December 16, 2005

Hidden: Relocation Boom : In the MLS, the San Jose Earthquakes have moved to Houston. In the NFL, the Saints are torn between S.A. and L.A. The MLB has the Florida Marlins, torn between Las Vegas and Portland. San Antonio is a dark horse. The Nationals, if their stadium plans uravel, could leave for the city which loses the Marlins Sweepstakes. The NBA has the Hornets, which will become either the Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, or Tulsa Hornets. The NHL has the Penguins, which are expected to move to Kansas City. K.C. now hopes to make a last-minute run at the Hornets also. This means NHL candidate cities Winnipeg, Portland, Houston, and San Antonio will all have towait.However, Winnipeg might get a team because of the Predators. Portland is dealt a blow because they were seen as a frontrunner and were expected to land the Pens. By the way, I forgot to mention that all these relocations will happen for next season. The Earthquakes move is the first relocation in MLS history. The MLS currently still plans to expand and the NBA might expand by one more team, although there are questions there. This means expansion is becoming so yesterday. The Earthquakes will announce their new name and home today. Leave your comments and thoughts about this relocation boom.

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You need an outside link joe.

posted by justgary at 12:42 PM on December 16, 2005

I am another Joe, and I think the Hornets would fit nicely in Orange County CA. we have a world class arena called the "Pond", where the Ducks skate in the NHL. If you remember the Clippers played there, about a dozen games every year to full houses, before the "Staples Center" opened. We just finished watching the "John Wooden Clasic " last week being played there. GO DUCKS, GO POPND1

posted by Joe Veltri at 03:28 PM on December 16, 2005

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