March 17, 2006

Ex-DePaul coach Ray Meyer dies at 92: A great coach and a great guy too. He will be missed by many.

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Back in the late '70s/early '80s when we first got cable TV, one of the only nationwide channels that we got was WGN, which showed all of the DePaul basketball games. I was a huge fan of those Ray Meyer-coached teams. DePaul bball was never the same after his retirement. Here's a short bio with milestones.

posted by NoMich at 06:38 PM on March 17, 2006

RIP. Wikipedia entry.

posted by scully at 06:47 PM on March 17, 2006

A great person I'am sure, Definitely a great coach ! What a class act. Rest in peace !

posted by livedawhile at 09:11 PM on March 17, 2006

Back in 1983,i was lucky or crazy to join one of his summer b-ball camp's. So i learned a few moves,ate well and i have to tell you...he scared the living crap out of me. He was so intimidating and straight forward. You picked up real quick what he was teaching. In the end we were all better players but he instilled self confidence in a matter of days and everyone left with the same attitude,play hard,play fair and never give up. He was a great man in the end and i was lucky to have been taught a thing or two from him.

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Before Da Coach there was the Coach. What a great gift he was to us. Thanks Coach, job well done.

posted by funeralguy61 at 09:14 AM on March 18, 2006

My prayers for him and his family.

posted by westcoast at 12:09 PM on March 18, 2006

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