thanks to NPR and the wonder of the Web, I bring you events such as the Seal Hop, Earpull, Blanket Toss and Toe Kick. Lest you think this is silly fun, know that these games are tests of endurance and athletic ability, as well as attempts at preserving cultural traditions.

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Nice link. That ear-pull event looks excruciating.

posted by squealy at 04:44 AM on July 24, 2007

Thanks, worldcup, I enjoyed the link so much, I'd like to rub noses with you. OK, seriously, that was great. There's some real athleticism (the ball kick) mixed in with a very interesting culture.

posted by Howard_T at 07:24 AM on July 24, 2007

Great link worldcup.

posted by tommybiden at 09:48 AM on July 24, 2007

I live up here in Alaska...Juneau to be exact...and these games get a lot of news and media attention up here in The Last Frontier.

posted by BigTallChris at 11:12 AM on July 24, 2007

That two-foot high kick is what floored me. They have to jump with both feet parallel, kick some ball suspended from a post (record is something like eight feet) and then, and here's the kicker ... totally stick the landing like they were dismounting from a gymnastics routine. On the NPR report, the holder of the women's record is five feet tall and managed to kick a ball 6ft 6in in the air. I mean, I'd've been happy with even touching the ball and not breaking my face.

posted by worldcup2002 at 11:52 AM on July 24, 2007

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