June 11, 2006

Hidden: Welcome to Miami: Although Marcus Vick appears to be progressing well in camp, how long is it until he finds himself on the wrong side of the law again sending his professional future into a spiral? Considering the past that he has had and given the fact that the Dolphins are in a city with plenty of temptations for a young player to fall prey to, just how tumultuous is this relationship that the Dolphins are getting themselves into?

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Count down to deletion begins... 5 4 3...

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read the article, well written, insightful. nowhere did it mentiion his problems while in college. I say give the guy a chance, people can change. the potential for trouble is there, i won't disagree, but to write him off arbitrarily is a bit presumptious. he just might suprise everyone.

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I realize that the article did not mention his problems in college, and Vick, like the rest of us does deserve a second chance. In fact, the article is progressing well. The question i posed after reading the article though was how long will he be able to keep up his progress, simply becuase everytime in his career seems to be heading in a positive direction, he does something stupid or completely classless to ruin it again. I really do wish him the best of luck though and hope that he can turn around what has happened with him in the past and make a new name for himself with a new start in the NFL.

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nightingalesgone, thanks, i understand your first post much clearer now. yes, it does seem like he screws up a good thing when he has it. I agree w/your statement " i realy do wish him the best of luck..." maybe he will see the light and try to stay out of trouble. he has an oppertunity not many college players get. hope he takes advantage

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-10 pts for spelling errors and -10 pts for bad puncuation. my bad.

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I realize that the article did not mention his problems in college Right, which is part of the reason why some of us feel that editorializing in a front page post (that is, injecting your own opinion rather than purely representing what's in the article) is bad form. We all have opinions, and usually when we're moved enough to make a FPP, we have some opinion about the subject one way or another...but if you express that opinion in the FPP rather than in a comment, it gives a misleading impression of what the article is all about.

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Yeah. SOrry about this one guys.

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NightingalesGone, if you have proof of your perfection other than this poorly worded post then I'm happy to overlook it. Otherwise, suggesting that just because someone in the public eye is bound to screw up because he has before and cannot possibly grow up and change is beyond arrogant. Either way its certainly not worth discussing on this site.

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Why? If he can grow up I know big if . He is a better athlete than his brother and smarter and dumb at the same time . This right out of the mouth of a VT coach who coached them both .Saban is no idiot he knows what he has.If anybody can control it's him.

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Would another minority please do something wrong so the mainstream media will have something else to talk about. A quote from this thread, giving my opinion about the media digging for negative things to print about minorities. I guess I was wrong. These are the types of articles we get when there can be no new wrong doing found. They will just invent some negative shit to talk about. At least there's no Bonds discussion here. On a brighter note, the Philadelphia Eagles just finished another group playground build in a low income area of Philly and Mcnabb had his annual All-star kids football clinic to help fund his foundation which helps support The American Diabetes Association.

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