April 01, 2005

Dean Smith unretires: Forget the Tubby Smith rumors, it's Dean to UVa. Dean: "I'm really looking forward to competing against [K] again. He's a good coach and I wonder if he still feels challenged. He has so much confidence now that he's able to spend lots of time away from his job filming commercials. Have you seen his commercials yet?

posted by tieguy to basketball at 09:20 AM - 6 comments

Mm hm.

posted by avogadro at 10:37 AM on April 01, 2005

DBR got me today, for the first time in a while.

posted by mbd1 at 10:52 AM on April 01, 2005

But Dean Smith was already at UVA. Oh you meant the coach--I was thinking of Terry Holland's dog in the 80s.

posted by trox at 11:14 AM on April 01, 2005

In other news, The University of Tennessee has rechanged the name of their home basketball court from "The Summitt" to "Peyton Manning Arena." "Don't think of this as an insult to the legacy of Pat Summitt," Tennessee Athlectic Director Mike Hamilton said. "Think of it as an incentive for her to stay ahead of Dean Smith's record as he adds to his win total. Besides, it's so much more important-sounding to name it after an actual athlete from the men's team, not to mention a personally successful professional and Volunteer alumnus."

posted by chicobangs at 11:35 AM on April 01, 2005

I got excited and hope filled my heart for one glorious second. Finally, a decent coach at the alma mater. Fuckers.

posted by LionIndex at 01:01 PM on April 01, 2005

Maybe Lil Davey Odom going back to UVa?

posted by mbd1 at 03:43 PM on April 02, 2005

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