March 31, 2006

Hidden: retire or not: Should Brett Favre retire or should he suffer through another bad pack year let's find out what you all think?

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Er, luther70, I think you're supposed to post a link. Hopefully to an article or story that is insightful, well written and can produce an informed discussion. Well, I live in hope.

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ha ha I tried 3 times. I thought it was me.

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sorry if I screwed I'll never post her again

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and I misspelled here well see ya

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Farve's thoughts here... Now we have an article to talk about. Honestly, Brett, for your sake, what more do you have to accomplish. Your best (athletically speaking) WR wants out, your top 2 RBs are coming off of major knee injuries, the defense is not that special and Coach Sherman is gone (replaced by a guy who led the WORST offense in like FOREVER)... Retire, chill with your wife, and I'll see you in Canton in 2011 (when I graduate pharmacy school)

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I just don't get it. Every year we go thru this with Brett and Roger and it really bugs me the amout of attention it gets. Let me just give you my opinion short and sweet. He will probably only go a max 2 years right? Well if he stays for a year what does it matter? The Packers won't be a playoff contender, and it's better to see if Aaron Rogers will work out sooner than later. All I'm saying is these guys need to realize that this late in their careers they have to know when to call it quits and if Brett can't find any thing else during the year go right on ahead and take another beating under center I really don't care. From what I've seen the only place the Packers will get better is the draft they havent gotten any big free agents so it's basically the same team plus a rookie. Oh boy i smell playoffs though. Right. All in all this is about all athletes that do this, they go year to year and take the spotlight from whats really important, the game itself. I just don't like it at all.

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And hey lets cut the rookie some slack come on this isn't life or death who gives a crap.

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i'm new at this and not sure how to post these yet either. one thing i do know is BRETT FAVRE is one of the best quarterbacks ever. if he wants to play,let him.if not, so be it.but i do think Aaron Rogers would benefit from him staying.No matter what tho,GO PACK!!!!!!!

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The Guidelines. Read 'em. Learn 'em. Live 'em. Please.

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