September 20, 2002

It's all about the Benjamins.: Jay Glazer reviews the contracts of a few major football players. The reality? Players will never see most of the money. Most of the large numbers ($29 million for 5 years for Trent Green) are structured so that players must renegotiate their contracts before the large balloon payments toward the end of the contract come due. Agents in fact try to get these bogus agreements, the reason? It makes the agent look good, and getting new clients easier.

posted by patrickje to football at 12:18 PM - 1 comment

Interesting article/link. Thanks patrickje. It's sad, eh? Players and agents pretending to be signing the big deals. Of course, $11 million for two years is not too bad.

posted by jacknose at 07:23 PM on September 20, 2002

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