January 05, 2007

Vince Carter To The Clippers?: New York Daily News - Nets president Rod Thorn traded for backup swingman Bernard Robinson on Wednesday. But that could be only the first deal for the Nets before the Feb.22 trading deadline. According to one Western Conference executive, "The Nets are trying to do everything they can" to make a move that will jumpstart their season."

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VC to the Clippers? It will surely take more than Corey Maggette and Cuttino Mobley to pull that trade off. Both are fine players, but they are nowhere near worth what Carter is. It seems like the Clippers are in trade talks daily. Just the other day I heard a Ron Artest trade rumor (Artest for Maggette) and of course there was the talk of AI landing on the Clips roster (before he ended up in Denver). Honestly, both teams need to make a move. The Nets are struggling in the worst division in Basketball while the Clips are mired in mediocrity (again). I don't think trading your superstar swingman is good, and nor do I agree with the Clips dealing an explosive slasher and a brilliant marksman away at this moment. The right deals will come around for these teams. They just need to be patient.

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Question... Why did this link to realgm.com when it's a NYDailyNews story? Totally unnecessary when you can link to the NY Daily News article instead of boosting traffic through realgm.com You wouldn't happen to be the same Ryan Hoak from realgm.com, msusportsguy?

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Changed the link to the actual article.

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Vince Carter for Magette and Mobley?.... My god, Rob Babcock, you were not good at this whole "trading" thingy.

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Actually, I got the article from the real gm I did not read the source of the article. Beside who cares

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Apparently the people who've been running or regulars on this site care, msusportsguy, since self links in posts are violations of the community guidelines.

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1st it is not a self link. I am in no way connected to the RealGM . I read a interesting article and choose to post it. If you would have click on my original link it would have taken you to the realGM to read the article.

posted by msusportsguy at 06:53 PM on January 06, 2007

Getting back on topic... I dont see why they would really want to trade Kidd or Carter... they're in the weakest confrence imaginable. What they need to do is talk to Isaiah Thomas so they can get about 20 1st round draft picks, David Lee, and Ronaldo Balkman. That would be a much better deal- and then us Knicks fans would have a reason to kill Isaiah Thomas. ;)

posted by Kendall at 07:34 PM on January 06, 2007

Finally someone who wants to talk about the topic. Any trade with vince is useless he can opt out of his contract after this year. And kidd is the face. What they need to increase marcus williams minutes, also make them a running team. Carter and Jefferson are to good for the half-court.

posted by msusportsguy at 10:48 PM on January 06, 2007

I don't see any reason why the Nets wouldn't trade VC for some younger, less expensive talent. Kidd's running down his gas tank and is about to become an injury liability, Carter's in a contract year that I very seriously doubt the Nets will come up top-bidder, and the team as a whole doesn't stand much of a chance in the playoffs, even in the East. It's not worth compromising the team's future, especially when they're on the brink of moving to Brooklyn and starting anew, just to get a worthless Atlantic Division banner in the rafters. Frankly, I don't see why they don't just blow the team up, get some younger kids in, and see what they can do. They've got a great young coach and an ownership collective with nothing to lose. That said, I doubt they'll be able to ship Vince off for much of anything, given his current and future pricetags. If they do accomplish a trade, it'll likely be to a team that is looking for one piece at the 2/3 position to make a playoff push, which kind of fits the Clippers (among others) pretty well. I could see a team like Minnesota, or even maybe Miami doing such a thing. However, I'd hate to see Vince wind up on a Western Conference team, especially this year. The East is obviously inferior, and with AI going to Denver, it kind of saddens me to see good talent continue moving westward ho. If is hasn't already been there already, it's about to be to the point that the Western Conference Finals will be more interesting than the NBA Finals.

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