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Home sweet home: LSU tops OSU in BCS Championship

Congrats to the Bayou Bengals! The victory is win-win for Northeastern Ohio since Les Miles (Elyria) and Bo Pelini (Youngstown) piloted the national champions to victory. While Miles matriculated to the dreaded team up north, Pelini was a captain at OSU and should never have been allowed to leave the state. Two straight disappointing defensive years in the "big one" shows that Jim Tressell and the OSU brass better re-think their philosophies. As far as a playoff for the national champ? Have one and college pigskin fans won't have anything to argue about until next August or so! Now the various blogs and boards will abound with GA and USC and to a lesser extent KA fans complaining about their teams never having the chance to keep the LSU offense in check.

posted by tbocce at 10:16 AM on January 08, 2008

Sheffield calls out Torre, Jeter, Bonds in HBO interview

When did we begin starting to pay attention to the personal views of athletes on anything but sports? Do folks really care what super stars like Gary Sheffiled really think about economics, politics or social issues? This fan just enjoys the artistry and beauty of the on-field, -court, -arena, -track, -etc. action. When I want opinion on sports, of course I look to the athlete. Period. On the more important issues of life I go to the experts. We should stop paying attention to these athletes and ignore the sports reporters who seek opinions or answers to questions outside of the sporting life.

posted by tbocce at 10:13 AM on July 14, 2007

No Longer Jermain to the Middleweights

Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik may show Taylor the folly of his thinking: moving up in class does mean matches against opponents with more power in their punch. It's more likely Jermain will need to rely on speed, movement and defensive skills against Pavlik and his future foes in the heavier division. While this next bout could be the ultimate "fighter vs. boxer" match, Pavlik's imposition of his will against Edison Miranda portends this light punching middleweight is headed for oblivion. The lack of comment about this article shows this.

posted by tbocce at 08:03 AM on July 13, 2007

Spurs 4

No question the Spurs are head and shoulders above the Cavs both on and off of the court. The Suns and the Mavs also are. Boring basketball or good defense, however, from coaches from the same school might be a debatable issue. Neverthess, the finals played to small audiences in the US. But I have not seen any mention on the total amount of viewership worldwide. How many folks in France were tuned in that morning to witness their MVP? Or in Lithuania to watch that stiff, er, Cavs center "Z"? Or in Brazil and Argentina to watch Ginoboli, Oberto and Verajao? How much money did the NBA earn from the overseas market despite the obvious mismatch? My bet is David Stern and the owners are quite content today.

posted by tbocce at 07:13 PM on June 15, 2007

One 'shake' that shook up baseball.

Thanks for the posting. The actual photo was reproduced in the Youngstown Vindicator. Shotgun threw out the first ball at a YSU Penguins game on the day of the anniversary. The recount of the story sends chills to this long suffering resident of the valley: sports IS the great equalizer. And we are all better because of sports.

posted by tbocce at 08:25 AM on April 20, 2006

"When female athletes are not being depicted as sex objects, they're often portrayed as too masculine, or—gasp—as lesbians."

What's missing in this article is: Are women viewers and readers demanding more coverage? Do commercial adverstisers want to reach women through sports? The bottom line is business profit. When enough women want to view and read about women's sports, media will provide coverage. Once a generation or two of women athletes start turning first to the Sports Section rather than, perhaps, the Style Section, or tune into to ESPN rather than Oprah, we correspondingly will see more of it. All other arguements here are moot.

posted by tbocce at 08:49 AM on July 14, 2002

Why hasn't this site caught on? Not enough controversy? I found this link thru metafilter.com. Nevertheless, I intend to come back and to participate when I am able. Thanks for your work.

posted by tbocce at 05:08 PM on May 13, 2002