September 01, 2006

This guy is big.: But what does his status as one of the alphabet soup champions say about the heavyweight division?

posted by BlueCarp to boxing at 08:52 PM - 10 comments

America is still falling fast in the heavyweight division....What is going on? First it was the british, now the Russians. Where is the american domination we enjoyed for so many decades?

posted by bo_fan at 09:33 PM on September 01, 2006

On the same note- can one believe all four of the major heavyweight champs are currently white. Now tell me that doesn't make things even more strange. I think Valuev will be good for boxing as a side show and a champ. Americans will be back in the heavyweights. Brock may do it, although he isn't a real power puncher.

posted by T$PORT4lawschool at 10:32 PM on September 01, 2006

first heavyweigth division is so boring second there is no real good heavy weigth fighters they have no class they win today and lost tomorrow.if evander hollyfied is boxing again its because heavyweight division is a non class fighters.

posted by themexican at 10:59 PM on September 01, 2006

Many heavyweight top-caliber boxers aren't going into boxing anymore. Why would they? If you're big and tough these days, would you go into boxing, an openly fraudulent and crooked game where even good fighters don't get a break, and the stock of which is dropping in the eyes of the American public faster than, than, than something that drops very fast? Or would you rather go into, say, Ultimate Fighting or professional wrestling or the ever-growing list of NFL Development Leagues, where you'll still get to hit people and there's more of a chance of actual ability being rewarded with promotion, fame, a decent paycheck, and adequate working conditions? This argument doesn't always apply, but you know, for a few decades there, before the Don Kings & Bob Arums of the world treated the sport like their own personal crime families, the sport of boxing developed a reputation as being a pretty noble pursuit. That's almost gone now, to the point where we have to have shit shows like "The Contender" to replace what boxing used to be about; namely, who's the best fighter in the ring. I love boxing, and I want it to still matter in the world's sporting landscape. But freezeouts, politicking, and sideshows like Valuev make it hard to keep credibility with the casual fan. Alright, to be fair, the jury's still out on him, but the longer he sticks around, the more this discussion is going to come up.

posted by chicobangs at 04:13 AM on September 02, 2006

Not only do I agree with Chicobangs ' reasoning, I would also suggest that the pathetic , brain damaged state of Muhammed Ali (easily the most recognizable heavyweight champ of all time) tends to discourage any one to follow him.Also, at one time, boxers out earned and outshined their team sport counterparts.Not any more. Now, athletes have more incentive to pursue alternatives to boxing,and need not enter the high risk sport of prizefighting.This Valuev is little more than an untested Drago from Rocky 4 who will probably be levelled if he ever encounters a real heavyweight contender who can actually fight.

posted by judgedread at 09:03 AM on September 02, 2006

Sam Peter is the guy to watch. He will destroy Toney tonight. He will be your next champ. Klitschko out jabbed him and his win over Peter was a direct result of Manny S. being in his corner. Peter's conditioning was poor as he assumed the fight would be over in the first 3 rounds. On the same note- can one believe all four of the major heavyweight champs are currently white. Now tell me that doesn't make things even more strange I think only someone like you would point that out. You seem to say that with "pride" as well. If I were you I wouldn't get comfortable. Chico, you have a good point, and that kind of thing is not only going on here. Take K-1 for instance. Look at what Bob Sapp has done there. He doesn't know a lick of karate. He just pounds the hell out of people trying to use Karate on him. Some think it's a circus, and disrespectful to the sport. I think good comparison would be an NHL team going out and getting the biggest Sumo wrestler they could find and put goalie gear on him. Sure his goals against would be spectacular, but not because of skill, because he takes up the entire net and there is no where to put the puck. Is this 7 footer winning because he's good, or because no one can reach his head? If it's the latter, I say put him in the ring with Bob Sapp. The heavyweight division would then become a toughman competition. The Brewster fight a litte while back was very good. I don't remember the name of the Russian guy who beat him, but the fight was outstanding. If Sam Peter gets Manny S. Or Buddy M. for a trainer, I think he can become the undisputed champion.

posted by Bishop at 12:18 PM on September 02, 2006

Peter's trainers should be fired. His conditioning is horrible. He must stop thinking everyone will fall in 3 rounds. His win over Toney was ugly and he better get a good trainer or he will not last.

posted by Bishop at 11:29 PM on September 02, 2006

I've watched Valuev box a few times on tv over here in England. He can actually box, though as you might expect with his stature he's exactly not the most mobile of fighters. He's a frightening sight when he climbs into the ring and anyone who takes him on has my full respect (and sympathies).

posted by squealy at 07:26 AM on September 03, 2006

Bishop, Bob Sapp routinely gets his arse handed to him by competant K1 fighters in the 100 kilo range. His handlers try to keep him away from those fights, naturally. The best thing for boxing would be Don King's demise; what puzzles me is why anyone would sign with King anymore; if he's got wit, as the article says, he should know how badly the guy has screwed his fighters over the years.

posted by rodgerd at 10:16 PM on September 03, 2006

I agree that the heavyweight division is beyond hope until Don King is no longer around at least. That day can't come fast enough. But even after that, there has to be significant changes in the system to ensure that changes in the way the top echelons of the sport are administrated. Maybe it's time for a Commissioner of Boxing. Also, it should be noted that Sam Peter may have won, but he didn't exactly destroy Toney last night. That split decision was accurate for the outcome, and while Peter threw some bombs, and while he may wind up winning some of the other belts, he continues to have a lot of holes in his style.

posted by chicobangs at 12:02 AM on September 04, 2006

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