February 05, 2002

Juanita to Jordan: "I'm Back.": She withdraws the divorce. Like MJ, she's going to give it another shot.

posted by jacknose to basketball at 10:26 AM - 3 comments

"Juanita to Jordan"--of course, Juanita is also a Jordan, but you know what I mean.

posted by jacknose at 11:08 AM on February 05, 2002

Hmmm...timed perfectly for the $200 shoe launch. Perhaps Juanita has some financial intelligence.

posted by srboisvert at 08:16 PM on February 05, 2002

Financial intelligence, probably. Also a factor, the fact that no judge would give Juanita what she was asking for (rumor mill tells me half of Jordan's $400 million worth). Everyone loves MJ. I would totally have his baby...(if I were capable)

posted by BlueTrain at 08:47 PM on February 05, 2002

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