September 28, 2002

Rey calls me stupid: The always-disappointing Rey Ordonez thinks Met fans are stupid. Apparently, we boo too much. As far as I can tell that start and ends his list of reasons why we're dumb, but its gotten him fired up. Rey wants to be more relaxed, wants to play somewhere where they don't hate errors and 0-4 games and where they don't expect you to be a machine. For the record, Rey's machine is firing at .254 avg, 1 HR, 2 SB, and 19 errors on the season. Rey makes $6 million. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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... And for a guy calling me stupid, Rey sure picked the wrong time to make these comments. If he thinks this year was bad... ... And for a guy calling me stupid, Rey sure made some bad grammar choices along the way. BOOOOOOOOO!

posted by 86 at 10:19 AM on September 28, 2002

Rey Ordonez thinks Met fans are stupid. And guess what? He's right!

posted by Bag Man at 10:08 AM on September 29, 2002

Hey Rey, you have to beat the Braves on the field first before you can start criticizing your fans. From my experience, they are a committed and loyal lot accustomed to great disappointment from their team (even if they are quite annoying).

posted by trox at 08:25 AM on September 30, 2002

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