November 24, 2006

Former pitcher Pat Dobson dies at 64.:

posted by commander cody to baseball at 12:26 AM - 3 comments

Damn, damn, damn, that takes a bit off the holiday. I remember him pitching for the Tigers in '68 when I was a kid. All around good guy. RIP.

posted by commander cody at 12:28 AM on November 24, 2006

I've always been amazed by that '71 Orioles staff. In this day of starters being considered decent if their teams can get 5 innings out of them, Dobson and these other fine pitchers all managed to win 20 games. Dominating. One of the best teams baseball will ever see. RIP, Pat.

posted by dyams at 08:02 AM on November 24, 2006

Pretty good pitcher on that 20-20-20-20 rotation. Uh, Brian, is there ever a TIMELY death? Great GM quote. Peace, Dobs...

posted by wolfdad at 08:47 PM on November 24, 2006

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