July 09, 2007

No Longer Jermain to the Middleweights: Middleweight champ Jermain Taylor will give up his title and move up a weight class after one more fight at 160 pounds.

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Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik may show Taylor the folly of his thinking: moving up in class does mean matches against opponents with more power in their punch. It's more likely Jermain will need to rely on speed, movement and defensive skills against Pavlik and his future foes in the heavier division. While this next bout could be the ultimate "fighter vs. boxer" match, Pavlik's imposition of his will against Edison Miranda portends this light punching middleweight is headed for oblivion. The lack of comment about this article shows this.

posted by tbocce at 08:03 AM on July 13, 2007

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