April 28, 2006

Hidden: Delmon Young Suspended For Hitting Umpire With Bat: This is just crazy. The kid looks to have a dcent career ahead of him but im not so sure now. I mean why would he do this? Who does he think he is?

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He thinks he's the best prospect in the minor leagues and thus can get away with anything he does. During his suspension he should be required to go through anger management therapy. And then tack on maturity training. This is sure to raise all kinds of red flags for the affiliated MLB organization. Sure the kid can play ball, but there are definitely other personal issues that affect his career if he's going to go off like a loose cannon and pull stuff like this.

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We covered this about five threads down. It's the one that says "Delmon Young" in the first sentence. Please skim the previous/current days threads before creating a post of your own. More times than not, someone's already posted about it.

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"This is sure to raise all kinds of red flags" Are you kidding me? now a days this is called promotional behavior.let's face it what would you rather have surounding your team in the news papers. this or another steroid story? just about anything that doesn't involve steroids is going to be swept under the table. He will be in the major leagues sooner then later because you can sell talent to the public and you can keep your team in the papers"good or bad"with his adulesant behavior.

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I'm an umpire. If anyone tossed a bat at me, I'd have him arrested.

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