June 22, 2006

Hidden: Bengal's Rookie In Trouble With the Law: I know its a pointless story about a rookie, but the fact that this kid was drafted by Cincinnati has me wondering if the Bengals really care about character of their players or if they're more concerned with winning so they'll draft players getting into trouble (Henry, Thurman, etc).

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We've been there, done that. What's left to say?

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For the record, Rucker is charged with pushing his girlfriend at a party one year ago. Additionally, he left Colorado after pleading down from rape to recieve a lighter sentence. So, I don't mean to say he's unfairly accused, but that there is some perspective to be had with Rucker. He's probably looking at counselling if he pleads no contest. Now, on to the Bengals. First of all, I think Marvin likes to think he's smarter than everyone else, and he's going to prove it by taking risks they wouldn't take. From medical concerns in Weathersby and Washington to the character concerns, Henry et. al. I also think is that he'd rather take a chance of a player who might be great late that spend a pick on a guy he knows will be mediocre at best. Second of all, I think Marvin Lewis likes to think that most of these guys just lacked structure or a strong role model, and that once the get into his program, yadda-yadda, they'll magically turn into golden boys. Certainly his experience with Ray Lewis has to color some of that thinking. Maybe Marvin just believes in giving guys second chances? Third, the Bengals don't have the same resources as other teams to hire PI's and do the legwork required to really get to know a guy you may only get to talk to twice. Noone to blame for that but the Bengals, but it may be a factor. Don't forget that Cincy had the infamous Stanley Wilson incedent, so our ownership has good reasons to be gunshy about character, and more than that, the knowledge that poor charachter guys don't lead to wins. I've never heard a SB announcer say, "Well, the Ravens won becuase they were willing to take on a team of thugs and lowlifes." Generally, high charachter teams win more than teams with too many outside problems to concentrate on the field. Chad Johnson was also a charachter risk, and not many people are ripping the Bengals for that pick. Same for Corey Dillon. I've heard rumors about Thurman, but nothing solid, so don't lump him in there just yet. Marvin had more than a few guys he gave chances to blow up in his face. But do the Steelers not care about charachter because they drafted Holmes? Do the Patriots not care? After all they traded for Corey Dillon... Marvin may be guilty of hubris, or the victim of a small market, but he is not trying to resurrect the '76 Raiders. Let's file this under "Rookie Head Coach learns valuable lesson."

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LostInDaJungle: couldnt agree with you more. being an avid bengals fan, it drives me crazy to see all the nonsense going on with are team..But in marvin we trust, so here comes are superbowl run.....Who Dey

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